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BoomaofBandM's Journal
BoomaofBandM's Journal
December 27, 2021

Don't look up reviews are pretty negative. We really enjoyed it.

Am I getting paranoid? Has big conservative money gotten to reviewers?

To be fair, I am no movie expert. My husband, a movie lover, not only has to explain pop references and plot lines to me, but in our older age of hearing loss he has to tell me literally what actors have said. It works for us. I approach many films as I do baseball, occasionally looking up from my reading to ask what is going on. Its a flaw of mine, but I keep trying.

So when I saw Don't Look Up, I was so happy that we could enjoy the whole movie together. A rare treat in our 30 years of marriage. I mean, my husband was used to nudging me awake when I started to snore in theaters pre pandemic. And this was a movie that spoke to me as only the movies Arsenic and Old Lace and Harvey have been able to. A not subtle take on the crazy that has occurred. A take that had to go over the top of crazy to properly put what we are up against in perspective.

While it is ok to not like a movie, and a review is one persons opinion, the fact there are so many negative reviews scares me. Am I that out of touch to where "my fellow americans" are? One reviewer was perturbed at the movies take on climate change. Ummm. Or has big money and evangelicals added certain reviewers to the glazed eyed white washed mericunts.

I am glad I there are do many people on DU who also enjoyed the movie. And if there is anyone who was involved in the making of this movie reading this, I thank you for a few hours of laughs. I needed it.

December 4, 2021

My 10 year old grandson got his second covid vaccine yesterday.

I am so relieved. No big deal to him, life as usual. He is disappointed that he will still have to wear a mask, but glad that it is not as often. Hopefully soon the 18 month old will be able to get covid vaccinated. Then maybe this grandma will get a good nights sleep.

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