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Home country: USA
Current location: PA
Member since: Sat Jan 9, 2021, 06:56 PM
Number of posts: 1,024

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Covid booster help correct covid mouth?

A friend of mine got covid last year lost her taste and smell. She recently got the covid booster for Omicron after the shot she got the Metalic taste in her mouth First thing she tasted in 14 months basically. She is now finding she is tasting some foods again. It isn't perfect and she still doesn't have smell, but she can taste some foods.

She is convivence it is from the new booster. Is it possible or is there a different reason. I ask because as some of you know I am suffering from taste issue after first round of covid.

WOW just announce on live stream-Garland event- AGs from New York and NJ will be there at news


Is Garland waiting for Biden's speech to be done?

Has anyone seen Eric Swalwell's new Ad?

How soon can I get the omicron shot? I had it in covid in September

And I have a been given different information.I

Sorry on tablet corrected to Omicron

I am glad Pelosi voice what everyone felt about Trump About punching

him in the face. I know she was stressed but the GOP will use that clip in ever ad until she retires. Please be ready to defend her.

Well, my 82-year-old mother tested positive.

Yes, she is double vaxed and double boosted.

She lives in a senior apartment complex. and on Saturday she saw some people wearing mask and rumors of someone having Covid. She doesn't expect management to come out and say Jim Smith 2D has covid but she thought management would say we believe there is a case of covid in the complex please consider wearing masks in common areas. (Red area of PA so you know how that can be).

She called me because one of her friends in the complex tested positive and she took a test. She thought she had done the test wrong and said there was 2 lines. I told her that meant, she was positive. She was in the middle a second test when she called. She asked me to call my sister (covid-is-a-hoax-nut) asking her if she hard a mask she needs to wear it.

Sis and niece coming in from Maryland/Delaware area. Niece put me on speaker and My sis response to mask wearing "Well, that's not going to happen" with you are so stupid tone.

She is midway into PA. UPDATE: Sister is turning around to go home 4:35 pm

got to love family

We need hard hitting journalism about the 2016 RNC Hack.

DNC hack got all the attention and the RNC hack got the news back burner.

We journalist to really start investigating that hack. The more you see levelheaded GOPers leaving the party and not running for reelection. We see "Party leaders" like McConnell, Graham and others not standing up to their party insanity. and to be honest if you look at McConnell and Graham in recent interviews their eyes remind me of movie kidnap victims ready a ransom notes on a video.

That Hack has allowed these insane extremists to gain control of the GOP. I know others have said this, but we really need people to hold this to the fire of public view. Russia had something to do with this. Russia more than likely gave Trump info who forced out those who wouldn't play ball and we are going to lose our democracy if the 4- estate doesn't stop the B.S. and stop both sides do it.

Hmmm... anyone else wondering if Tiffany Trump is grateful to be the least favorite child?

It is known Trump has never been found of Tiffany and ever since DA James announcement yesterday I can't help wondering if Tiffany was grateful not to be in Trump's inner circle.

Here is a scary thought. A friend of mine in Neighboring Ohio

indicated her election board found something interesting--People are volunteering to work the polls. Which normally is a good thing but after 2020 her area like many others found people no longer volunteering and had been threaten and scared away. What she is noticing is the people volunteering are people she is aware to be conspiracy theorists & believe the big lie. The scary part is how many will try to Provent people from voting. How many have gotten into higher levels of positions. We saw how Election boards in various counties aren't certifying the primaries.


Why isn't this a bigger story or being investigated?
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