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PyaarRevolution's Journal
PyaarRevolution's Journal
April 27, 2016

Act Blue is the financial infrastructure for many real Liberals but we need to go further...

Bear with me ok? This is going to be a bit long-winded.

What I'm looking at is seeing something created similar to ActBlue, a database of 1K Liberal candidates(don't like the term Progressive, jmo) or more, at state, local and national level. The way this would work is that it would be set up to where you sign a pledge where you support said candidates, acknowledging that any money you donate unless otherwise specified will go to the candidate who most needs it at the time.
It will work on many factors: cost of media market, type of district(does it tend to go blue, purple, or red?), time to the primary, does it need more phonebanking?, etc.
Before you think it sounds like a PAC it would NOT be as for each candidate the MAX contribution would be $2700(that's the cap right?) and as soon as it hit the cap. it would be programmed to see the money shunted over to another candidate that needed it.

Priorities would obviously be first placed on national, state then local given the corresponding area of effect each have. You already know I support Bernie Dems. but I think I was clear when I said real Liberals.
Part of your donations would go to a team of journalists who would constantly be on assignment, interviewing and vetting said candidates to be put on the list, even getting permission from and printing various national and local publications from said area. This would list their general positions.

Basically I'm looking at this to be kind of an analytics/algorithm(?) type system to combat the Kochs and all the tentacles they've gotten into our state and even LOCAL places of government especially. I only say national right now because of how big a swing this can be for the Senate and shutting the Republicans out.
We all know kicking pieces of shit like Scott Walker and Rick Snyder out will be a priority. Imagine what we could've done with something like this in the effort to recall Rick Snyder OR Scott Walker.

edit: Let me be clear, when that money goes to the candidate it's up to their discretion how to use it.

April 27, 2016

Bernie supporters: You need to get ready(the fight to protect our movement).

Every single one of you who support Bernie need to prepare for IF Hillary gets the nom. and you need to learn how to code well, protect your privacy and understand the mechanics behind Meshnet. Net Neutrality needs to be protected so the message still gets out and more people like Bernie get the chance via the internet. TPP will silence it.
Anyone who likes Hillary but enjoys Democracy Now, RT-America, The Intercept, etc.? Blocked or slowed down while the official media choice you have no problem accessing.
I'm not fearmongering, I'm telling you point blank they will try to marginalize the place that created an even playing field for Bernie against Hillary so this doesn't happen again. Believe that, Net Neutrality is NOT safe.

I don't think I also need to tell my fellow Bernie supporters that you need to come out and make sure the Bernie Democrats for Congress win in the primary, donate to them, phone bank them, etc.

April 25, 2016

The Real Liberal Tour!!!!

This is for those that say Bernie's agenda can't be passed.

I'm putting out a "Call To Action" for every real Liberal out there running for Congress, in House or Senate, coming up to do a tour across the United States. What they would do is explain how they're Bernie Democrats and ask for their financial support, explaining that they will be backing Bernie's agenda and are solidly in his camp. I'm speaking of people like Jamie Raskin, Alan Grayson, Tim Canova, Keith Ellison, Thomas L. Fiegen, etc.
I know they're in the heat of the primaries for some but even starting by introducing themselves to people in the surrounding states would make major headway. Since Bernie is running for President his campaign is by nature national and so should it be for these other candidates, at least in gathering funds. They can strategically place more ads to put pressure on said candidates to be forced to debate them.

April 21, 2016

What will it take to get a news network like Free Speech TV OTA?

I'm talking network level in every state, repeaters et al...what kind of funding will it take? If you're FSTV just give a number and lets get it raised. Issues that all of us are passionate about get buried. Yeah we have the internet but not all people have that easy access, it's straight up made secret knowledge just for them not getting to the level of Gatekeepers.

As part of this I'm talking about covering a straight up news channel for the sub-channel feed part as well like RT/Al Jazeera America.

April 20, 2016

It's the down-ballot Dems!

Is there a site which lists all the state Democratic primaries and generals for all 50 states with the national Congress, separated by both House and Senate. Additionally can we get one for all the state Congresses, regarding both primaries AND the elections.

