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3Hotdogs's Journal
3Hotdogs's Journal
April 21, 2024

L.O.L. Cats. Missing today.

Is he ok?

April 18, 2024

Legal question. Boss's son lost his C.D.L. (Commercial Driving License) after two D.W.I.'s. That was 12 years ago.

He has been sober since.

Federal regulations are that such license can't be restored after two DWI convictions --- ever. I support this.

Any thoughts on if he would be able to successfully to challenge a 12 years old DWI? What if the 'conviction" was from a plea bargain?

He is hiring a lawyer so any responses will not have any effect on the results, nor passed on to him. The question is more for my interest than of any help to him.

I did advise him not to waste money on a futile effort.

April 6, 2024

My CPAP is broken --- not eligible for replacement for two more years.

Will Medicare pay to replace broken equipment?

Physician is not available until Monday to send in a new prescription.

March 28, 2024

Joe raises $25M. Whoopie Doo. Big Fukin Deal. The little donations are more significant.

Let's compare the number of $10 contributions to Biden with the number of Bibles Trump sells.

March 26, 2024

Do you remember your phone number from when you were a 'ute? Ours was operator serviced.

You picked up the phone and (if the party line wasn't being used) gave the phone number. Ours was Millburn (N.J.) 6, 0209 J

My grandparents - Summit 6, 2011 M.

Later, Bell Telephone got more wires up and everyone got a "single" line. No more, with the neighbors listening to you, talking about them.

Dial came in around 1956. Phone company had an assembly program with the phone company guy and a BIG dial on the stage and the guy is showing us how to dial a phone. 8th grade.

--- and you actually did "hang up" the phone. Or put it on the base.

My friend and her mother would get into arguments and then slam the phone down on the base. Then the other one would call back and slam the phone down on the other one... then the other one would call.... you get the idea. That would go on for a minute or two until one of them would get tired of it. It was hilarious to be there during that shit show.

That's what's wrong with cell phones. Slam the fucker down and ya got other problems. But you would get a lot of satisfaction from it.

March 25, 2024

Looks like we're fucked on the eclipse. Forecast, all along the eclipse path - rain, clouds or partly cloudy.

I drove from N.J. to Wyoming for the last one.

I was looking to drive as far as San Antonio for this one. It looks like that would be a waste of time, energy and $700. or so.

March 23, 2024

Amazon delivery is getting shitty. N.J. Stuff is arriving two or three days after original

"deliver by" date.

Different parts of the country or just northern N.J.?

Delays started about 3 weeks ago.

March 17, 2024

This is the first St. Pat's day that I ain't Irish. I always thought I was, but I ain't.

My grandfather (father's side) died during the 1918 Spanish flu. He was of German descent and with a German surname.

My grandmother soon after, married a man of Irish descent, Irish surname. My grandmother died 2 years later. My father was told, the Irish surname is your name. Nobody told him anything different.

He carried the Irish name until he died. Me? I didn't know no different either until my daughter got interested in Ancestry and genealogy and started looking up birth certificates and stuff.

I ain't gonna change my name, but I ain't Irish. I miss being Irish.

March 9, 2024

Why isn't the justice department prosecuting his orange ass? N.Y. Att'y General James proved tax fraud.

You file the same numbers in your federal tax returns as you do in your state returns. The same fraud must have been committed in both filings.

Now the I.R.S. has spent years in the audit of his tax returns... or so he says as a reason why he isn't able to release them.

So, a simple question: " What da fuck?"

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