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Member since: Thu Oct 1, 2020, 09:03 PM
Number of posts: 2,387

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MSNBC Panel right now calling out our justice system

Claire, Neal, Glenn Kirschner, and Carol Leoning all calling out the DoJ and state prosecutors for how slow they've been going after Trump. If anyone else stole top secret documents, they'd be in handcuffs the same day. If any of us tried to overthrow the government, we'd be in handcuffs.

The fact that these prosecutors have dragged their feet for so long is truly a travesty and weakens our justice system.

DeSantis should already be legally disqualified for office

DeSantis, 5 minutes after Trump was indicted, says he would violate the Constitution by not helping extradite Trump.

Obviously he has no power to stop an extradition, but how can he publicly admit he'd violate the Constitution, and then swear an oath to defend the Constitution running for President?

America really needs better mechanisms to disqualify people from office. Oaths to office are absolutely worthless.

One of the countless flaws of America that are leading to our collapse.

Meanwhile in Fox world...

They're attacking Bragg again, saying how the "Deep State" is coming after Trump and his supporters.

Fox News is Nazi propaganda and needs to be shut down. They are advocating treason and the overthrow of Democracy.

Finally, the treasonous bastard is indicted!

Now let's hope for a conviction, and hope for more, much more serious indictments like Jack Smith and Georgia are coming.

Breaking on MSNBC - Judge finds evidence of crime in Trump doc scandal

Looks like the DoJ has convincing evidence, enough for even a Judge, that Trump committed a crime with regard to the document theft.

No surprise, but I wonder what this will lead to.

Donald Trump needs to be arrested now!

No more screwing around. He is a proven terrorist. Alvin Bragg is now getting death threats and white powder in the mail after Trump incited violence against him.

Letting Trump walk around free is like letting a member of ISIS go around killing people in the US with no consequences.

Why is the DoJ not taking Trump's threats of violence seriously?

Trump posted another, even more blatant threat of violence on Truth Social last night, saying there will be "death and destruction" if he's indicted.

The Judge in the Jean Carroll rape trial is making the jury anonymous due to Trump's terrorist threats.

Yet it seems like the DoJ is just ignoring this. People have recently been arrested and convicted for inciting violence against public officials.

Why not Trump?

No indictment today

ABC News reporting the Grand Jury is meeting again tomorrow to continue weighing an indictment, so we won't see anything today.

Costello, Cohen's former legal advisor testifying Cohen wants revenge

And that's why he's testifying against Trump.

If the Grand Jury buys that, Trump may not get indicted.

What can we do about traitors like McCarthy?

I don't understand how the "Speaker" can interfere with a state prosecution to protect his treasonous boss and face zero consequences. We're descending into a fascist dictatorship so fast.
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