I want to know so that when I donate to certain candidates I can donate towards maximum impact, like maybe there's 2 weeks left in a critical primary race so I can be aware to donate especially towards those.

I know that we might not have as much money as the Koch's but having a powerful tool such as this we can shift things in a more liberal direction. They can outspend but there's phonebanking(don't know how much this can work for Tim Canova and Alan Grayson, just a suggestion) for one. I don't know if they'd be happy to see us canvass.

April 19, 2016

Why is RT off air right now?!

I'm watching Dish and RT America just went off air for "routine maintenance" but I find it bizarre this is happening on the DAY of the NY Primaries and it's coming back up like at 2 or 4 in the morning. WTF?!
The ONE media outlet left on Cable among the news outlets that has given Bernie a fair shake and they're strangely absent, especially with the concern of voter disenfranchisement, people now being able to vote registered independent because of this. Am I the only one who smells shenanigans with our government, that it happens to go off air. Sorry this thing feels just too coincidental.
Your thoughts?

April 16, 2016

You up for a "Filibuster Cypha" for Bernie?

I'm an emcee and I was wondering if anyone else here might be. I was looking at going non-stop Cypha for Bernie filibusterstyle until Tuesday hits. We could get people to donate and call to NY for Bernie's campaign as well.
I'm just trying to figure out what medium to use.

Is anyone else interested? The way it's going to work is I go off rapping about this political situation and Hillary, talking about Bernie, what he's about by contrast, bringing up some of the down ballot Dems as well then pass the mic over to someone else rapping similar thoughts and even adding to it. Keep it going and handing off like a "Filibuster" until the polls have closed on Tuesday.

I want to do this as I believe it would really catch people's attention and maybe get even forced media coverage for Bernie.

I guess most here might not understand what I mean by a Cypha? It's usually a battle where two emcees, i.e. rappers, go at it and one wins. Usually it just means the venue though.
I figure doing something like this but doing it the way a filibuster works in Congress, occupying the floor till someone else takes over, would be a good idea.

April 7, 2016

Giving Bernie a fair shake in the MSM media: ask for RT America to be listed around news channels.

This is for if you have RT-America. Right now it's listed around 280 on Dish and the other news channels like CNN and MSNBC are around 200.
Getting that channel around the news channel area will cause a number of people to stumble on it and they have a great chance of hearing Bernie get a fair shake there. If you don't have RT-America and have Cable or Satellite ask them to carry it.
I watch FSTV of course but they're trying to be everything for everyone on the left and they only have so much time for news. RT America is a dedicated news channels.
I would also suggest you ask them to carry FSTV.

April 7, 2016

Character assassination is not ok.

This is not related directly to those on DU, merely my commentary on my twitter experience indirectly related to the campaign.

Said twitter person is a very enthusiastic Bernie supporter and went after a Hillary supporter then proceeds to lambast some things that have been created by said person. They go so far as to making accusations towards their sexual orientation. I merely mention confusion then ask where that info came from and some proceed to block me, either mistaking me for a troll or being oversensitive. Truly, I just wanted to know.

Is this just Twitter behavior or the general misunderstanding that comes from lack of speech intonations on the internet? I know most Bernie supporters aren't like this but for those that are that you know, PLEASE talk to them. Criticizing the candidate or surrogate with fair attacks based on evidence is fine but going to character assassinations via questioning their sexual orientation is unacceptable.
I mean both the Bernie and Hillary side, knock it off! This goes for Bernie and Hillary supporters on Twitter and DU.

I've already made it clear who I support.

Feel free to share your thoughts.

March 31, 2016

Have you been making sure you're registered in CA, WI, PA, etc.?

It looks like some of the shenanigans going on in AZ on voter registration may be going on in these other states, specifically California. Make sure you're registered Democrat, because the system may not list you as registered at all.
I left a message on my sis's voicemail to make sure she's registered, and registered as a Democrat so she can vote in a primary.

Please make sure any of your friends, family, etc. are listed as registered to vote in the aforementioned states and keeping an eye on other up and coming states.

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