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Gender: Female
Home country: USA
Current location: MD
Member since: Wed Oct 24, 2018, 08:30 AM
Number of posts: 1,584

Journal Archives

IF Cohen has tapes of Trump telling him to lie or use false testimony before Congress can we say


Info on Venezuela


Interesting about the military.

Amy using her comb to eat salad shows great ingenuity to me. Use what you have to make it work.

Asking someone to clean the comb ...depends on how that was done. I don't really know how it was asked so I can't ezpress an opinion on that.

In 2020 we must not only drain a bigger swamp. We must get rid of the scum that rose to the top!

It will take a lot of hard work and dedication to rid the Federal agencies of the political appointments and permanent civil service position this administration had pushed to be hired.

A new President must therefore, have enough knowledge about or surround herself with people wha have inside experience with Executive agencies to be able to direct where the scum is located. The management of agencies to favor the privileged and to favor Russia and similar foreign ilk must be eliminated. We civil servants who hark back to Clinton era, "Puttin People First" when FEMA was clened up and made a first-rate resource for victims of natural disaters, when SSecurity employess were trained to better serve elderly constituents and more field offices were opened and more kiosk services were provided.

The Federal government is supposed to serve protect and serve the people...all the people. That sense of service has been lost over the past two years. It's been more like "screw the people."

Have all or any of the Democratic candidates produced their tax returns yet?

Are they going to? I believe it's important.

When is someone going to talk about the chain migration of Russian, Asian, and Slavic pregnant women

coming to the USA to have their babies as natural born citizens? I've been waiting for sometime for the media to do just and thorough coverage of this...maybe a thorough as they cover the caravans?

My mind just can't forget the Bernie bots, how they were used by Russian bots and what it cost us.

I have to hide all Bernie posts for my own health.

The trump Presidency and the role the GOP is and has played is an object lesson on how to create


Trump says nuke testing under the last year of Obama was terrible. The last nuke test was....


Obama was not President at this time.

Next time a Trumpian says we need the wall and talks about keeping drugs out print and show this


I haven't seen one case of robo-thighs with packed packages of drugs.
There may be some cases where this is true but the vast majority of illegal drugs to not come over unprotected land borders.
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