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Did Mueller possibly "recuse" himself from the indictment decision?

A friend brought this up.

Remember when Trump was tweeting about Mueller being "conflicted" and would never give any details except some claim about a golf course fee dispute many years ago? Is it possible that - out of an abundance of caution - Mueller decided that he would not give Trump an opportunity to have the charges dropped with a favorable judge based upon the claim that Mueller was "biased" and that's why he "punted" on the decision? Did Trumps lawyers tell him if he indicted Trump or family they would fight it "to the end" and use his "conflicts bias" to ruin him and his family? Did he think Rosenstein would ultimately make the decision?

There has to be a legit reason Bob Mueller didn't ask for an indictment. I do not think he simply through his hands in the air and said "its equal on both sides". Further, when Barr says Mueller gave "evidence on both sides", I assume the only "evidence" Mueller referred to that would be in Trump's favor is the technical stuff like the President having the legal right to fire the FBI director, AG, etc. This is where Barr is probably being completely misleading on the obstruction bit.

I want to remind everyone about something Barry McCaffrey said

Reluctantly I have concluded that President Trump is a serious threat to US national security. He is refusing to protect vital US interests from active Russian attacks. It is apparent that he is for some unknown reason under the sway of Mr Putin.

Barry R McCaffrey (@mccaffreyr3) March 16, 2018

He has to be one of the most staunch conservative, "anti-Hillary" types out there. I can't think of one "left of center" position he would agree with. But even the former General has the guts to admit what everyone with eyes can see.

Immunity For Pecker Means Charges For Trump

Cohen has plead guilty and there would be nobody other than Trump for Pecker to testify against in return for federal immunity.

The only conclusion is they plan on charging Trump. Pecker's testimony backs a conspiracy charge against Trump.

New York State Tax Fraud Charges

Its the "trump card". Its why he has lost it. Its why Rudy & Jay have shifted to "the investigation needs to end now". Mueller and the SDNY have Cohen's records and now his accountant and any State law violations will go to NYAG's office. Its probably why Preet isn't running for NYAG(doesn't want to be the one to prosecute Trump). Donald can't pardon anyone for State crimes and nobody outside the NY Governor can pardon him and his family for State crimes. This is the end game and he knows he is stuck. I would not be surprised if there are State indictments sealed as we speak waiting for the second he is no longer President...
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