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Member since: Wed Aug 26, 2020, 11:03 PM
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Guess I might as well leave DU again

I will still be out there doing the best I can in whatever way I can.

But a lot of these discussions go in circles.

If you want to understand, they say look it up.

If you want to be understood, they say it isn't about you.

Well if you want my help but you can't tell me WTF you want, specifically, then it's stupid to have the conversation.

If I have to figure it out on my own, I will and peace to y'all.

I'd take a bullet for you but I damn sure can't handle these ridiculous conversations any more.

Peace Out.

Tigress DEM

Very interesting article about how Anti-Racist Activism can have a backlash on Interracial Couples

I know I personally look at the idea of "white" domination as more of something that is under the surface culturally and that if you are NOT racist, you don't dig in that toolbox.

Sometimes being white we have learned things unintentionally that need to be unlearned also, but I agree that to assume all other races are "victims" isn't appropriately respectful or helpful.

To acknowledge actual equality is to SEE their power as valid whether everyone else acknowledges it or not.

What do people here think of the article below?

Ye Zhang Pogue , researcher of mental health, disparity, and race
On 6/11/21 at 6:04 PM EDT

It's not due to any racist malintent that I worry these crucial gains are being undermined. Quite the opposite in fact. In 2020, American had a great racial awakening, after George Floyd's horrifying murder was caught on tape. More and more people started to confront racism, which was of course a very positive change. Yet as the movement progressed, the necessary correction began to take a troubling turn.

I learned that some activists claim all white people are oppressors, while people of other racial groups are oppressed victims. I learned that they think that a racial power dynamic exists in every interaction between white and nonwhite people, and thus oppression is present in every activity of life. Acknowledging and fighting against white people's oppressive role, I learned, is essential for "anti-racism." And refusing to acknowledge it is "White Fragility."

As the people around me became more deeply mired in this worldview, I wondered, where does interracial marriage belong in these narratives? Why would oppressed persons want to marry oppressors? And if these activists are right, wouldn't we have to conclude that no authentic relationship could exist between white and nonwhite people?

So how does Biden's approval so far compare to whathisface?

It's probably an easy confusion... Dump sees bigger numbers and thinks he's winning, but the Disapproval is bigger than Biden's approval. That's apples and kumquats, dude.



Ever heard of Scopolamine being used for interrogations? IE Guantanamo Bay??

SCARY THOUGHT.... toward end of second *USH there were pushes for a drug to make people more susceptible to suggestion...

THERE IS ONE OUT THERE... called Devil Breath (aka-scopolamine)


Possibly a product of Nightshade... it's been used in various strengths to combat sea sickness, as a TRUTH SERUM and can ZOMBIFY a person (street drug is called Devil's Breath.)

IN ALL THESE MASS RALLIES... what if this drug were pumped out into the crowd?

WOULD it be possible to find it in the blood stream?

How long does Devil's Breath stay in your system?

It's also nearly impossible to detect, as it's only in your bloodstream for four hours. So by the time you emerge from your zombie state and go to a hospital, the remnants are gone.
Jul 7, 2020




I FEEL LIKE A CONSPIRACY NUT someone tell me this IS NOT possible.

BUT it would explain why seemingly normal people are CONVINCED an insane man is perfectly right about everything and fit to be President.

Not the ONLY explanation, but IF in the next violent wave, and it's happening in August...

IF WE TEST THE INSURRECTIONISTS for Scopolamine within 4 hours of the start of the violence AND it is found in their systems, that would be proof of intentionally INCITING (DRIVING) a group to violence against the government.

Asian girl is a wonderful "home maker" (wink) Share something positive about Asia or Asians

A whole channel of unique "off grid" builds by a young woman with just survivalist tools.

Such an industrious young person, so much knowledge and tenacity.

Just WOW!


IF so many creepers are going to hate on our Asian brothers and sisters, let DU show some love here.

Hand Sanitizer RECALL


[3/25/2021] FDA is warning consumers and health care professionals not to use Durisan Antimicrobial Solutions Hand Sanitizer manufactured by Sanit Technologies LLC doing business as Durisan in Sarasota, Florida, due to microbial contamination. Durisan has voluntarily recalled its hand sanitizer product.

Durisan tested its hand sanitizer and found microbial contamination including high levels of Burkholderia cepacia complex and Ralstonia pickettii, which can lead to serious infections, including infection of the skin, soft tissues, lungs or bloodstream. Individuals with compromised immune systems are at increased risk. Infection can occur with use of the contaminated hand sanitizer by consumers or by health care professionals who may also transmit the contaminating bacteria to patients. Use of this contaminated hand sanitizer by health care professionals who tend to an at-risk patient, such as one with cystic fibrosis, could lead to adverse events ranging from a localized infection to lung or bloodstream infections, which could require patient hospitalization or extend an existing hospitalization.



Life is BETTER with Biden. Let us count the ways.

1) Trump had Andrew Jackson, the previous WORST pResident ever, slaver, white supremacist and Indian massacre architect as the chosen portrait in Oval Office


1) Better with Biden - Ben Franklin - Inventor and mainly good guy.


PROUD BOYS defend QAnon "Ashli Babbitt... NOT a CRIMINAL like George Floyd"....



She was part of a mob of THOUSANDS breaking down doors, with Capitol police telling them to STOP.

A mob whose intent was to HANG PENCE and kill other members of Congress to interfere with a fair election. A mob who KILLED a policeman with a fire extinguisher.

He bought a pack of cigarettes with a bad bill after entering the store peacefully.

When the clerk confronted him, he didn't fight or hurt the man. He didn't go back and break into the store. He sat in his car feeling horrible. Police dragged him out of his car. He had a panic attack and resisted being put into the back of a squad car. THEY COULD have done everything EXCEPT PUT A KNEE ON HIS NECK and he would have lived.

MAYBE ASHLI was in the wrong place at the wrong time and got shot, but she went there of her own accord. She was angry and intent on keeping Biden and Harris OUT of office.


YES. George Floyd did have one conviction in Houston. Served his time. Got involved in a local ministry, Resurrection Houston, turned his life around and moved to Minnesota to start a new life.


In Minnesota he was a model citizen, a father and a "gentle giant" as a bouncer at the SAME BAR where Derek Chauvin who murdered George also did "security" and resorted to using mace on the clientele.




HE didn't BREAK any doors or windows.

HE gave the cigarettes back when confronted.


SHE went from one side of the country to the other to COMMIT her crime.

HE went to his local grocery store and made a mistake.

BUT TO THE PROUD BOYS the only thing that matters is that SHE WAS WHITE and GEORGE was BLACK.


Unchained Melody covered by Austin Brown.


Joe has a new @POTUS on twitter FOLLOW!!


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