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Home country: USA
Current location: PA
Member since: Sat Jan 9, 2021, 06:56 PM
Number of posts: 1,020

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Okay I freaked out about Saturday. Sorry.

They have put Fencing around the Capitol and Supreme court but what about the White House?

With the events on Saturday I am worried what they May try with the White House. I hope the Secret Service is putting extra people on duty.

Well, I am holding my breath...UPDATE

My mom and I are vaccinated. You will remember in June I lost my father who was fully vaccinated to the Delta variant. My sister who has become an anti-vax freak. She still hasn't gotten it. She was coming to see my mom this weekend has called mom saying she is getting a sore throat.

Mom wasn't thrill bout her coming in but now she is understandable worried. I am too.

I am hoping it is the start of allergy/sinus infection and that is all.

My sister and I suffer with allergies and sinus infections 3/4 of the year. We are the type that will hear someone sneeze and we catch whatever it is.
I have been lucky to be in my home since covid began and the few trips I make out I use protocols I set up for myself, mask gloves purely get home Lysol my clothes and shoes showed (sometimes twice) and clothes are washed asap.

I am worried

Thank you for letting me vent. I am on my tablet.

My sister decided not to come. Please send well wishes that it is just a cold and not covid. Many you said don't let her visit or My Mom shouldn't. I live an hour away from Mom. I use all preclusions when I see her. Mom is afraid if she tells Sis not to visit Sis never talk or see her again. Right now My Mom has lost her parents and both her brothers so she doesn't want to do anything to upaet Sis.

Watching Rachel Maddow?

The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy is now at the heart of a new 2020 election conspiracy theory with the form of 4.2%

How are your states/region doing with covid?

In my part of Western PA the city I live in and the next town over are reporting no ICU beds and nursing shortage. Children's hospital was reported as closing wing due to staff shortage.
The city my mom lives in it was reported the votech superintendent was telling kids you don't need to wear mask and encouraging kids to get doctor notes saying they can't wear mask due to medical reasons.
My friend works at an office. The main section is a room with cubicles filling the room. She told me higher up was sending emails reminding people to wear your mask in the bathroom and moving around the room but in your "personal space" is cubicles you don't. The cubicles are in a huge room so if a person doesn't have a mask on at their desk their breaths/terms are being spread by the air system so only wearing a mask while walking in the room is a must point.

We are averaging 4000 cases a day..in the state

Should we be concern that Joe Manchin is switching parties?

I am serious wondering after all his actions trying to prevent bills being passed.

Reports of Manchin being at Fundraisers for Donors that back GOP.


His plan in Lexington KY


He already is saying he won't vote for 3.5 Billion infrastructure bill.

His actions on voting rights.

We have only 1 vote power control. We have a Republican party that is acting like a Russian Autocratic party-promoting Qanon conspiracy theories. Calling 1/6 those who have been arrested or being held in jail. Pollical prisoners. Kevin McCartney threatening business not to comply with the 1/6 committee.

just has me wondering.
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