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LymphocyteLover's Journal
LymphocyteLover's Journal
February 8, 2024

WTF happened in the Speical Counsel Report on Biden? All the wingnuts are going nuts about some passages suggesting

Biden was mentally incompetent. Is this some freaking hitjob???

The best I can think is it's taken horribly out of context or they interviewed him when was still suffering depression from Beau's death.

President Harris is trending. I'm so confused what happened here without seeing the report.

Adding-- here's a response from the WH lawyer

February 7, 2024

Republican Lies ABout "Open Borders" Fueled the Border Immigration Crisis

Because of course!

"Disinformation about “open border” policies is helping spur a massive wave of Central American migrants to take the perilous journey north to the U.S.-Mexico border, according to a poll by America’s Voice, a national advocacy group pushing for immigration reform.

The poll, obtained by The Dallas Morning News, indicates many Central American residents are encouraged to travel up to the U.S.-Mexico border based on false narratives.

About 8 in 10 Central Americans surveyed said they have heard, read or seen what is happening at the border, according to the poll, and about two-thirds said they have heard or read about U.S. asylum policies."

it's freaking Republicans who are pushing this disinformation!


January 31, 2024

Justice delayed is justice denied-- because of corrupt conservative judges

from Josh Marshall --

"... the federal judiciary has failed the country in allowing a renegade ex-president to nullify federal law by means of a more or less open policy of endless delay by means of frivolous motions, appeals and more. As the old adage has it, justice delayed is justice denied. This hasn’t simply been during his criminal prosecutions, which I will discuss in a moment. It stretched over the time of his presidency as well. We know that during his presidency President Trump filled the federal judiciary with a slew of right-wing judges, many of them out-and-out corrupt. He also corrupted the Supreme Court with his unprecedented three appointments in a single term. But here I’m not even talking about right-wing Republican judges who often appear partial to Donald Trump’s ideological aims and frequently his narrower electoral ones as well. We know for instance that Judge Aileen Cannon, a corrupt and transparently partisan Trump appointee, has more or less single-handedly sabotaged the classified documents prosecution. Set that all aside. What I’m talking about are the fair-minded judges who allow a mix of institutional courtesy, established practice and inertia to allow Trump to make a mockery of the criminal justice system.


What prompts me to write today is the fate of the primary federal charges against Donald Trump in Washington, D.C. When I say “primary” here I mean to signify that the charges related to his attempted coup are far graver than those tied to his post-defeat handling of classified documents. Trump has mounted an appeal based on the outlandish proposition that Presidents are simply immune from prosecution, period. They can’t be prosecuted while in office, which is generally accepted. And, he argues, they can’t be prosecuted afterwards either. There are some technical niceties involved in the arguments. But that’s the gist and the technical points don’t improve the argument. It is simply not a credible argument. And it doesn’t need to be because the point is delay — the ongoing effort to push the prosecution into the window of time in which a newly elected Trump could make the case go away.


Jack Smith tried to take the appeal directly to the Supreme Court because it is a case of obvious national importance and it is certain it will eventually end up there. The Court declined to skip over the review by the DC Circuit, apparently with the support of the three justices appointed by Democrats. The expectation had been that the DC circuit would deliver a decision within days since it had already expedited the process to move quickly. That was three weeks ago. No one knows what’s happening or when a decision might be rendered. The Supreme Court could obviously scuttle the whole case in various ways but the argument is so weak that seems unlikely. And it’s not entirely clear that four let alone five justices would want to help Trump in this way. But even the DC Circuit seems to be taking its time.


It is not like this is slow by normal standards. It’s quite fast. But it’s not a normal case. And we’re all out of excuses. Justice delayed is justice denied. They’ve failed. Let’s just state it clearly."


January 24, 2024

"Donald Trump is very confused"-- good overview of his mental lapses and weirdness

by Dana Milbank

gift link: https://wapo.st/3HtbFTl

In October, in a speech in Derry, N.H., he informed his audience that Viktor Orban, the strongman who rules Hungary, is “the leader of Turkey.”

In November, in a speech in Claremont, N.H., he advised the crowd that the current leader of the United States is “President Obama.” (He later claimed this mistake, which he made on several other occasions, was actually him being “sarcastic” — get it?)

Then, on Friday night, at a rally in Concord, N.H., Trump confused his Republican primary opponent, Nikki Haley, with former House speaker Nancy Pelosi. He claimed that Haley was “in charge of security” during the Jan. 6, 2021, attack on the Capitol, that she refused all of his offers of help, and that she destroyed the evidence.


