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Doc Sportello

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Gender: Male
Home country: United States
Current location: Channelview Estates
Member since: Fri Jul 7, 2017, 03:31 PM
Number of posts: 7,263

Journal Archives

Crazy AZ publisher claims wife poisoned him

This guy used one of his newspapers, the Prescott Daily Courier, to go after his wife while they are going through a nasty divorce. The newspaper ran stories and a vicious ad claiming she poisoned him, wihtout getting her side of the story. Police found no such evidence; instead they did find evidence of meth use when they tested his hair.

As a former journalist it sickens me that the editorial and reporting staff went along with this. Today they did run an AP story giving a fair report on the case. It's behind a pay wall but you can read it from the AP site:


Lt. Colonel Ralph Peters gave the best explanation for drumpf bailing on memorials

"He just didn't feel like it."

Peters absolutley nailed it. It wasn't the rain or anything else. The fat piece of shit coward just didn't feel like it. Doesn't give a shit about heroes who gave their lives or anyone in our current military, just like he doesn't care about anyone but himself.

And can you imagine the uproar if Obama had done this?

Herald reports he is in his 50s

I think we're getting the picture here.


When Dems take back the WH and Congress, just ignore the Supreme Court

Repubs have broken the system, so what are they going to do when Democratic Congresses, President and governors ignore their rulings? Cry about Dems being unfair?
Good article on how Dems could respond to the illegitimate Court we will likely have, or already have. Dems would have to be united and forceful in going down this path, but they would be right in doing so because they would be following the will of the majority of voters.


Stylometry could tell us who the op-ed author is

Assuming the author has some public previous docs out there to work with for comparison. Lots of tools out there to determine authorship and people who know how to use them.


Not that this WH would be smart enough to do it. But I do think we will know sooner rather than later.

Swedish crown jewels: Speedboat thieves steal priceless treasures

Source: BBC

Police in Sweden have launched a manhunt after thieves swiped some of the country's crown jewels from a cathedral and escaped by speedboat.

Two priceless crowns and an orb belonging to a 17th Century king and queen were taken at around midday on Tuesday in Strängnäs, near Stockholm.

Witnesses said they saw two men running from the cathedral, which was open to the public and hosting a lunch fair.

They were seen motoring off into Lake Malaren, and have not been seen since.

Read more: https://www.bbc.com/news/world-europe-45028732

Stealing is bad yes, but won't y'all be thinking 'but this was a pretty cool way to do it'?

Radosh: Sanders, Ocasio-Cortez are losing the way home

Many here will remember Michael Harrington, the great socialist thinker who helped inspire the Kennedy-Johnson war on poverty, and a few may remember long time democratic socialist Ronald Radosh. Radosh recently penned a piece about what Sanders and Ocasio-Cortez are getting wrong in their campaigns in the heartland and elsewhere, and says Harrington never would have approved of their approach that could help elect repubs.


Tomasky: Bogus Dems in disarray media narrative belies positive news for November

Tomasky points out that the numbers for November are better for Dems than for repubs in the Tea Party year and that the media has grealy overblown Democratic infighting:


Trump has turned words winto weapons. And he's winning the linguistic war

Trump knows the press has a strong instinct to repeat his most outrageous claims, and this allows him put the press to work as a marketing agency for his ideas. His lies reach millions of people through constant repetition in the press and social media. This poses an existential threat to democracy.
Language works by activating brain structures called “frame-circuits” used to understand experience. They get stronger when we hear the activating language. Enough repetition can make them permanent, changing how we view the world.

Even negating a frame-circuit activates and strengthens it, as when Nixon said “I am not a crook” and people thought of him as a crook.

Scientists, marketers, advertisers and salespeople understand these principles. So do Russian and Islamic State hackers. But most reporters and editors clearly don’t. So the press is at a disadvantage when dealing with a super salesman with an instinctive ability to manipulate thought by 1) framing first 2) repeating often, and 3) leading others to repeat his words by getting people to attack him within his own frame.


My take:
I wish people would listen to Lakoff, not just journalists but also Democratic leaders, about how to win the message wars. Much of this is about understanding how the brain works.

James Shaw is such an impressive young man

The Waffle House hero who doesn't want to be called a hero. Why? Because he is being honest and saying he was trying to save himself. But with his courage he saved many others.

He was just on Anderson Cooper. He went to the hospital to comfort victims. He promoted a gofundme page for the victims.

He didn't need to tout himself, he cares about others and has tremendous courage. The young man has the kind of personal qualities every parent should hope their children will have. Totally the opposite of you know who.
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