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Besides voting BLUE, what should women be doing right now to prepare?

On Morning Joe today, Mara Gay mentioned that her friends were deleting their information from period tracking apps in response to the SCOTUS draft. At first I thought it was a little premature but now I'm wondering because I share that info with Fitbit (Google) and another app as well. Honestly, if we're really at the point where companies like Google will rat us out to State authorities if we have suspicious gaps in our cycles, then we would have to return to using dumb phones because everything we say and do is tracked.

Some other ideas that I heard last night were to order Plan B and the abortion pill now, but I'm concerned that that could create shortages for women who actually need it right now.

I think the FDA should speed along the approval of self-placed IUDs. The copper IUD is nearly 100% effective as emergency contraceptive up to 7 days after unprotected sex. It's not the most elegant solution but it's a better option than carrying a rapist's baby, for example. The copper IUD should be made widely available and nurses should make it a priority to learn about how to safely insert them. Biden's administration can create programs that give RNs and NPs training specifically related to reproductive health care.

Also, I'm sure this already exists, but we're going to need some sort of database to distinguish between authentic pills and fakes.

Nothing. You just have to wait for your turn

There will be some sort of tax credit or grant that you're eligible for, it may not be specifically related to student loans, but it will be something unique to your situation. Or maybe that moment has already come and you took advantage of it. If not, it will come eventually, just keep your eyes open. I'm 99.5% done paying off my student loans so I know how you feel. I could have paid them off years ago but I purposely slowed down because I was hoping for a mass loan bailout. lol.

My point is, not every program is going to help 100% of the population.

Do you prefer Jim Acosta or Brianna Keilar in CNN's 9pm slot?

It seems like Brianna Keilar and Jim Acosta are taking turns anchoring that slot. I love Brianna and it would be nice to see her on prime time since I haven't been able to watch her morning show.

Jim, on the other hand, is on an entirely new level now. 😍 It seems like he's all out of f's, so he has the edge. And did he change his voice too?? It seems a lot deeper now.

Maybe they can continue taking turns?

No taxation without representation

As a second class citizen, I don't think I should have to pay taxes. Maybe President Biden should sign an executive order stating that anyone who has been disenfranchised by racist voter suppression laws does not have to pay federal taxes. 🤔

NY science teacher arrested for vaccinating 17-year-old student

A New York school teacher with no formal medical qualification has been arrested for allegedly giving a Covid vaccine to a student, say officials.

Police say Laura Russo administered the dose at her home despite having no legal authorisation to give jabs, or consent from the boy's parents.

Ms Russo, 54, who teaches biology, was held on New Year's Eve and could face four years in prison if convicted.

The 17-year-old boy had reportedly wanted the vaccine.


Omicron infections appear no less severe than Delta; COVID-19 lowers sperm count, motility

Infections caused by the Omicron variant of the coronavirus do not appear to be less severe than infections from Delta, according to early data from the UK.

Researchers at Imperial College London compared 11,329 people with confirmed or likely Omicron infections with nearly 200,000 people infected with other variants. So far, according to a report issued ahead of peer review and updated on Monday, they see "no evidence of Omicron having lower severity than Delta, judged by either the proportion of people testing positive who report symptoms, or by the proportion of cases seeking hospital care after infection."


Sperm quality is impaired for months for some people after recovery from COVID-19, researchers have found.

The semen itself was not infectious, the researchers found. But among 35 men who provided samples within a month after recovery from symptomatic infection, reductions in sperm motility were evident in 60% and sperm counts were reduced in 37%. As reported on Monday in Fertility and Sterility, semen samples were obtained from 120 Belgian men with an average age of 35 years, at an average of 52 days after their COVID-19 symptoms had resolved. Among 51 men tested between one and two months after recovery, 37% had reduced sperm motility and 29% had low sperm counts. Among 34 men who provided semen samples at least two months after recovery, sperm motility was impaired in 28% and sperm counts were low in 6%. The severity of COVID-19 infection was not correlated with sperm characteristics.


I figured as much regarding the severity question. We're all witnessing the fallout in real time.

Omicron and Delta may COMBINE to form super variant

Covid infections normally only involve one mutant strain, but in extremely rare cases two can strike at the same time.

If these also infect the same cell, they may be able to swap DNA and combine to make a new version of the virus.

Dr Paul Burton, the vaccine maker's chief medical officer, warned the high numbers of Delta and Omicron cases currently circulating in Britain made this more likely.

He told MPs on the Science and Technology Committee that it was 'certainly' possible they could swap genes and trigger an even more dangerous variant.


The Complete Blood Count test shows how likely you are to get severe COVID-19 disease progression

I had a CBC with Differential/Platelet done at LabCorp the other day and their reports now show a ratio, "Neut/Lymph Ratio," which is calculated by dividing your Neutrophils (Absolute) number by your Lymphs (Absolute) number. If the result is 0.0 to 2.9, studies suggest a LOW likelihood of severe COVID-19 disease progression. If the result is greater than 4.9, that indicates a HIGH likelihood of severe COVID-19 disease progression. FYI.

Neutrophil-to-lymphocyte ratio, a critical predictor for assessment of disease severity in patients with COVID-19 https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/33099889/

And a boatload of articles here: https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/?term=neutrophil-to-lymphocyte+ratio+covid-19

The only 100% effective birth control methods are abstinence or a hysterectomy

Tubal ligation can fail. The pill can fail. Condoms fail. Vasectomies can fail.

I considered a tubal ligation but now I'm thinking it would be risky because if I had a breakthrough pregnancy, it would take weeks or even months before I knew the truth. False sense of security and all.

Are we really expected to live like this? In fear of being forced into an unwanted pregnancy?

Are congress members exempt from EEOC laws?

The employer will be liable for harassment by non-supervisory employees or non-employees over whom it has control (e.g., independent contractors or customers on the premises), if it knew, or should have known about the harassment and failed to take prompt and appropriate corrective action.

We're all watching in real time as a number of outspoken seditionists continue to bully, threaten, harass and intimidate fellow members of Congress. If that's not a hostile workplace, I don't know what is.

Who is in charge? Who is responsible for getting the situation under control?
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