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Gender: Do not display
Home country: USA
Current location: PA
Member since: Sat Jan 9, 2021, 06:56 PM
Number of posts: 1,024

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What if Ivanka and/or Jared the ones that tipped the DOJ about the boxes?

There are rumors that Ivanka and Jared are on the outs with Trump. They seem willing to talk to DA James, Jan 6 committee and who knows who else to save their own butts from prison.

One story or tid bit that got stuck in my mind today

Biden chose to pull Trump's security clearance.

How soon did Biden do that?

What was Biden told either as President Elect or while campaigning for President and getting the Daily briefing did he find out that caused him to take that step.

Yes, Jan 6th and the Zelensky matter are reasons. BUT are they big enough to cause the pulling or was it something more?

Knowing what we know might know at what Trump stole do you find Pence not using the 25th will be the biggest mistake historians will look at when reviewing Jan 6 in the future?

I want to thank everyone for help with my covid mouth issue.


I do apologize for disappearing. my Step-Mother -in-Law 's brother passed away. Out of respect for my hubby and his father I held my tongue and helped her deal with the onset of her brothers and sisters coming into town.

I do thank you all for the help It felt good to be able to talk about the issue and not get people not believing or the weight comments.

Post Covid issues--advise, help.

As some of you know. I have had Covid twice. And considering I have been Very lucky with mild symptoms that being the Metallic and sometimes weird taste and sometimes no taste.
These issues have persisted for the pass 6 month- ish. I have not had Chocolate in 6 months because it is so bitter tasting. I'm not eating Dark bitter Chocolate either I was trying a milk chocolate bar then a Frozen Hot chocolate. It is so bitter I couldn't taste anything else. Milk cottage cheese taste sour all I taste is sour. fruits taste rotten some veggies I can eat some I cannot. Water when I first got covid tasted so foul I couldn't sip on it without wanting to spit it out of my mouth. Right now, I can take a couple sips of water, but I cringe from the foul taste. I have attempted a few times to sip on water thru out a 15-minute period and after about 6 sips in the 15 min period I got so nauseous I thought I was going to throw up. Not that ate a lot of meat before but I would eat some and I am finding if I have any type of meat after 3pm I feel so sick and have thrown up. I can't eat seafood anymore.

I have found some things I can eat that have no taste or the weird taste is tolerable enough I can eat/drink but I have tried getting help I am told it is all in my mind or that I am making up.

Yes, I am fat and I have been on diets all my life. I tried to explain to my mother how frustrating the whole situation has been. I told her I haven't had Chocolate is 6 months and how things are tasting or how easily I am getting sick with food and her response was you aren't losing weight.

My husband has been great. He has seen me go thru things and when I try to eat and can't eat the item, he's like. Okay we won't try that. We used to order food and If I took some bites (sometimes just one) and got sick or couldn't take the taste he'd just say okay we know this won't work. I felt bad wasting money but he's just says It's not your fault. Or don't worry we now know it doesn't agree with you.

It is just hard. I am basically just eating. Carbs (Breads, Pasta) Cheese(like chedder and pepperjack mozzarella) I can eat safely any time of day with no issues.

The Doctor, I did have doesn't believe covid is real. drop them next doctor I try doesn't believe covid taste is a real thing. I just don't know what to do or if anyone is having this issue. I unfortunately didn't lose my sense of smell with my taste like my supervisor. So I smell food and know what it supposed to taste like and I am so disappointed when it doesn't taste at all or is either bitter/ sour/ weird tasting.

any suggestions?

Question of Manchin sudden interest in a deal

I Do not want to jinx this whatsoever, and I am praying it isn't another "Lucy with the Football"-and I am so expecting it. BUT do you think Manchin is realizing we are going to win more seats in the Senate, and he wouldn't have the power he now has after Nov
so he figures he does this deal and looks like the good guy?

Bonus Question. What about Sinema? This deal is dead in the water without her vote as well?

Was Ivana Trump Cremated?

I don't like to speak of the dead, but I am very confused on something. I heard Ivanna was cremated but yet there was a coffin, and the burial site shows Ivanna's resting place looks like a coffin was placed in the ground. Was there a change of plans?

USSS missing Text, Mike Pence and 1/6

So, a lot of questions have been in my mind about the missing USSR texts and the whole Mike Pence not trusting members of the USSS on 1/6.

We have heard scenarios where if the USSS believes a protectee is in danger they will basically carry that protectee to get that person to where they believe they would be safe. Thankfully during 1/6 USSS didn't force Pence into the motorcade but my keeps wondering how close where they to maybe forcing Pence in and taking him away from the Capitol. Would the text messages show that might have been the plan?

It also makes me wonder who was protecting VP Harris and President Biden that day. Had all Trump loyalist been weeded out of those details by then?

The more I hear about everything and the more terrified I am becoming.

Just how close was Trump in succussing in the coup attempt and what kept it from failing. Both the violent and non-violent (Green Bay Sweep).

A question about the secret service erased texts.

So the "upgrade" erased only text messages from the 5th and 6th on certain phones?
Was Tony Ornato involved in this as he has now returned to the Secret Service after Trump left?
As deputy chief of staff could Ornato started this the right of the 6th or after?

Sorry on my kindle tablet. I sometimes find autocorrect kicks in after I hit post.

Why is there no attention to Senator Chuck Grassley saying He was going to

oversee the votes on Jan 6th?

This fact gets brought up and then fades in the background. Does that prove Chuck was willing to help this attempted coup?

Not to mention the fact 197 members of house and Senate did or had plan to contest the election certification. How many of those 197 members knew and help with this coup attempt. Will we see them be held accountable?

Anyone watching Rachel Maddow? She is laying out tomorrow hearing

wow just wow

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