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Gender: Female
Hometown: UK
Home country: UK
Current location: UK
Member since: Fri Oct 13, 2017, 05:59 PM
Number of posts: 9,684

About Me

I am a Brit. I am a working class child of the troubles in Belfast who now lives a life of privilege. I am an anti-racist, progressive monster for truth. If I fail in being that monster, call me out....

Journal Archives

Oh my good grief we are witnessing the death cult in action in real time


A misbegotten, warped freedom obsession is killing us.

What the fuck is wrong with these arseholes. Coughing and spitting on essential workers cause freedumb.

People who refuse to mask are not liberty lovers, they're sociopaths

The persons pushing back against masking amid COVID-19 are not freedom fighters. They are sociopaths. They are not imbued with a love of liberty and choice; they are marinated in a diagnosable anti-social personality disorder…
These are neither people with whom we might reason nor folks whom progressives should be trying to understand. They are not persons to whom we should reach out in the name of political ecumenism. They are not merely uninformed but well-meaning people who just need better information, which we, of course, will provide, as we lead them to enlightenment.
Nope, screw that.

If you want to access the full article you need to copy and paste link into browser - it is funny medium thing.
Emphasis mine

The definition of a sociopath is a term used to describe someone who has antisocial personality disorder (ASPD). People with ASPD can't understand others' feelings. They'll often break rules or make impulsive decisions without feeling guilty for the harm they cause

Tim Wise is spot on. And actually it makes sense. Birds of a feather flock together after all and right wing policies are not exaclty known for empathy or supporting hard to reach communities are they? So if you give s hit you would never vote republican. BUT if you really do not care about anyone else, of course that is where you congregate.

Michelle Obama Is Reportedly Stepping Into 2020 Election And It's Going To Make Trump Very Unhappy

On Thursday, Michelle Obama took her first concrete step toward being a factor in the 2020 election. Her nonpartisan voting initiative, When We All Vote, which she founded months before the 2018 midterms, announced a coalition of 31 mayors across the country who will be brainstorming and sharing lessons and practices about how to increase voter registration and civic engagement.

Mrs. Obama pointed out in a Zoom call with her coalition that “This pandemic will likely have a significant impact on the November election and on how voters across the country cast their ballots. Already in state and local elections, we’ve seen voters forced to choose between protecting their health and making their voices heard. And that’s absolutely not acceptable.''

Emphasis mine

And we're off!!!!

The racist apple does not fall far from the white supremacist tree


The idea is not to defeat Trump, we have to defeat Trump-ism

Graphic mine

Some inspiring words on a Friday morning.
Biff. Baff. Uppercut. Fat ass gonna get beat!

The International Trifecta of Ethic Free Calamitous Shit

They span three continents but they have one thing in common. Each has 'managed' to outstrip their nearest neighbours in the Covid death count by seriously large factors. It is obvious that even the best prepared of countries needs competent leadership in such an unprecedented time and yet the trifecta of awfulness offers their populace an ethic free calamitous mix of indifference and incompetence. America hitting 100k deaths in the next few days. In the UK reported deaths sit at 36k but statisticians are saying that with community deaths not being counted the real number is more like 55k. Brazil is knocking on the door of 20k reported deaths, but the infection rate is shooting up so based on an their do nothing strategy that will be doubling in the next month.

It is not surprising that these three countries are leading the world in the utter shitness of their responses. All three consider the 1% as their main concern. All their strategies prove this. They position the market as everything and as every right-wing wanker knows, this is the best way to make monied people even more affluent. This, of course, leads to catastrophic death figures, but bluster, bollocks and *shrugs*. They don't even bother to pretend hand wringing at the number of deaths on their watch, because they have such disdain for anyone who is not just like them.

The International Trifecta of Death, Doom and Destruction. Indeed.

The MAGA hat is the new hood and this list needs updating...

Your President
Your Attorney General
Your Secretary of State
Your 'First Family'
Your right wing media

In some ways things are so much worse that they used to be. Hell they hid their faces in the old days. They instinctively knew that they did not want the wider world to know how much hate filled their hearts. Today, they wear that hate with pride and they do not care who sees it...

Dancing Nazis be like we don't need no stinking hood...

Our government has officially drunk the Trump Kool Aid

Today in the Daily Mail this headline... Up to 10,000 NHS health workers will get hydroxychloroquine in trial to see if it stops them catching coronavirus after Donald Trump announced he was taking the anti-malaria drug to protect himself.

Are you fucking kidding me? There is no evidence that this works. Trials had to be stopped in America because it was killing more people than Covid. Side effects can be really nasty. People who need this to live, are struggling to get it but our government is so keen to keep the wanker in chief happy, cause trade and right wing nasty, that they will spend our tax money on this pointless bollocks. How the fuck did we get here? Where the bloody hell has the gravitas gone?

Rant over

In some of the least surprising polling numbers ever

Of course a large majority would choose Obama. This poll tells us that there are a significant minority of racist arseholes out there - but the majority is still sound as a pound.

Of course Obama cannot run against Trump. But he does not have to cause Biden is doing a very good job at biffing Trump in the polls also...


Just one poll in May...but
's home basement might turn out to be the best campaign HQ since Wm McKinley's front porch. NEW Quinnipiac Poll (national): Biden 50% - Trump 39%. +11 Biden, was +8 Biden in early April. Bigger D margin than other recent polls, though.

Biff. Baff. Uppercut.

No wonder Trump is throwing every nasty thing he can make up at this. He is shitting bricks that life is about to take a huge chuck out of his humongous white privileged arse. And he knows these numbers will continue to drop as the pandemic takes hold in red states and people start to die in numbers even as Trump demands they get back to work dammit.

The night is always darkest just before dawn. Things are going to be dark for the next few months but a new dawn is coming.

At this point we must all hope that Biden takes that +11 and runs with it to the point that be defeats Trump by such a huge number even with all his rigging of the government he will have no choice but to leave the white house.

Don't worry if you can't feed your family - politics is the name of the game. Pelosi for the win...

Exactly this. They are soul less
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