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kozar's Journal
kozar's Journal
May 22, 2019

I have talked about my "lil" girl alot

Maybe you saw ,maybe not. But here is what I came home to all the years I worked,,and now I come home to it twice a week when I go golfing. Docs said when she was born she "might " see 20 years,, she will be 31 years, this Friday. Oh my ,, I Love my 2 girls,,Tess,and her Mom


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May 12, 2019

Finally got a night of sleep

we have been out of town for 2 weeks taking care of some family business. I did not sleep well the last 3 nights there, or our first night back home. Yesterday, got the fur family out of doggie hotel, and last night I felt complete. We were back in our King size bed with daughter Tessie between us, Sherman the Dal, Choxie the Golden, and Neli the old pound girl herself, all sleeping blissfully in a spot on the bed. PiPi kitty purring on Tess' stomach, and Ziggity kitty sleeping on pillow above Mrs. K's head.
I just looked,, smiled at everyone so peaceful and sleeping,sighed once ,and woke up 14 hours later,

Feeling Blessed


March 16, 2019

I'm gonna cut a few wires here.

First off, I have voted Democrat since my first eligible,, and I voted Dukakis. I won't tell my whole life story here,I wil just try to tell you how I feel, and what I have lived. If you choose to read what may be longish post here,,I'll know, but maybe a few folks will listen. Today was a big day for Dems in the world,,, more so maybe in my world,,,heres what happened. 2 words BLOCK GRANTS...
Don't get it? let me explain what block grants do,, I worked in hcp field for a number of years before I retired,, I did adopt m ywife's child when she was 23 years old because My daughter is hcp. A quick synopsis on how these great "block grants" are going to work..

When I worked in field ( 2 years ago I retired for info sake) every dollar Tn spent on hcp people,,, fedral matched by up to 2 dollars,, pretty good deal I admit.. But I worked in a field ,, in mgmt,, where I asked folks to take care of hcp individuals 24/7,, nd ,,big point here,, and give them their meds!!! and we paid them starting wage of 9.00 an hour. with the HUGE FECKING responsibility of giving medications!!!

Now that you know why I chose to retire, when I wwas only 2 steps away form a CEO position,,, let me explain Block grants to you.

Where we got ( when I worked) 2 to 1 matching,, a block grant does this,, instead of matching,, the federal will give X amount of dollars to each state and then the state will decide how those dollars are spent, period,,no discussion, recourse, or federal lawsuits. So,, Let's see,,,

Hospitals,,nursing homes,, hospital home care,, on and on until we get to challenged people. Challenged people that can't take their own meds or in some instances,,,cook or bathe themselves.or VOTE..You think for 1 second that these folks will come before big dollar hospitals?? Do you think for a second that these folks will come before anything less than whats left over?

I am gonna be honest,,,I really do not give a damn what you believe by reading internet and short posts,, I believe what I KNOW because I was deep inside this field,,,and I a paid a lot of my money to protect my daughters future,, because, block grants will shut down where she goes daily to be with her peers,,, because even before block grants,,where she goes, discontinued simple transportation to get her there everyday, (7.65 a day, such big money,,right? ) and now Mom and I get to pay for her to feel like a part of a community..What will my daughters organization lose next?,, I can tell you,if you choose to read on,, they will choose to discontinue day services. Which is what my daughter is in,,because she still lives at home with Mom and I ,,because we will never put her in a "supported living home"
OH!!!!! new phrase,,what is supported living?? that is where corporations like I worked for,,some for profit,,most not for profit. Out of Fairness,,,, that is where they rent homes,, put up to 3 hcp individuals into that home who cannot live on their own and have no family, or their remaining family turned them away,

Now we get back to these corporations,,right now they love this system,,,and the block grant will make it worse. Under the current system they pay maybe 9 dollars and hour and these folks are responsible to GIVE MEDICATIONS ALSO,,,

Under Block Grant,, what's left?? 2 choices as I see at point I retired,,, either we dont have homes to take care of folks,,or we try to convince people to work for 7.50 and hour and still give medications..HMMMMMMMMMMMMM easy call for me

ok,,now,, I have been on DU long enough,,,wanna question me why I left the field?? ok,,I'll answer now so you wont bruise your lil fingers typing.. I worked in field AFTER I adopted my adult daughter. I spent 10 year in higher mgmnt,, on call 24/7 Literally, I answered phone calls at 2 am saying a home was out of paper towels.. I love the hcp people,,,,stop, when you see them,,talk to them,, see how great they really are,, because block grant is just the govt way of turning their back on people I love.

If you read this far,,PM me...ask me any questions you want... but I am tired of people who want snippets,,short posts,, and yet still think they are Informed

Doug out

February 22, 2019

maybe time for GD to get ahead of the narrative

Hi Fellow believers,
It is fairly easy to read GD and post some reply to a something something ,next thing that some RW nut job did, isnt it? Like todays biggest hit,,,a Trumper NFL owner being charged. Maybe it is time for all of us who believe totally what we believe, to stop REACTING,,and start ACTING..
t is too easy to just react to something we read here,and no skin off our bones,,right? I had hip replace on Tuesday,,, I am here tonight freaking out over all the crap being spread.. that's how important it is to me,, but we as the RIGHT Dem party,,,almost always choose to take the easy way out. WE just respond to what we read and don't have to research,, so it makes us right... Dammit Team,,,step up,,NOW,, research,believe,,post,,write emails,,, and then WE will drive the narrative. It is what Rethugs know about us and are uing to their advantage. Actually we can go "to the Streets" by just paying attn to online chit and not be afraid to call it out online,,,CMON TEAM!!

