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Moderateguy's Journal
Moderateguy's Journal
March 8, 2020

My thoughts on why the Sanders' campaign is in meltdown

There was never a Plan 'B': They knew that Sanders's support had a very hard ceiling. They were never under the impression that they would have a majority of the delegates. The plan always was to walk into the convention with a plurality of delegates and DEMAND the nomination. Problem is it needed a fractured moderate wing to be able to succeed. They, like most of us, assumed that most of the moderates would not drop out before Super Tuesday. The idea being that Bernie would concentrate heavily on CA, all the moderates would cancel each other out, and Bernie would be the only one viable statewide and walk away with a massive (insurmountable) delegate haul. That is why he skipped Selma for events in CA. They knew they had no AA support but could mine the biggest delegate rich state to make up for it. They never expected the moderate lane to come together before ST.

The misread the results in NV: The campaign mistook the massive win in NV and a majority of voters being tired of the "establishment" and doubled down on the attacks on the Democratic Party-which spectacularly backfired. The vote in NV was more of a protest vote against Union bosses thinking that they could tell members how to vote and they would vote accordingly.

Current attacks on Biden: They know full well that they won't get moderate support but the hope is that Biden falters enough so that another moderate (possibly Bloomberg) panics and re-enters the race. The new candidate would win in the states going forward and there is a very good chance that Sanders ends up with a plurality-back to Plan 'A'.

Sanders' has VERY WEAK surrogates: All of his high level campaign staff come from a very liberal bubble and are at best an echo chamber. They cannot deal with Moderate and Conservative Democrats as they have no experience in doing so. That is why they are all lashing out-they are very, very angry and frustrated and do not know what to do. They are unprepared and unable to re-tool the messaging to appeal outside their base. This is killing them-they have been outmaneuvered by the 'establishment' they so love to hate and can't really do anything about it.

These are the main reasons, IMO, the campaign is in full meltdown mode. They know that the nomination is pretty much gone and are lashing out trying to pit democrats against each other-the only thing they know how to do successfully.
March 5, 2020

Bernie and Biden dueling over who Obama likes best

There is a quick way to settle this- run the video of Obama awarding Bernie the Presidential Medal of Freedom. Oh wait, that was Biden

March 4, 2020

Winning a majority of the votes cast...

Sanders barely won a majority in VT.
There are two candidates in the moderate lane
He would have won by a majority in CO if Warren was not there.

Biden won a majority in SC, VA and AL.
In SC the moderate lane had 4 candidates, in VA and AL the moderate lane had 2.
Biden would have won by a majority in TN, AK, OK and NC if it had not been for Bloomberg.

It seems to me that over 50% of democratic primary voters in 7 states were in the moderate lane and over 50% of the primary voters in two states were in the progressive lane. So a reasonable argument can be made that a majority of democratic voters are not progressives.

March 4, 2020

Sanders just fell below 50% in VT with 12% reporting

I’m truly shocked on this one

March 4, 2020

Biden is barely viable in TX so far...

Sanders winning with 35% of the vote, Bloomberg second

March 1, 2020

I now have serious concerns about Sanders' intentions..

Up until today I disagreed with the man’s methods but brushed them off. This latest “existential threat” crap has me seriously considering if this man has good intentions or if he’s just an agent of chaos sent to divide the Democratic Party.

March 1, 2020

Exit Polls: Almost half of SC primary voters want a return or Obama era policies

30% want policies to be more liberal that Obama's
10% want policies to be more conservative than Obama's

March 1, 2020

Congratulations VP Biden

Well deserved Sir!

February 29, 2020

I think it will be somewhat easy to tell how much Sanders support in SC

is republicans ratf####ng. Trump’s base tends to be whites over a certain age and the results so far show that it is one of Sander’s weakest support groups. So if he significantly over performs there...

February 28, 2020

The VP candidate will have to represent the other wing of the democratic party

Two moderates or two liberals on the same ticket alienates a big part of the voter base. It will have to be a balanced ticket. And the VP nominee will have to be significantly younger than the Presidential nominee (unless the nominee is Pete). Even with Orange Menace his VP is 13 years younger. I just don't think you can run a ticket with both being 70+

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