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Home country: USA
Current location: PA
Member since: Sat Jan 9, 2021, 06:56 PM
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So will Bobert and MTG at the SOTU be SNL's cold open?

Watch This Space--


Sorry to steal a line from Rachel Maddow; but, with Russian Nuclear forces on high alert I expect an announcement soon That we are either 50 or 20 seconds to midnight.

Does Russia have the Legitimate right to hold the USSR U.N. seat/Veto Power?

A couple nights ago I was reading that the Ukraine U.N. Ambassador was looking at the idea as to if the Russian Federation is the legitimate successor to hold the USSR seat.

I thought that was an interesting question. I was wondering if anyone heard anything more about that.

Having issues with taste. -Dealing with covid

somewhat yesterday and all thru today I eat and drink and I either get a Metalic taste or bitter taste or the food has no taste at all. Water taste bad.

This and a killer sore throat are the worse issues. the cough is subsiding

I tested positive today,

I am so freaking careful. but Saturday we went to get the taxes done -hubby and I. Place was in the grocery store and I had hope to drop off the information get some groceries circle back to sign the forms and leave but the rep insisted we sit and go thru all the steps. I figure I am in my KN 95. I shower as soon as I get home.

This morning I was up with a sore throat and cough, and it doesn't feel like my normal sinus drainage sore throat. Took the test and I am positive. Lucky for me I am working from home. Unlucky for my husband who had to report I am sick he now has the rest of the week off. No symptoms.

Thank You all for letting me vent about SIL


I didn't update as I should I am sorry. just craziness. Wed Morning got a call from the hospital. Her Blood Sugar dropped and too her up to ICU running IVs with Sugar in it. at one point her blood sugar was 15 (and I didn't make a mistake typing.) She is doing better now. last night Blood Sugar average between 100s-200s. waiting for the Blood cultures to come back.

In Honor of Trumps being order to Testify

Thank you for the heart.

Sis in law back in hospital--concern of either abuse or neglect.

If I can please vent:

So Hubby and I are driving up 79 to visit my mom after all the bad weather and suddenly we get a call from his Stepmom SIL is in the hospital. She says at 4:15am from the nursing home stating SIL fell out of her Wheelchair and was crawling toward another patient's bed and got kicked by patent. (her Dialysis schedule has her normally getting treatment between 6-9 am Tues, Thurs &Sat but if transport not available until later she is there by 9am) But the Dialysis center called at 10am stating they didn't give SIL treatment but sent her to the hospital with bleeding from her eyes nose mouth and rectum.

We turn around the car and beeline to Pittsburgh. Hubby is like you speak "doctor" you'll know what to ask and follow up and Hospital only allows 1 visitor. I go her eyes are closed so both closed eyes are puffy red and the right eye bruised. She opened her eyes and blood covers the whites of her eyes. She doesn't know how her eye got hurt. patches of dry blood clover her inner part of her lips. Dried blood on her fingers like she used her hands to wipe the blood.

ER doc comes in. She explained the main concern is the bed sore on the lower back bottom area that is infected. They are concerned the infection is going all the way to the bone. Help get her settled into the room.

Okay questions going on: If this happened as the Nursing home said why didn't they clean her up before sending her to dialysis?

Was she truly kicked as the nursing home stated or did someone hit her?

I will be making calls Monday.
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