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Member since: Wed Oct 11, 2017, 07:29 AM
Number of posts: 1,622

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Please explain why MTG deserves a segment on 60 Minutes?

Better off continuing to watch "The Indictment of Donald Trump" on MSNBC.

Is McCarthy the new Bullwinkle?



Tulsi Gabbard deserved the Republican Party

I present two headlines;

Tulsi Gabbard announces she is leaving Democratic Party, calling it an 'elitist cabal of warmongers'

Marjorie Taylor Greene Rages At Tulsi Gabbard For Not Going Easy On George Santos
[link:Marjorie Taylor Greene Rages At Tulsi Gabbard For Not Going Easy On George Santos

Thank You Biden!

Right now, the average price of a gallon of gas is $3.32, down 13 cents in a week. And below the price of gas one year ago.

Our actions are working to get American families meaningful savings.


Gas from BJ's Wholesale Club, Gainesville, Virginia
= $2.95


1. 1/6 Committee to make criminal referrals to DOJ.
2. Trump Org found guilty on tax fraud.
3. Special counsel Jack Smith subpoenas local officials in Trump investigation.
4. Herchel Walker lost to Senator Rapheal Warnock.

Such a bad day for TFG.

Twitter is sorry to see me go... Really?!... Really?!

This is getting beyond ridiculous;

BREAKING: Elon suggests he is open to producing a smart phone if Apple takes Twitter off the App Store.

Would you buy?

My Answer;
How do you permanently delete your Twitter account in five very easy steps;


Twitter's response;
Your account is deactivated
Sorry to see you go. #GoodBye

Back in 2011, I began my retirement after serving 24 years in the U.S. Air Force. It was at the suggestion of the Transition Assistance Program (TAP) that I sign up for a Twitter account to help find a career in civilian life. It wasn't very helpful and I barely used it in since I activated the account. I kept it because I once believed it was a reputable social platform. Not anymore.

Never seen a questionably intelligent wealthy individual spend $44 billion to own Twitter in order to see to its destruction.

Republicans are now the party of "Defunding the DOJ"

Tweet from Marjorie Taylor Greene;

Republicans will need to refuse to appropriate any funding to Merrick Garland’s Special Counsel and defund any part of the DOJ acting on behalf of the Democrat party as a taxpayer funded campaign arm for the Democrat’s 2024 presidential nominee.


Put on your Nikes and run with it!

Sneak Preview; the Circus is coming back!

“We can’t reveal our sources, but the two are on the Internet. You can dig and find them. They’re out there, but we verified. They’re one hundred percent factual.”


Describing this as "the clown show" is an understatement.

The Virginian Blockade

VA Senate Democrats Defeat Flurry of Bad Bills From Reversing Environmental Protections to Repealing Gun Safety Measures

In keeping with their promise to protect their progress, Democrats have fought hard this legislative session to ensure that Virginia’s communities are safe, workers are protected and we continue to lead the way in combating climate change and its worsening effects


Corporate Media is slacking on Fact Checking Trump

Fact-checking Trump’s claim that Obama gave Ukraine ‘pillows and sheets';

Facts First: Trump is being hyperbolic here. While the Obama administration was criticized for its refusal to provide lethal assistance to Ukraine, it did provide more than $100 million in security assistance, as well as a significant amount of defense and military equipment.


It's the little things that slips through the cracks.
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