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Gender: Female
Hometown: UK
Home country: UK
Current location: UK
Member since: Fri Oct 13, 2017, 06:59 PM
Number of posts: 9,685

About Me

I am a Brit. I am a working class child of the troubles in Belfast who now lives a life of privilege. I am an anti-racist, progressive monster for truth. If I fail in being that monster, call me out....

Journal Archives

When they don't have to pretend anymore!

You think you are King of the International Stage.
You have a Christmas Party and Invite 900 people
70 rock up.

Gotta tell ya, when that shit happens you know deep in your bones that people were only being nice to ya cause of what you do, not who you are. A turn out rate of 7.7%, to a Christmas Party hosted by the Secretary of frigging State, is a wonderfully tragic example of when you no longer have power and people no longer have to give a shit about you or your feelings.

What a splendid way for one of Trumps key enablers to exit stage right.

On behalf of Peggy's splendid management of the Fall Comp...

Please go to the link below to encourage our sisters and brothers to post a pic

And while you are doing that, kick like you are an Irish dancer - discreet but amazing! Just like me

If you have missed the Fall Contest you are running out of time and [spaces] to submit your wonder!

Peggy is doing an absolutely fabulous job managing the Autumn contest and it is up to 25 entries. That means we have 5 more original pictures before Peggy closes the comp. The Competition will close on the 18th or before if we have 30 entries, so chaps and chapettes, get out your phones and cameras and look at all the pictures you took on those glorious self distancing walks you took this fall and submit. Submission thread is here: https://www.democraticunderground.com/103681659

Peggy deserves 30 original submissions. When you are hosting a Photography Group competition the holy grail is 30 original submissions, so it not me nagging - although I really am - doing it for Peggy

If any of you need advice on how to post a picci, reply to this or on the comment thread on the competition here: https://www.democraticunderground.com/103681658

Now get posting my loves. We all need some serious gorgeous art in our lives right now!!!

Much love sweeties xxx

What they are doing is criminal and will lead to the breakup of the United Kingdom in my lifetime

With everything going on in the USA and the fascinating spectacle of President Elect Biden being confirmed as the winner of the election so many times, reinforcing over and over again that more stable and happier times are just round the corner, spare a thought for your cousins across the pond who are about to crash out of the Brexit transition period with no trade deal in place with the EU.

The very privileged far-right arseholes that seized control of the nation’s psyche with a fake news construct of Johnny Foreigner, blame the immigrants, EU bad, Rule Britannia Union Jack utter nonsense have got their way. They never wanted a deal. They always wanted to pull up the drawbridge and go back to a 1950 that never actually existed. The Foreign Secretary (equivalent of the Secretary of State) is on TV this morning talking about using the Navy to stop all access to our seas for EU fishermen. Good grief. So, in the time of a pandemic, where the incompetent lying fuckers who are in ‘charge’ in the UK, have managed to cock up the economic response to ensure our recovery is lagging significantly behind our European counterparts, they have decided that walking away without a deal, cause of a warped vision of what sovereignty looks like, is just what the country needs right now. Just one example of how this will impact - 68% of food consumption comes from the EU, so not only will that lead to massive queues at ports around the country as new border controls are put into place, and trucks try to deliver into the UK market, it also means that we will see food price hikes of up to 40% on some goods. At a time of economic insecurity and a significant rise in food poverty… World Trade Organisation rules - that is their far-right plan for the nation. Oh and our farmers and fishermen will also see tariffs imposed on the goods they sell into the EU - their biggest market place by far, which will be ruinous for many.

Couple this with a wet border in the Irish Sea which allows Northern Ireland to retain Custom Union status, in order to protect the peace process, something which has pissed off the Unionists in Northern Ireland and the Nationalists in Scotland in equal measure but for polar opposite reasons and you can start to see how English Nationalism threatens to rip through the make up of the United Kingdom. There are different trading rules in place for one of the four nations, something the previous Prime Minister May said would be unthinkable, but that was in the before times, when grownups sat in cabinet. The new arrangements will only strengthen links between Dublin and Belfast and continue to normalise relations between the North and the South of Ireland. Based on the economic harm of the no deal exit from the EU I would predict that a lot of economic unionists would look South and start to feel more comfortable about a border poll within the next decade. On top of this, as NI has more favourable trading terms that the rest of the UK, Scotland will demand a new referendum, which they will get it within the next 5 years, and they will leave the UK. All that will be left is England and Wales – at which point – what is the point of the Welsh sticking around? And the English Nationalists that have taken over our democracy and brought us to ruin, will have what they want, their own fiefdom, with serfs at their beck and call, living in luxury while everyone else scrapes a living at the foot of their banqueting table.

Let them eat cake.

Fun times…

First, they came for the Republicans...

This is what happens when you encourage the cray cray for power. You cannot reason with cray cray, and eventually when you cannot exceed to their Q cray cray demands anymore because of the risk to national security and democracy they will turn on you. You saw it yesterday in some of the speeches in DC and it could not have happened to a more despicable shoal of sharks. The GOP encouraged the nasty, the tea party became the 'moderate' wing of the GOP - which is really saying something - as they whipped up white supremacy and nationalism as a way to retain power and hate filled cult cray cray became the new normal. The nazi normal has decided that the GOP is no longer fit for their purpose... could not happen to a nicer bunch. Heh.

