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Gender: Female
Hometown: UK
Home country: UK
Current location: UK
Member since: Fri Oct 13, 2017, 05:59 PM
Number of posts: 9,685

About Me

I am a Brit. I am a working class child of the troubles in Belfast who now lives a life of privilege. I am an anti-racist, progressive monster for truth. If I fail in being that monster, call me out....

Journal Archives

Best descriptor of a certain troll demographic, ever...

In the UK there is a rather splendid gobby feminist Member of Parliament called Jess Phillips. Of course being a female lawmaker who does not take shit means she is viciously trolled by a certain demographic of male haters. One of her trolls was so over the top he has been jailed for 28 months after more than 300 abusive and threatening emails - including saying it would be "appropriate" for her to be killed in a terrorist attack on the House of Commons, and an awful lot of very very very bad words for women calling. Good.

The judges descriptor in their sentencing summing up was a thing of beauty.

We all recognise this interwebs wanker...

"You are an inadequate man who cannot cope with the reality of having reached your fifties without ever really achieving much, save for acquiring some criminal convictions for violent and abusive behaviour, and a habit of drinking too much alcohol and sitting at your keyboard, venting your frustration at others who in your view have the temerity to put themselves in positions of public service and to hold views with which you do not agree."

Right wing interwebs wanker warriors everywhere be like hold my beer...

Conservatives lick my heel!

As found on the interwebs

A oldie but a goodie. Of its time of course but how splendid!
Sad to think 60 years later these same conservatives are still trying to limit access to birth control. 👀

Cops Caught on Video Holding a Black Army Lieutenant at Gunpoint, Then Pepper-Spraying Him

Caron Nazario was driving his newly-purchased Chevy Tahoe home when two police officers pulled him over in Windsor, Virginia, whipped out their guns, and started barking orders.

With their weapons raised, the officers demanded that Nazario, a Black and Latino man, get out of the SUV. Nazario looked in the mirror and saw he was being held at gunpoint, then placed his cellphone on his dashboard to film the December 5 encounter. He repeatedly asked to know what was going on. At one point, he even admitted to being afraid to leave the vehicle.

“Yeah, you should be,” one of the officers responded.


How are the blue live matter crowd going to cope with the juxtaposition of fetishizing the military when the police act like this?

Belfast is Burning. Because of COURSE IT IS.

Brexit Bollocks comes home to burn communities to the ground. 3.5 months after Brexit went hard core and riots and mayhem engulf NI. After Brexit I wrote about being a child of the troubles and how Brexit could do real damage to an international peace treaty that has contained the conflict in NI over the last couple of decades. We could never go back to the days of a hard border on the Island of Ireland and so of course there was always going to be a wet border down the Irish Sea. Of course the NI protocol was the way the English Nats would go. They chose to sacrifice free movement of goods within the United Kingdom to protect their precious hard core Brexit. It should have worked. It could have worked. It might have worked. BUT, Boris is in charge, and bluster, bollocks and lies is all that they know. They do not care about NI. They do not care about the peace treaty. They care only for England and the flag. And so while during the transition period, they could have mitigated much of the barriers created by a border in the Irish Sea, they instead just pretended that it would all be fine.

This wet border and the friction it has created within the loyalist community is not the only reason that riots are happening of course. But there is no denying that they play a significant part.


Unicorns anyone?

The Six Stages of Toast...

Oh. My. All of the ironies are not dead after all.

Justice is coming.

He is toastier than a toasty mans toasty things... and no-one has his back. Hehehe

Wanna bet they would vote for him again, though?

Full report here: https://www.nytimes.com/2021/04/03/us/politics/trump-donations.html

Looking at the numbers surrounding this - the Trump campaign grifted $122,000,000 from MAGAts that needed to refunded to them...

Two takeaways from this:
OF COURSE they were going to use their supporters to fill their coffers in a completely dodgy way.
OF COURSE they would not give a shit that in pulling this dodge MAGAts would be put into financial hardship.
OF COURSE this is just a further demonstration of the way the Trump Cabal of Nasty hold in contempt the cult base.
If Trump runs in 2024 OF COURSE these scammed MAGAts will support the grift again... 👀

More Culture Wars ahead. And more flags.

“The first rule of the government’s culture war is that it has to be fought by the ones who look like their earliest relationship with the flag was being given a wedgie with it at school.” Marina Hyde


So terribly un-British

Still at least the union jack is a symbol of national identity for all our communities. Oh. Wait. Who would ever have thunk it that a investigation and report into racism, commissioned by a far right flag waving autocratic administration led by a PM who calls black people "picanninies" with ‘‘water melon smiles’’, and Muslim women "letterboxes", is not worth the paper it is printed on? And along comes right wing outrage as people point out that the report from the race commission is a steaming pile of revisionist horseshit. They point to the ethnic makeup of the commission… you know, just like when a racist says, ‘but I have a black friend’. As David Olusoga in a piece for the Guardian wrote, ‘’ The government has been quick to point to the ethnic diversity of the commission. What is lacking here is not ethnic diversity but diversity of opinion. This is a report that many fear will set the struggle against racism back. It may, however, prove to be a powerful weapon in the government’s ceaseless culture war.’’

Queue frantic flag waving and racist beating of culture war chests from the right. David Lammy said (sic) that at this point they are just gas lighting black and brown Britons. Full on denial of communities lived experience as Dame Lawrence pointed out. But at least we all have the Union Jack *sigh*.

On the utter shitshow of nasty surrounding the U.S. Rep for Florida's 1st congressional district...

What a cesspit of ugh and eeewwww. Sex trafficking a minor should see him go to prison, if he is charged and found guilty of course. His shady behaviour around ID’s, the use of illegal drugs while purchasing sex, chasing young women, the constant intoxication.. heh, what else can one expect from a far right, Trump worshipping, male, stale, white supremacist, privileged wanker of the South? They are used to getting away with outrageous conduct, they are used to walking away from poor choices with no negative outcomes. Hopefully, this will not be the outcome this time – time will tell I suppose.

The thing that really gets my goat though. The thing that as a women has me beyond irate is not that Gaetz is a shady, lowdown morality free zone – none of that comes as a surprise, it is the stories around him sharing pictures of naked girls with his GOP colleagues on the floor of the house. Of course, he would be crass enough to share them, but his colleagues looking at them? Really? These lawmakers who are responsible for making laws for and about women are comfortable with naked images being shared in their collective workspaces, where they sit alongside female lawmakers and no doubt have women advisors and office workers, and yet failed to take any action at all when faced with a colleague behaving so inappropriately. We are constantly told that the patriarchy is a figment of our imagination, that there is no systemic misogyny in public policy – naked on the floor tells a different story.

On a lighter note – those oglers of the GOP – who not only failed to stop Gaetz sharing images, but no doubt revelled in them, had better all pray that the images they were party too were not those of the trafficked 17 year old. Child Pornography anyone? No wonder none of them are sticking their necks out to support him. Hehe.

📸📸📸 April Photography Contest Theme and Launch Date 📸📸📸

Hello, my lovelies, I am managing the contest this month.

The marvellous rdking647 won the February contest with this absolutely stunning shot of night sky:

It therefore seems fitting that rdking647’s chosen theme for April’s contest is

Any photos taken after the sun goes down.

Lots of opportunities to get snapping on this one. Spring is here, the evenings are mild, and we are easing out of lockdown. I will be launching the contest on the 15th April and as usual will run a tight timeline for submissions once the competition is open. In the meantime, you have 13 whole days to spread the news of the contest far and wide, check your archives and/or take pictures in preparation for the event of the season😊

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