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Member since: Thu Oct 1, 2020, 09:03 PM
Number of posts: 2,350

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Time to allow people to sue those who refuse vaccines/wearing masks

Time to fight against these abortion bans by having the Feds and Democratic states pass laws allowing citizens to sue anyone that refuses the Covid vaccine or refuses to wear masks.

Let's see the outrage from the fascists on the Supreme Court and the Christian terrorists when they can be bankrupted for not getting vaccinated or wearing masks.

Arkansas is now following Texas' lead.


So it begins. Abortion will now be illegal in all Red states.

Christian Taliban celebrating abortion ban.

I'm on the religious subreddits on Reddit.

Christian conservatives are all celebrating this news, pretending like it will save millions of children's lives. They don't care that women will be hunted down. They don't care that more abortions and dead women will happen. They don't care that Nazi Germany did a law just like this.

They just want people to suffer.

There really is no difference between Christian Conservatives and the Taliban, Al Qaeda, ISIS. Just as morally bankrupt and evil, prettier packaging.

How can we get a movement going to boycott Texas?

We need to get big companies that have offices in Texas to look into moving their operations out of the state. We need sports teams to boycott the State.

I will never set foot in Texas or buy anything made in Texas.

AP now confirming 11 US soldiers and medic killed


Biden's job ratings decline amid Covid surge, Afghanistan withdrawal in NBC News poll


So stupid. Biden's approval in handling Covid went from 69% to 53%. Only 25% support his handling of Afghanistan.

How is the Covid surge Biden's fault? It's not his fault that so many Americans are anti-vax idiots. I knew DeSantis' strategy of killing off Floridians and blaming it on Biden would actually work in this stupid country.

Meanwhile you literally have CNN/ABC pulling "But her emails" part II to blame Biden for the chaotic Afghanistan withdrawal. You have Republicans literally using Taliban propaganda to lie about what's happening over there. They're obviously refusing to talk about how much Trump and Pompeo contributed to this mess.

I'm so fed up with Republicans getting away with everything and Democrats being held to such a stupidly high standard.

Redistricting Issues

Chuck Todd was just talking to Dave Wasserman about upcoming redistricting. Republicans have 164 districts they get to draw the maps for. Democrats only have 46. The rest are independent commissions or mixed.

Wasserman was saying Texas is likely to gain 2 seats, but due to the huge growth around Austin, San Antonio, and Houston, Republicans may have difficulty drawing districts in a way that completely screws over Dems, while protecting their incumbents. But they're going to try.

Colorado will likely gain 1 seat. Wasserman says it will likely be swingy. It's in the Denver area. He said it probably would have gone TFG in 2016, but Biden in 2020.

The big thing they talked about is the power New York has. Dems control New York, and while they're expected to lose 1 seat overall, they have the ability to eliminate 5 Republican districts.

I realize gerrymandering is bad, but as long as the Supreme Court and Congress refuse to stop it, I don't see how it's worth us shooting ourselves in the foot to not gerrymander blue states, while letting Republicans gerrymander red states.

I'm really worried that redistricting alone will give Republicans the House majority.

Any thoughts on how we can keep our majority? What are the chances you think New York will gerrymander out the Republicans to give us 5 more seats?

People's view of Biden and Covid.

What are your thoughts on whether the new outbreak of Delta will hurt Biden among voters?

Obviously Biden has done a pretty good job with what he has to work with to get 70% of Americans with at least 1 dose, and half the country fully vaccinated.

But of course, Republican Governors like DeathSantis and Abbott are causing the virus to be out of control in Red States.

Obviously we're not dumb enough to hold Biden responsible for their failures, but a lot of Americans are dumb.

I've actually wondered if DeSantis and Abbott are letting Covid ravage their states so they can blame it on Biden to help them in 2022 and 2024.

But do you think most voters see through that nonsense, and realize it's Republicans failing to handle Covid responsibly?

We may have an issue in California

New polls showing Newsom recall succeeding. Turnout is looking like it's going to be high for the GOP, low for Dems/Ind.

That could lead to a Republican Governor. Feinstein is almost 90. If she dies or resigns under a Republican Governor, he could appoint a GOP replacement, costing us the Senate majority.

I will never understand why we have such low turnout in off-year elections.

Time Is Running Out to Stop Gerrymandering


Am I being a debbie downer for feeling like the US is already past the point of no return? Gerrymandering alone is enough to give Republicans the House majority.
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