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Member since: Wed Nov 13, 2013, 02:38 PM
Number of posts: 376

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Does anyone else like BBC


I wish they wouldn't show so much Gordon Ramsey

Ever had a bully for a boss?

I defy you to show me one that isn't a micromanager and who doesn't want to have a say in practically EVERYTHING a subordinate is doing, going to do, or planning to do.

In fact, they usually shun proactive types/creative types/independent types. Top down is in their blood. And if you are doing something, you're probably following their incessant orders, directives, or scheme of the day.

This goes through my head when I think about Governor Christie (R-Fuckstain).

what i intend for 2014

i will make 2014 sexier than ever.

i will make an effort to wear shirts less often.

i will continue my buttocks sculpting exercises with the intensity of a demon.

You are three cars behind the intersection at a stoplight headed southbound

a vehicle pointed westbound who wants to go southbound exiting a driveway wants to cross over and get in front of you. There is no oncoming northbound traffic.

what do you do:

1. stop, make a hole, let the guy in

2. be like the person behind you and start honking, then pull up along side and call you:

a. fat
b. retarded
c. ugly
d. a litany of abusive language.

Once the woman paused after her road rage fit, I calmly asked her if she had ever heard of the concept of "courtesy."

Wow, just wow.
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