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Soph0571's Journal
Soph0571's Journal
January 30, 2022

Of course they want to ban books

Critical thinking skills for the GOP is like kryptonite to Superman
They all know that the more educated one is the more unlikely one is to vote against ones own best interest, unless you love being given permission for being a racist fascist democracy stealer - and if you are that, you are a horror shit show books or no books... and you are happy for your kids to risk being shot to death cause 2nd amendment dammit, but ban that book... you really have to feel sorry for the kids being raised by the cray cray. Will they ever have access to the knowledge acquisition they need to recognise that their parents jumped the shark and that cray cray abounds - or is this always going to be a circular firing squad between cray cray generations?
January 30, 2022

"Freedom Convoy" shows the Americanisation of Canada's right

The phenomenon has been evolving for some time now, for a whole slew of reasons. Fox News and ultra-conservative podcasts cross the border; Canada’s ethnic composition has changed and that worries certain people; a new and far more right-wing Conservative Party replaced the more moderate Progressive Conservatives in 2003; and an increasingly active and organised number of people in western Canada – Alberta in particular – see Ottawa not as the seat of government but as a threat, even an enemy.

Now comes a convoy of lorries, self-styled “Truckers for Freedom” or the “Freedom Rally”, making its way from British Columbia on the west coast to Ottawa, a distance of about 2,800 miles. It’s ostensibly a group of truck drivers and their supporters who are opposed to Covid-19 vaccine mandates, but the truth is a little more complex and unsettling.

There are echoes of the Capitol Riots of 6 January in Washington DC in this apparent rejection and denial of the democratic process.

The fundamental issue here is that while Canadians often look and sound American, the essence of the country — its political, emotional and sociological identity — is actually far more north Europe than North Carolina. Just like the NHS, Canada’s socialised medical system has an iconic status, and welfare provisions, absence of military bombast and sheer self-perception have always distinguished Canada from the United States. Canadians may watch US television, benefit from the US economy and many spend winters in Florida, but for generations they’ve been governed by and from the centre.

It’s this reality that so riles the truckers and their base. The convoy is an outward manifestation of a deeper break in Canadian society, an attempt to smash the sacrament and reject the orthodoxy. There’s a whole smorgasbord of resentments and beliefs swirling around: opposition to gun control, dislike of official bilingualism, anger at entirely justified and long overdue Indigenous protests and demands, and the usual certainty that “real” Canadians aren’t being listened to.

This isn’t a nation divided, in that the new conservatism is a minority voice, but it is a country in process and progress, perhaps realising that easy governance may not be as straightforward as was once thought.

Emphasis mine
More at the link

When even the Canadians are finding themselves having to deal with the far right cray cray - cloaked in the anti-vax movement on this occasion we should all be clutching our pearls. They infect everything and in the 21st Century they get everywhere.
January 30, 2022

Police officer who told governor to 'kiss my a**' over vaccine mandate dies from Covid

A police officer who told Washington governor Jay Inslee to “kiss my a**” as he signed off duty after a statewide vaccine mandate has died from Covid-19.

Robert LaMay, 51, served with the State Patrol for 22 years before being forced into retirement last October, refusing to get vaccinated.

He garnered widespread attention online for signing off his final shift by telling Gov. Inslee he “can kiss my a**”.


At this point in the pandemic - if you actively choose not to get vaccinated and you end up dead, you are really just owning yourself. Kiss my ass? Well covid kicked his arse to death. Think I will save my thoughts and prayers for those who may have been denied timely medical treatment because of all the unvaccinated sucking up the ventilators and ICU beds.
January 30, 2022

Not so long ago, in the before times...


Not so long ago, in the before times, any politician – of any political stripe - would have felt compelled to resign over just one of the outrages, deceptions and deficiencies Johnson has inflicted on the UK. But hey – he got Brexit done, so…👀🤔

Every single time they put someone up to try and gaslight and deflect from party gate, the stich up between the Sue Gray Report and Cressida’s current ‘investigation’, they demonstrate to the nation that the Tory Party 2022 think that ethics and integrity are for the little people, certainly not for them. Truss doing the rounds today on the politics shows did not fail to disappoint... And of course, the cherry on the icing on the cake is the bullshit Brexit bollocks as they try to justify protecting him, with the claim that his utter lack of probity was 'priced in' by voters in 2019 and ergo he has an electoral mandate to behave the way he does. Gotta tell you – I think they are in for a shock. They gave him a mandate to do whatever needed to be done, break any rules he wanted – to get Brexit done. The rest of it, I can not see the red wall being in a forgiving mood - and when your whole life becomes one long meme how much credibility can you claim to have at home or internationally? Of course the right wing press today are claiming that Boris has got through the worst of it. Not a bit of it. One has to ask how much longer can he cling on? I am going for after the expected drubbing the Tories will get in the May elections. After that the Shires be like...

January 30, 2022

Trump's demand for 'massive protests' if he's prosecuted is 'inviting mob action': conservative

Former President Donald Trump dedicated considerable time attacking the prosecutors looking at possible criminal behavior.

In a rant about the New York case, Trump said that there was a link between those probing him there and Hillary Clinton, who was previously the Democratic Senator for the state.

He then called the prosecutors "racist" and said claimed that if they do something that is illegal then he wants to see his supporters conduct massive protests in "D.C., New York and Atlanta."


After ranting about the prosecutors investigating him, Trump calls the prosecutors racist and says if they do anything illegal, he hopes there are massive protests in DC, New York, and Atlanta

Inciting the mob again. If any further evidence was needed that he is happy to use violent mobs to further his needs, not sure what they are. He has learnt nothing from Jan 6th, other than some racist wankers are willing to go to prison for him.
January 29, 2022

Standing Still

January 29, 2022

No, they can't be cultists... Oh wait, never mind.


24 hours before the Trump rally in Texas tomorrow, the cult is assembling. Correspondent notes that some people camp out for 4-5 days before the rallies.

At the risk of being repetitive - They cannot be saved at this point. Jumped the shark proper they have. Mass delusion fully ingrained all so they can be racist as they like. Huh.
January 29, 2022

Well behaved women rarely make history

Biff. Baff. Uppercut. Boom!
January 23, 2022

Smoke Level: FIRE

Rotten to the core. Absolutely rotten.
Far right majority on SCOTUS very clearly bought and paid for... how can this stand?

January 23, 2022

Who didn't nazi that coming...

March for Life in Washington on Friday. Bunch of far right theocratic control freaks having wet dreams at the idea of the cray cray wing of SCOTUS sending women back to the kitchen bare foot and pregnant. Looks like they have their own military wing these days...

Theocratic, fascist, patriarchal misogynists team up with racist, fascist, incel, patriarchal misogynists to force upon women the denail of their constitutional rights. SURPRISE! Who didn't nazi that coming...

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