I went to Trump’s rally on Saturday night in Manchester, where he didn’t address the Haley-Pelosi mix-up but assured his supporters that he “took a cognitive test” and “I aced it.” He has previously boasted of his ability to identify an image of a “whale” on said assessment, but, as The Post’s Ashley Parker and Dan Diamond pointed out, there is no such marine mammal on any version of the test. (Maybe he was being “sarcastic” about the whale, too.)

But I listened carefully to Trump that night — no easy feat because he went on for 100 minutes — and noticed that, even though his text was fed to him through a teleprompter, he told many of the same stories over and over again, repeating some lines almost word for word in the same speech, with no apparent awareness that he had done so.
January 19, 2024

Republicans actively make things worse for Americans, block solutions to the problems THEY complain about, and/or

make the problems that they complain about worse ---and not only still get elected, but have their pathological lies dominate our political discourse.

This has happened over and over and over for ages now and must show some sort of deep sickness in this country to keep this going for so long.

And it's still a struggle to get the truth out to people even in the so-called liberal media!

Will it EVER change?

January 13, 2024

U.S. and U.K Striking Back at Houthis After Their Red Sea Attacks Was the Right Call

by David Rothkopf

For many Americans, hearing that the United States had engaged in a military action like Friday morning’s joint strikes with the British against the Iranian-backed Houthi rebels must trigger a degree of anxiety, call it “Post Forever Wars Stress Disorder (PFWSD).” Some part of our brains says, “We have seen this movie before and it does not end well. Sometimes, it seems like it does not end at all.”

But, not all military actions are the same. The late night raids undertaken by the U.S. and the U.K. (with the support of Australia, Bahrain, Canada, and the Netherlands) against the Houthis that had been terrorizing international shipping in the Red Sea, were actually the kind of step that is more likely to limit the risk of further engagement by the U.S. military in the Middle East.

In fact, despite the early reaction of many on social media, the steps taken by the U.S.—in conjunction with our allies, as parallel to a much broader effort to limit the risks associated with the Houthi attacks, following extended diplomacy and work in the United Nations—were dramatically different to the hubristic unilateralism of the U.S. military adventures in Iraq and Afghanistan.

In the wake of those wars, there was a natural instinct among many to be extremely reluctant to ever use U.S. force anywhere and, in particular, in the Middle East. This is a healthy reaction, no doubt. Conflict should always be the last resort. But it also led to circumstances during the Obama years in which the U.S. was too slow to react effectively (see standing up to Assad in Syria or to Putin in Ukraine). Sometimes, limited uses of force in conjunction with active diplomacy, are necessary to keeping the peace.

December 29, 2023

Why the polling around Biden-Trump will likely change

Interesting analysis by Jon Stoehr.


"Another consequence of Joe Biden being seen in a vacuum is this: Donald Trump seems much stronger than he really is. If a lot of people just don’t want to think about him, and I suspect that that’s the case for the time being, that gives people who do want to think about it all the room they need. And because Trump is talking only to people who want to think about him, and not to people who don’t, he can say virtually anything without worrying about ever being challenged too hard.

The result is this: He’s going deeper and deeper into dictator territory. The deeper he goes, the scarier he seems. The scarier he seems, the stronger he seems – which is why, when you combine this with Biden’s soft polling numbers, some have grown so alarmed that they’ve called on the president to step aside and let another Democrat give it a go.

The president shouldn’t step aside, and isn’t (thank God), because he understands what’s about to happen – most people, most of the time, will soon see that Trump really is going to be the GOP’s presidential nominee. They will probably see this reality by the end of March, maybe sooner. Once they do, all the polling that shows weakness on Biden’s part is going to turn around. That turnaround will reveal how strong Biden is. Conversely, once it’s clear that a second term for Donald Trump really could happen, it will be revealed just how weak he is.

Which brings me to another pet theory – that at some point in the future, we will look back at this moment to see that Trump’s weakness should have been obvious, but wasn’t, because most people, most of the time, didn’t want to think about the dreadful idea of a second Trump term. And it should have been obvious for a simple reason – he keeps telling us how weak he is. The man can’t stop talking about it!"

The whole piece is worth a read.

December 29, 2023

The Jan 6th attack on the Capitol cost $2.7 billion in damage

page 23 of the Maine decision to exclude Trump from the primary ballot. The estimate is based on a government report.

I didn't realize it was that much. Wow.

The overall amount of damage caused by Trump and his cult is just impossible to imagine.


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