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Member since: Sun Dec 20, 2009, 02:30 PM
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Idk, me thinks the tide may be starting to turn within the collective...

This just in from hubby at work!

Went to Google News to look for info about the plane, and saw something interesting… the snapshot below is a sidebar list of the most popular topics in the news for Google searches:

EDIT*** Not sure why the graphic isn't showing up. It shows up when I preview it. Sorry about that! Anyway it reads as follows:




So he is even more searched now than the current headline news on the Egypt Air A320 crash…

MUST SEE Morning Joe crew feelin' the BERN today!

The tide is turning! This is a post from the front page and now in the video group (I think). Click on the link beneath the Independent Radio logo. It will take you to the Morning Joe clip from this morning but through facebook. So if you don't want to login through facebook, you can catch today's show on msnbc.com. Don't miss it though!

This is the beginning of it. There are going to be a few times your blood may boil but the feelin' the Bern nuggets (and there are LOTS of them) are going to make up for it. I promise!

So if you're going in, brace yourselves! I think you'll find it's going to be worth it!! Ignore the interspersed Hillary talking points. You can tell they don't even believe it themselves anymore


Let's sprinkle a little viral video dust on this!

He just won Oregon!!!!!

I know many of us are anti-Rachel, but Bernie is KILLING IT!

I don't have the link to the show as it's on now. It's a little more than halfway over. So far she's being nice, SO FAR lol...she still has 15 minutes left But WOW, Bernie is as good as I've ever seen him! The whole show has been an earlier taped interview. He's going to win this thing!!

Has anyone seen this?? Election Fraud Report Redacted Tonight

This really is unbelievable...I mean we KNOW it's happening and yet what can be done?? IT's like no one even takes it seriously I don't know why any foreign country where the US insists on them having democratic elections would EVER take us seriously again. What a joke! It's truly becoming embarrassing to be an American


I watched till the first break at 16:33. Not sure if there was more on the subject after that.

OMG, two different reporters on MSNBC just said

that they are seeing "A lot of Bernie Sanders supporters" Kate Snow was in Maryland and said it first and then they went to a reporter in Pittsburg and she said "Yes, we're seeing a LOT of Bernie Sanders supporters here as well"!!!!!! Then she said it a third time and I think she was referring to yet someone else saying they were seeing the same thing, but I didn't catch it. Let's HOPE that this is a good sign for tonight!

Hello fellow Berners...polls on Friday vs. today...

I find it interesting and also very telling, that on Friday everyone on tv was saying ALL DAY LONG how Hillary was up SEVENTEEN POINTS in NY.

Today they have switched to saying, she's up by "double digits in NY". Yes, she is up by TEN points, according to their numbers. Seems to me the real story would be that Bernie closed the gap by 7 points in three days

I have a feeling it's much closer than anyone on MSM is willing to admit...here we come!

First exit polls in MO show Bernie...

has the distinct advantage! Just saw it on CNN about 5 minutes ago. And they're getting ready to do more in the next segment. GO BERNIE GO!!!!!!!!!!

HUGE influx of LIGHT today! Can you feel it??

I had a huge download of information, while driving home this evening For all intents and purposes, the realities have already split. Off to write about it, but just wanted to see if any of you were feeling it too!
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