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Escurumbele's Journal
Escurumbele's Journal
October 31, 2023

Problems with the website

I am using the latest version of Chrome.

1. The ads that pop-up on the left side of the page obstruct the post on the center, even when I close them they leave the "google" blank box and there is no way to scroll.
2. When accessing the DU website through my phone, the right side of the page is cut, no way to scroll so one cannot read the right side of the post.

Anyone else experiencing these two issues?

November 12, 2021

And here we go, another week gone by and Bannon still not complying with the subpoena or

Garland doing anything about it.

Question of the day: Will other subpoena recipients feel compelled to refuse to comply or will they follow Bannon's example, plus the knowledge that it seems that Garland will not do anything to enforce it?

October 3, 2021

'It is like drink-driving': Jrgen Klopp says anti-vaxxers endanger others

Jürgen Klopp is the manager of the English football club Liverpool. It is a great way to see the anti-vaxxers.

Jürgen Klopp has launched an attack on people who refuse coronavirus vaccinations by comparing them to drink-drivers and saying they are to blame if others catch Covid from them.

The Liverpool manager accused the anti-vaccination movement of ignoring the experts and endangering others while making disingenuous claims about a loss of freedom to justify their stance.
“I don’t take the vaccination only to protect me, I take the vaccination to protect all the people around me. I don’t understand why that is a limitation of freedom because, if it is, then not being allowed to drink and drive is a limitation of freedom as well. I got the vaccination because I was concerned about myself but even more so about everybody around me. If I get [Covid] and I suffer from it: my fault. If I get it and spread it to someone else: my fault and not their fault.”
Klopp called for greater openness about vaccination statuses in the interests of safety. “We are not allowed to ask people if they are vaccinated but I’m allowed to ask a taxi driver: ‘Are you drunk?’ If he says: ‘I don’t have to tell you,’ then I say: ‘OK, I don’t drive with you.’ If I show up in the office drunk, they can send me home or even sack me but we are not allowed to ask people. I might be really naive but I don’t understand it.”

More at the link:

August 20, 2021

Of course I am angry about what DeSantis. Abbot et al and what anti-vaxxers are doing

but I am even more upset that there is not enough push back from those who oppose them, and I mean people in office, lawyers.

How is it possible that DeSantis, Abbot, and others are willingly passing laws to prevent people from taking care of themselves, their families, their children when they know those mandates will result in people becoming infected and some of them will die. Why is it that no prosecution has begun against the evil bastards?

There are two reason why they are doing this, one to make Biden look bad (which makes no sense), and the other to cater to their ignorant base, but regardless of the reasons, they know very well the outcome of their actions, they know it will become impossible to stop the pandemic, they know people will become infected, they know people will die, and they know they are pushing the healthcare system to an abyss.

So WHY is it that not good lawyers are coming to pressure these murderers to stop their evil actions? Why is it that our Democratic elected officials are just complaining but no real action to stop them is happening?

As I said, I am even more angry at those who know better, who do have a brain but are not doing enough to stop the madness. The magats are just brainless, and you cannot cure stupid, but those with power need to start prosecutions, the intent of these politicians is clear, and they have lost the ability to claim ignorance because we all have seen the result of their actions, and even Abbot contracted the virus. Where are the good lawyers when we need them?

August 3, 2021

The media needs to stop mentioning trump, same as DU. We are giving him too much importance

That is not playing well for anyone but him and republicans.

The more he is in the news the stronger he gets.

He must become a bad memory, nothing more. We have to start talking, not about him running in 2024, but when he will be taken to prison for all the crimes he has committed throughout his life and during the time he was at the White House. I cannot say "his presidency" because as a president he was a zero, he never meant to govern, he was there trying to find out how he could benefit monetarily from the position he fell into. He could care less if the USA fell in the hands of Putin as long as he benefited financially from it.

So please, lets stop talking about the guy, he doesn't deserve our attention. At least lets get one post where we can gather all the information we may need to know about his legal troubles.

Lawrence O'Donnell had two gests last night and the entire conversation was about what trump was going to do/say about the infrastructure talks, "how is he going to influence it?" Who cares what the guy says, by holding an entire segment on him we are telling republicans that we care, that we are worried about what the guys says and does...No we don't, lets help republicans get away from trump and we will do that when we let the World know we don't care about what he does, he is just a bad memory who will soon be jailed. PLEASE!

April 19, 2021

The republican party is looking for members, see requirements:

1. If you lie constantly.
2. If you have no empathy.
3. If you have been told many times that you are a hypocrite.
4. If you hate blacks, brown people, any non-white, think they are inferior to whites, and that whites are supreme.
5. If you think women are inferior.
6. If you only care about money.
7. If you enjoy cheating at everything.
8. If consequences are not important as long as you reach your goal.
9. If you are convinced that only you matters, that not even family should get in your way to success (whatever success means).
10. If you constantly play the macho man/woman and talk about war but have never enlisted or gone to war.
11. If you believe that fraud is just a method to get things done.
12. If you can act as a Christian while your actions show otherwise.
13. If you can wrap under the flag pretending to be a patriot but have no issues with Russia meddling in your country (use of a flag on lapel is mandatory).
14. If you are willing to repeat nonsense that your party leaders decide must be repeated.
15. If you are not a person who holds original thoughts.
16. If you love guns and are willing to support the NRA.
17. If you are willing to offer "Thoughts and Prayers" after a mass shooting, but nothing else.
18. If you are a white supremacist (no need to disclose in public, you can keep it a secret).
19. If you think the insurrection to the Capitol was well justified.
20. If you are willing to kiss trump's ass, even when his diapers are dirty.
21. If you are willing to have faith in the party, or in other words believe anything the leaders tell you without asking or seeing proof of it.
22. If you believe education gets in the way of your life.
23. If you think COVID-19 is a hoax.
24. If you think vaccines are a Democratic strategy to implant a micro-chip on you.
25. If you feel you are entitled.
26. If you believe Bill Gates and George Soros are out to dominate the World.
27. To be continued, there is more, but these are enough to be accepted in the party.

If you meet all those "qualities", we want you to become a member of the republican party, you will meet people just like you. You will be happy because we believe that ignorance is bliss, and it is our goal to keep you all that way.

November 23, 2020

Sigmund Freud said it in 1927 on why Biden cannot "move forward" and why trump and...

his family, associates, enablers must face justice.

If we turn to those restrictions that apply only to certain classes of society, we meet with a state of things which is flagrant
and which has always been recognized. It is to be expected that these underprivileged classes will envy the favoured ones their
privileges and will do all they can to free themselves from their own surplus of privation. Where this is not possible, a permanent
measure of discontent will persist within the culture concerned and this can lead to dangerous revolts.
~~ Sigmund Freud - "The Future of an Illusion"

The discontent may not lead to revolt as perceived in a violent form, but as a lack of confidence in Democratic voters, I feel that most would feel they have been used and betrayed which would be very harmful for the next set of elections.

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