Accountability needs to be a thing again...

“No person shall be a Senator or Representative in Congress, or elector of President and Vice President, or hold any office, civil or military, under the United States, or under any State, who, having previously taken an oath, as a member of Congress, or as an officer of the United States, or as a member of any State legislature, or as an executive or judicial officer of any State, to support the Constitution of the United States, shall have engaged in insurrection or rebellion against the same, or given aid or comfort to the enemies thereof. ”

They are pissed that their attempt at imposing a theocracy has failed so badly. But here is the thing way should anybody be allowed to sit within the democratic function of government when they have been part of the plot to overthrow said democracy. How does that make sense? They could never be trusted not to try and pull that shit every time a vote did not go their way. Can you imagine having to put up with this bollocks every time a democrat gets elected to the WH.

On a further note, all of these seditious wankers still have to explain how the vote that send them to congress is perfectly legitimate while on the same ticket, the vote for Biden is not. They really need to try and square that circle, but they can't and so they try and destroy the legitimacy of the election and undermine the core democratic principles on which the republic was built.

This certainly answers the question of whether they are racist.

Violence flares in Washington as far-right Trump supporters clash with counter-protesters
An estimated 200 members of the Proud Boys, a violent far-right group, had joined the marches earlier on Saturday near the Trump hotel in the capital. Mixing with church groups who urged the faithful to participate in “Jericho Marches” and prayer rallies for the defeated president, the Proud Boys contingent wore combat fatigues and ballistic vests, carried helmets and flashed hand signals used by white nationalists.
They shouted insults at rival Antifa protesters and burned Black Lives Matters flags but police succeeded in keeping the factions apart until the evening


#BlackLivesMatter signage is torn down by #ProudBoys as they march through #DC

Nazi be nazi with the help of police, because of course... yet another example of white supremacist systemic racism, because of course they are...

DC Police take a different approach to the violent, armed, unmasked gangs beating up and stabbing people in the capital and the peaceful counter protesters who opposed them.

It is so utterly predictable.
Kettle anti fascists while the fascists roam the streets causing havoc. They are literally enabling fascists as they try and takeover the streets of a minority majority city.

2021 cannot come soon enough.

How to handle Trumpians Joe Biden's way ...

How to handle trumpians joe Biden’s way ...

Starting on January 21st 2020 🇺🇸

Wear your damn mask and wash your damn hands.

'V-Day', really? The vaccine should be a source of global joy, not petty patriotism

They had to go and ruin it, didn’t they? Here is a great moment for humanity: lovely people getting a vaccination against a deadly virus that has been developed with breathtaking rapidity. And what is the image that has been injected into our brains where it will lodge like a parasite? Matt Hancock pretend-crying on Good Morning Britain like a no-hoper auditioning for clown school.

The health secretary staged his bizarre pantomime presumably because the simple emotions that any sane person might be feeling – relief, hope, a tinge of wonder at the extraordinary ingenuity of which our species is capable – are not enough. Another layer of sentiment must be slathered on.

As throughout the pandemic, that extra coating is a thick overlay of phoney patriotism. The grim reality of being the first country in Europe to pass 50,000 deaths from Covid-19 must be somehow cancelled by the boast of being the first in the world to begin vaccinating against it.
For everybody else, the race has been against the virus. For the Johnson regime, it seems, the race is against everybody else. That way of thinking is especially risible when you didn’t even build the rocket.

But it’s also rather sad. Confident countries don’t need to prove their greatness to themselves by building their very own Olympic podiums and presenting themselves with gold medals. They don’t need to suck the joy out of a great achievement for humanity by wrapping it in red, white and blue. We’ve all shed enough real tears this year – spare us the fake patriotic ones.


As someone said in the comments section:
I think it's pretty obvious to everyone that the school's bully - a bloated and over-privileged berk - is trying to submit the smart lad's homework as his own, after spending days on end berating him for wasting his time on thinking and learning.

Exactly this. V day... they literally believe they have the gravitas of a government on a war footing. They are embarrassing little Englanders empire throwback wannabees.

Anti-vaxxers attack 90-year-old UK woman who was the first to receive COVID vaccine: 'She died in..


But as the BBC’s Shayan Sardarizaheh reports, anti-vaccine conspiracy theorists are already targeting her, some suggesting that she doesn’t even exist.

In a series of screenshots posted to Twitter, Sardarizaheh shared examples of some the narratives people are using to attack Keenan. According to one person, Keenan actually died in 2008.


Margaret Keenan, 90, born in Enniskillen and living in Coventry, became the first person to receive a Covid vaccine today.

But anti-vaxxers have been spreading conspiracies about her since.

"She actually died in 2008 and the one who was vaccinated today was a 'crisis actor'."

Good grief. There is no cure for this level of stupid.
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