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Hometown: Colorado
Home country: USA
Member since: Thu Nov 19, 2015, 12:31 PM
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Are you kidding me???

Presidential candidates are not required to pass a security clearance background check???

That is an enormous hole in our national security structure.

If they had to pass a security check before finalizing the nominees, we would have...

No more refusing to produce tax returns.
No more playing patty cake with foreign oligarchs.
No more sharing top secret information with foreign dictators.
No more presidents compromised by their sexual exploits.
No more presidents suspected of having a history of money laundering for Russian mobsters.
No more presidents who are owned by the Russian controlled NRA.

And so on...

From the first night, who are your three least favorite?

Mine are Hickenlooper, Delaney, and Sanders.

Solution to: Like Bernie, but think Hillary will win the nomination.

If you think Hillary will win the nomination, then I suggest placing a bet with someone that she will win it... BUT vote for the candidate who has shown integrity and good judgment. It's a win-win strategy!

Incidentally, I'm not sure I would bet that Hillary will win the general election. In the general election, independents will make the difference. Those are the folks who vote for the best person, not the party. It sure is too bad there is not a Caucus of Independents to help select nominees.
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