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Gender: Female
Home country: USA
Current location: MD
Member since: Wed Oct 24, 2018, 07:30 AM
Number of posts: 1,584

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Wonder how the sudden surge of returning soldiers will go with the economy in free-fall and

prices steadily going up and food stamps being cut? With all the hate Trump has engendered among his supporters it could get uglier out there.

Trump should ask Oliver North how dope is really delivered from Central and South America to the US.

Ask Oliver how high the wall should be and how deep it should be planted in the Gulf.

How much do you bet that Trump won't sign for the back pay due Federal workers as in past


This is one slick way to make up some of that deficit.

Wonder what would happen if the contributors the GoFundMe wall project learned that their money

was going to Putin?

Remind Trump before he takes too much credit for ISIS battle in Syria that Obama's plan worked well

to get ISIS to where they are now. Obama said it would take a few more years but Obama never called for us to abandon our allies on the battle field.

Actually, this shutdown is on Ryan's shoulders.

He knew damn well that there were enough GOP House members to stop this bill from going to the Senate. But last minute political play and suck up to their insane base they voted to pass it on knowing full well Trump wouldn't sign it. Ryan could have stopped it but he chooses to go out a sore loser and is proud to be able to hurt as many Federal workers as possible on his way out.

There should be a massive movement by consumer advocates to get Banks and other creditors to extend grace to Federal workers who won't be able to make payments next month. It can be done if they want to. Just like they forgive farmers and miners.

Trump is unhinged and white males are sticking behind them because they hate to admit that one of them is incompetent, ignorant, and insane. They are embarrassed by Trump's idiocy but don't want to show it. The lengths they have gone to to protect their sociopathic wannabe dictator is epic as will be their defeat in 2020.

It's really time for the Democrats to get on media and explain just how much and how illegal drugs

actually get into the country and it's not through the Mexican border. We always miss teachable moments in the main stream media. We should always be pointing out that Trump's wall promise was linked to Mexico paying for the wall, not us taxpayers. We should also be explaining with kindergarten charts how illegal immigration has been going down for the past 6 years. We also need to identify who is included in the group called "illegal immigrants" which also includes those who stayed beyond their legal status time. We also need to talk about the fact that Donald employs many "immigrants of questionable status."

Since the Trump base is hooked on following Don into battle, now is the time spring some facts on them while they are all into this issue. And no matter how we feel about them...learning comes by hearing and hearing by facts and truths. If it only educates a half a dozen of them it will be worth it.

Call it what it really is: Destruction of our government AND

a slap-stick way of trying to shave some money off that kazillion dollar deficit and debt facing.

It's rich hearing McConnell talking about Dems not wanting to give Trump a win.

The Dems need to put on the tapes of McConnell vowing to obstruct Obama on everything. I hope Schumer has a response to McConnell.

If getting government to be back in business why not pass the clean CR?

I remember that Berlin had a wall.

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