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Home country: USA
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Member since: Sat Jan 9, 2021, 06:56 PM
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My Grandmother's China--Castleton/Shenango China pieces.

My mom had so much packed away in storage and when she downsize into a smaller apartment I got saddled with a lot of the stuff and I have been going thru rewrapping the items the boxes filled with dirt and bugs I am wrapping the china in felt and bubble wrap ( not sure in it is perfect but or correct trying to protect it. ) puttng it in storage bins. So My mom in 1969 went to the Shenango China Wearhouse and bought the set -a complete service for 16. took it out to Vegas and between moves back to PA and various houses/ apartments the set is a set for 8 with extra pieces. But here is the thing NONE of the pieces are stamped Castleton They just have 2 sets od numbers.

Took a couple pieces to Lawrence County Historical society Who was able to stay the style of the pieces are Castleton See pic link. and their information of Shenango China history they are piecing together themselves and they don't have complete catalogs of lines. They said they will have people do research but it could take months. I am like okay. I want to verify this collection for insurance purpose and future resale. I am hoping they can create a verification letter.

Anyone out there who knows China. How rare is it for a full set not to be stamp?

Will this hurt the chance for insurance or resale?


Listen to the to the talk. There is a reason of talk Nuclear War.

Putin is most definitely planning nuclear bombing or bombings. Don't kid yourself or wave it off. The questions become:

1 When will it happen?

2 How extreme of a weapon(s) will be used?

3 Will Putin bomb 1 country or will he take advantage and try to send bombs into more countries?

Before you say I am being extreme or dramatic remember This man is "ex" KBG. People often "suicide" themselves, Alexei Navalny, chechnya. Crimea, Georgia (the country...remember that event).

I wouldn't put it pass Putin to have some sick city like underground nuclear fallout shelter with a list of people that will willingly and unwillinglybe brought to this location before bombs start flying.

This is my humble opinion. We kept saying he wouldn't go into Ukraine. Remember "What's Biden talking about..Putin isn't going to start a war.

I pray I am wrong and laughed off this board, but I see the writing I am terrified of waking up one morning to find Putin launch one into Ukraine or worse multiple ex USSR country be believes are not real countries.

Question needs to be asked to Elon Musk: Did you but Twitter to shut down Elon Musk Plane?

I have to wonder. He wanted the Twitter account shut down and they would not.



a twitter account that needs to be watched

Did Musk's "purchase" take us a step closer to Authoritarian rule?

We have the GOP threatening the board of twitter retaliation if they didn't sell.


This isn't the first time the GOP have threaten businesses



We are seeing more and more GOP threatening businesses and as much I think Corporation tries to manipulate politics to serve their interest to scares me more, we have a political party acting Putin-like to companies.

Question about Pence, the Secret Service and the Car on Jan 6th

Okay I always thought that Pence didn't want to get in the car on Jan 6th because if he left the grounds of the Capitol it would close the session and caused a Constitutional Crisis but looking at new reports is it that Pence didn't trust the Secret Service team and was afraid of something worse?

Question on Fine China

Recently I have been cleaning and rewrapping a set of China belonging to My Grandmother. It was bought or her in the 1960s. It was wrapped in newspapers and placed in a boxes. My mother was storing it hoping 1 of her grandkids will get it when they get married.

I have always been told the set was made by Shenango China and we have other pieces and I am familiar with the various logos that company had but one thing I am noticing about this set of china is there is no company mark on the china at all. just numbers. no way to Identify the maker/manufacture. The set is a white back ground and trimmed in gold.

Shenango China is no longer in business and I am not sure how to verify the collection for my nieces or learn more of the history. I have found website with various examples of Shenango China but nothing like this collection.

Can anyone suggest how to find out more information?

Missed it Today -What did Rand Paul wear or do?

Does anyone know when Rachel Maddow will be back?

I really miss her and her loves the way she does her show. I know some don't like the way she "goes on and on" but I don't feel that way really miss her nightly class in politics and history.
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