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Gender: Do not display
Hometown: Poway, CA
Current location: Planet Earth
Member since: Sat Nov 22, 2003, 01:17 AM
Number of posts: 26,523

Journal Archives

Moscow Mitch


Unethical and lawless


I worked most my entire life

In the public sector.

From cleaning school rooms and picking up after kids to maintaining public parks, to leading a crew and equipment preventing disaster in stormwater/flood control.
All unsung. All noticed only once in a while.

Just letting everyone know that there are lots of "heroes" and public servants out there making life better for us all. Heroes and service to country are not exclusive property of the military.

Silly original joke time

Here's three that I made up.


How often do you trim an acacia bush?



If you prune a plum tree do you therefore plum a prune tree?


No dog is monogamous.

They all have four paws.


That's all I got for now.

Day 2 of our "national emergency"


Swamp corruption in full view


You want to see illegal immigration dry up?

Place those who hire illegally into prison for a 5 year mandatory minimum.

Not that I would necessarily support something that draconian but right now there is little to no consequence for the employer who hires illegally.

I heard it put this way

"Trump only takes credit, never responsibility"

National parks face years of damage from government shutdown

When the government eventually reopens, park experts warn reversing damage won't be as easy as throwing out the trash.


So what I'm gathering from this article is rather than shut our parks down completely ,and therefore protect them, this criminal administration wanted to keep them open to avoid public outcry and to benefit private businesses adjacent to the parks?

Do I have this correct?

This wall fetish is mind numbingly idiotic

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