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Member since: Sun Feb 9, 2020, 05:48 PM
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Bernie fans, this is a quick summary of what government health care looks like

(Before the Bernie bus goes hogg wilde do note that I am far less pessimistic on Bernie than most here, but you just need to be realistic about healthcare - its a very delicate subject).


I've lived and worked in the UK and I can tell you this one thing: the idea of nationalized healthcare is great, but the reality is that a trip to the Doctor becomes like a visit to your state Department of Transport. Yes its free, but there are still long waits, its very basic with lots of forms, complex rules and you're told what you'll get.

This is a world of difference from the system we had under ACA which gave us coverage for all, but choice and quality too.

President Obama gave us something beautiful, but we were too ignorant to realize it.

Not my crystal ball

Its Nate Silvers

<1 in 100 chance.


Bernie needs to come out immediately and renounce these prior views

I won't post there here, but they were released this morning and are disgusting (see thread by HighPlainsDem).

Things happen in the past and are said or were misunderstood.

But this latest stuff is absolutely disgusting.

Bernie needs to come out and renounce it to avoid further damage.

Genuine question for the Bernie doomsters?

Firstly do note that I'm no way support much of Bernie agenda. I don't like MFA or the free stuff bonanza giveaway and in reality even if he wins, most of that is just fantasy land. But my question is around one thing.

I've seen a lot here about Bernie will have a downstream impact on many House races where we will lose.

OK, accepted.

But could there also be another impact on many House races we would have lost but now win thanks to Bernie? I'm posting this to get genuine thoughts as I simply don't know, but it seems to me that usually if you take a hit in one area you will get that off-set by a pick-up in another area.

Is an ascendant Bernie starting to go off the rails?

Before the Bernie fans go ballistic please note that I am FAR less pessimistic on your candidate than many here but its interesting for me to note that as he has taken the front-runner position he's also started to come out with more left stuff that was hidden before:

1. "DNC establishment" tweets on Friday.
2. The pro-Cuba propoganda.
3. Russian nude vodka party (if legit).
4. BDS with AIPAC stuff.

Whats suddenly going on? Could this be a sign that as he emerges victorious we see the side of Bernie and he's not the cuddly democratic socialist that he makes out? If this happens early enough then it will provide Biden with an opening.

If Bernie wins looks like he'll walk into a world ravaged by Coronavirus

At his age, is he ready to take on this challenge?


Judge Judy vows to fight against Bernie Saunders "to the death"


Dark thoughts on what's going on in the primaries last night

I took some weed for medicinal purposes last nite and the trip was one of the anxiety ones. Generally this is rare for me, but when it happens itís always reflected my overall mental state which at the moment is stressed. Iím a Biden supporter but just barely, Iíll go with any moderate. But even if Bernie wins Iíve felt that we will still beat Trump.

Then last nite during the trip something new occurred to me that Iím not sure anyone has thought about. What if the Russians are meddling not because they want Bernie to win the nomination, but they know he cannot win and thus it sets in motion a series of steps which results in you know who getting re-elected. Weíve looked at this thru the prism of Bernieís socialism, but what if itís not socialism the Russians are after ... what if they just want Trump back in the Whitehouse and thatís all.

The real message from yesterdays primary was for Bloomberg

Now that Biden is back in the game, does Bloomberg continue to play the spoiler or does he slip out the backdoor quietly? Biden proved last night that he's the big dog and you don't fuck with the big dog. Heading into SC Biden's got the high-ground and Bernie will struggle, this is the real battle we've been waiting for. Plus with Warren now having successfully discredited Bloomberg, is there any reason for him to be in this at all.

I suspect on Sunday morning next week we'll be looking at an entirely different field with Biden on top.

Apologies to all for the NV rumors thread last night

I feel Biden is the key to defeating Trump so have been really jittery over the last few weeks. Then I got a text from someone with a link to a BS article that turned out completely wrong. This is the first primary Season Iím really following closely. So lesson learned not to react to every fragment of information that comes by. As of this morning looks like Biden is back in the drivers seat as we head to SC.
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