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Soph0571's Journal
Soph0571's Journal
May 31, 2020

Black Londoner explains George Floyd protester support with story of how cops murdered his brother

“It resonates,” he replied. “400 years we’ve been having to deal with this and we’re still being lynched and murdered today.”

“My brother was shot and killed by the police in this country,” he recalled. ” He was shot four times in his back and the policemen’s evidence when he stood up in court was that my brother was facing him — the courts accepted that evidence.”
“To highlight this injustice cannot continue,” he exclaimed. “I believe that this is — this is a different assault, this is a different murder and we can see the protests going on around the world. We have just had enough. Everybody has had enough of these live lynchings. Look at the CNN reporter that got arrested, live on television, where everybody saw exactly what happened.”


There were thousands on the streets of London today. This murder is resonating far and wide. Difficult conversation are being had not just in America. The injustice that people recognise is part of a systemic issue that resonates back centuries, for minority communities, all over the West.
May 31, 2020


I know that the May contest results have not been announced yet, but as it is June tomorrow I thought we had better crack on with the SPRING COMPETITION! Hurrah. I will be hosting so as always I am going to be a bit of a pain in the arse re promotion and marketing far and wide. Times are desperately hard for so many at this time and the pictures that this group and the wider community produce are so very splendidly heart warming that I want to make sure we hit every marvellous corner of this site. No pressure then chaps!!

So to the timelines:

I will open the competition to entries on the 15th June
Will close the competition for entries on 22nd June 17:00 GMT or before if we get 30 entries
First round of voting 22nd June for 3 days
Final round of voting 26th June for 3 days
Winner announced 29th June and the prize is taking apart in a great competition . The winner will not have to host the Summer Competition.

As always it would be great to get 30 original pictures so spread the news far and wide please.

See you on the 15th guys and gals. I know you are all going to amaze with your glorious spring surprises

May 31, 2020

Just Boogaloo losers and white nats

These right wing chuds on 4chan and various gamer platforms who are encouraging each other to go to demos and initiate violence should be prosecuted for organized criminal conspiracy. No leftists are encouraging this. No BLM folks are. None. Just Boogaloo losers and white nats

Watch the #MAGANight Nazi walk by the reporter and flash the “white power” sign. These are Trump’s “very fine people” doing the looting. #protests #GeorgeFloyd

Disrupt and destroy is the name of the MAGA game, it makes sense. Seeing the world burn and blame it on the 'angry black man' is something that Trump will use to very divisive effect over the next few days. The race war is here and the Nazi's are burning shit down. Surprise! 👀
May 31, 2020

The Rise of the Trump Cult as foreseen by an Economist in 1976...

Graphic mine

Describes the morons of MAGA to a tee. No gain, only loss for anyone who voted from Trump but they really owned the libs...

Of course one of the other rules is… Non-stupid people always underestimate the damaging power of stupid individuals. In particular, non-stupid people constantly forget that at all times and places and under any circumstances to deal and/or associate with stupid people always turns out to be a costly mistake.

May 31, 2020

Trump is delighting in the chaos he has wrought

Trump has wanted to see America BURN for years. That has always been his plan to Make America Great Again. In 2014 Trump wanted riots... and in 2020 he has got what he wants - yesterday he was basically calling on his cult to come and disrupt protests with the rallying call of 'Tonight, I understand, is MAGA NIGHT AT THE WHITE HOUSE???' He wants the country to be torn apart. He wants the Floyd protesters to be very badly hurt indeed. Seemingly he is a unique mix of nazi, anarchist and sociopath. After all who wishes for an economy to crash and burn for their own white supremacist and pecuniary advantage?

May 31, 2020

No Protest Is The Only Protest They Want

There is much truth here... Although I don't necessarily think that they think life is just perfect for black or brown people, I do not think they care enough about their lives to make a determination on that. These white supremacists in charge of governing really do believe that POC should be grateful that they get to live in 'their' land, and having the audacity to demand a free and fair society is beyond the pale...
May 30, 2020

Why should they keep faith with democracy, at all?

Graphic mine

There is a perfect storm here. In 2020 vulnerable and marginalised communities are being worst hit by the pandemic, both in health outcomes and economic impact, and with the very clear understanding that the leaders of the nation literally could not give a flying fuck about them and whether they live or die. I am very sure just based on this, anxiety is very high, and then we all witness a modern day lynching by a violent cop on an unarmed black man. And it was a lynching, all that was missing was a rope. Of course people where going to kick off, because this really is enough now...

If the institutions of power not only fail to protect you, in terms of your safety but actively on occasion harm you... when you live in a democracy but your vote is not secure and you are disproportionately under represented in those institutions of power that makes the law that rules you... when you live with that level of democratic deficit - why should you keep faith in a democracy that has failed marginalised and vulnerable communities of all stripes over and over again. If you do not have any faith that those who are elected to protect you will do their jobs for you -because there is evidence every single day in lived reality that they do not... It is no wonder that frustration is boiling over.
May 29, 2020

And the righteous anger of the young poured from the skies...

BOOM! This is how you know that the Republicans are shitting themselves over their future. This is the future as the Fox news demographic literally is dying from Covid... these young people say fuck you very much and I cannot agree more!!!!
May 29, 2020

President Obama Statement on the death of George Floyd


This is what the country needs. Not threatening to kill protesters...

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