February 22, 2019

And I say FU CTodd

Im listening to you play both sides,,,you know what DT is doing to this country,, I guess tonight is a RW "SIDE" and that will hold thru the weekend? FU Chuck Todd,, you are the problem,,not the solution! SO damn many things wrong with media


January 10, 2019

I crossed a bridge somewhere,,

I'm not sure when or where, I was one who got so angry with the one we do not name and the party who lets this imbecile do what he pleases with no regard for country. I have made posts in a blind rage that were probably not the best worded. My emotions took over the keyboard.
I find myself now reading same news, new "tantrums" "deals" "tweets" and I am no longer angry,,I have actually sat back and cried on days. I have crossed the bridge. I am just sad for this country.

I am older, I served our country, I have my beliefs. I also allow every other person in this world to have their beliefs. I think our country is losing, and I'll explain.

As I see it, we are in a generation/time frame of life where we only see history if it slaps us in the face. Planes to buildings, a President's brains on trunk of car. We have to be startled,disgusted,shocked, among other adjectives to pay attention. These examples are intentional, it's how long the people have been played.

But the provocateurs learned,, and now they are taking it from us quietly, the bridge I crossed is one of tired of every day same,but new outrageous comments,tweets,lies. "They"built this bridge, and now I realize it. How many people have crossed and don't realize it?

In my humble and somewhat older opinion,, we are living history now,, we will feel the slap in our face when it is too late. I am crossing back over the bridge and will search for another bridge. I will not go back to rage, I will find a bridge to fight for our country in a civil way, without raising my blood pressure.
I crossed "their" bridge of apathy, now I came back.

thanks for listening,

December 28, 2018

I need to ask,,I am in a dilemma,, only honest answer please

Hi, Im Koz

I worked in the mentally challenged field for 10 years. Quickly worked my way through, my favorite part of the field,,supported living, to house manger,,team leaders etc,etc. Please keep reading,,I am in a dilemma,

Caveat, first,,, I have a challenged daughter who I was told wouldn't see 20 years old, we just celebrated her 30th birthday.

So I as took these positions, I admit it was easy for me to make decisions. I just thought, what would I do for my daughter, right?
Let me explain a team leader position, which was last I held in field. I had 12 supported living homes under me, as well as all staff to cover those homes 24/7 .3 challenged people to home and staff to cover 24/7, so, on average, about 80 people under me. I was on call every hour of every day. I fought with families who did not want to or could not take care of their person, I fought with my higher ups about revenue streams based on my decisions.

I fought these battles for 10 years,, I got tired, I got beat,, I got defeated,, so I said bbbye when the political fights in house became too much, ( as a team leader , I was 2 steps away from CEO, to clarify)

It's been about 9 months since the "blow up" I am good with Mrs Koz and daughter and we are living life. But it is holiday season, and I have folks who I mentored calling me, saying,, "its too much", I say it always is this time of year because we care.

Tonight , on one of those calls, I find 1 of the folks I cared for and about , died,,because his family made the decision to pull the plug. So to speak. I fought with this family many times during my tenure in field. They only cared about his insurance and not about his well being. Now, I find out , I left and he died. So now I sit and cry and wonder,,would I have made a difference?
But it came to a different point as Mrs K was talking to me and trying to talk me down,, 1 question she asked me, " what can you do?"

I know I can do,,I am respected in field regionally in this state,, so I answered Mrs Koz,, " want me to push?, use my connections on a state level in a Rpub state and go?"

And Mrs Koz said,, " I believe in you, you'll do the right thing" and went to bed.

Now I sit and wonder and doubt myself and my purpose in this world. MY GOD DU folks,,, I'm asking myself if MLK's wife said same thing to him. I think every big event started small. I know my heart is too close to this issue,
I know I have facts on my side,,I know I have heart on my side,,I sit here awake and wonder if I have my strength on my side to take this fight on.

It may sound corny or overblown,, but I need some help making this decision.

sign me out as Confused and wanting,,

December 18, 2018

Gods beauty, our world

My lil girl was flown to Seattle Seahawks game last Monday,, omg we have 1000 pics from the week.
but this one jumped out at me,, it is simply, Gods Earth, taken by Mom Koz while flying. Scroll up to see wing tip of jet ,if you can't

December 14, 2018

I love me some Neil Diamond

I just happened to meet someone who said I could sing,,,, Pic of CD I made for my challenged daughter attached, and I hope you can hit the link and listen to the song I still sing to her every morning, and sang every day when I came home from work for many years. I just realized the link is a raw version when Tess was with me,, not the CD version, I'll edit further when I figure all this tech crap out

http://www.singsnap.com/karaoke/watchandlisten/play/b084921bf is link for song

the CD

December 13, 2018

New to this group

Not so new to DU though. I am now realizing how the groups of DU can ease people rather than just only whip up emotions of politics.
Yes, this is my oversight that I missed in my early DU times. I find myself reading groups more than news now, which means maybe I am figuring the DU community out finally.
I would ask that this group indulge me with my pictures on first post. The Golden Pic is Ethyl, who passed at 16 years old and a mere 2 weeks after the pic of her holding hands with my 30 y/o challenged daughter.
The other pic is of our Dear Stripe, who we brought home today (cremains) and put him to rest.
I am oddly calm today about him being home, I was very distraught when we lost him. I still miss him, but I feel now his body is where it should be.
Long story short, I feel after reading some posts. That this may be the place I can post and show my family's love of our "zoo" ,
1 kitty, a golden retriever who is being trained as service dog to my daughter,, a Dal, who is smarter than the Golden, and a mix rescue,who is the best snuggler ever.
We are truly a pet family.

Thanks for listening,


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