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Member since: Thu Dec 15, 2016, 11:37 AM
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Catholic services in Sri Lanka capital canceled for 2nd week

Source: Associated Press

COLOMBO, Sri Lanka ó Catholic services are being canceled for a second weekend in Sri Lankaís capital after the government warned of more possible attacks by the same Islamic State-linked group that carried out Easter suicide bombings.

Rev. Edmund Tillakaratne, spokesman for the Colombo diocese, said Thursday that Cardinal Malcolm Ranjith had canceled all Sunday services in the diocese based on the latest security reports.

Last week, Muslims were told to stay home for Friday prayers and all of Sri Lankaís Catholic churches were closed. Instead of the usual Sunday Mass, Ranjith delivered a homily before clergy and national leaders at his residence that aired on television.

Sri Lankaís Muslim leaders, however, were encouraging believers to return to mosques for Friday prayer, according to N.M. Ameen, president of the Muslim Council of Sri Lanka.

Ameen said the group had asked the government for extra security.

Read more: https://pix11.com/2019/05/02/catholic-services-in-sri-lanka-capital-canceled-for-2nd-week/

I've never been an especially religious person, but I find it sad that Catholics can't practice their religion in Sri Lanka without fear of being murdered. I hope the Sri Lankan government can provide worshipers of all faiths there with adequate security so that the people can be free to attend their respective religious services without fear of being slaughtered.

I envy New Zealand.

Compare their reaction to an act of terrorism to ours following 9/11. They effectively banned assault weapons in less than a month, making their citizens far safer. We waged a so-called "War on Terror", resulting in us effectively destroying and permanently destabilizing three nations and counting, making Americans and everyone else in the world less safe than before.

While I think NZ arresting people for redistributing video of the attack is a little harsh, in light of Trump's recent usage of 9/11 images endangering Rep Omar's life, maybe they're on to something there as well.

Jacinda Ardern is nothing short of remarkable.

Prime Minister Ardern of New Zealand has really shown the world what real leadership and courage looks like this past week in the wake of that unspeakable horror. I envy the people of NZ. After being subjected to two plus years of the Orange Hump's horrendously malodorous flatulence in lieu of anything even remotely resembling actual leadership, it's been easy for Americans like me to forget what the real thing looks like.

New Zealand shooting: Teen could face 14 years for 'sharing attack live-stream'

My undying sympathies are with the people of NZ, but this is not the answer. This kind of overreach at a time like this will just serve to lower national morale more at a time when people need healing. Warnings, yes. Threats, okay. Fines, sure. However, arresting a teenager for sharing a video? I guess you could argue that it's morally tantamount to sharing child porn, but I dunno.


Note: I'll admit to getting British news sources confused and generally not knowing what side of the political spectrum they're on, so if this is considered a "questionable source", please accept my sincerest apologies and let me know. However, the story seems genuine. This young man was arrested for the stated charge.

Here's another source for the story:


Never heard of the "Straits Times", but, hopefully, they're friendly straits.

With all due respect, Madam Speaker, but we need to pursue impeachment NOW!

How many more acts of hate, both foreign and domestic, will have to be directly inspired by that egregious individual in the WH before we act?

And please, I don't want to hear about the futility of pursuing impeachment. After what happened today in NZ we have a moral responsibility to rid the nation and the world of this administration via impeachment. We need to show the world and history that we tried to do something, that we just didn't sit idly by while a veritable fountain of hate and xenophobia was permitted to spew its filth into our garden.

White Nationalism/Supremacy/Populism poses the greatest internal terrorist

threat to Western nations. It's a rapidly spreading disease that must be halted at all costs. We in the U.S. can start by ensuring that the white supremacist currently occupying the WH doesn't win re-election in 2020. Beyond that, we should commit ourselves to work alongside other Western nations to eradicate this malignancy that we sadly share in common.

Socialism is America's future.

If there's any merit to recent poll data I've seen posted at DU with regards to how young people view Socialism, I'd say the future is bright for those of us who want a more equitable society sans the predatory greed and callous indifference to the needs of others Capitalism breeds.

At the very least, it seems that things like Socialism, reparations, and enacting real measures to save our environment are being discussed more seriously these days, especially by several Democratic presidential hopefuls. Hopefully, the more these ideas are discussed, the more people will accept them as normal and see past, in the case of Socialism especially, decade's worth of pernicious propaganda and hate.

I'm Jewish, and I Find the Hypocrisy of Republican Islamophobes Hounding Ilhan Omar Breathtaking

An excellent article I found online and enjoyed that I thought I'd share with you guys.


I'm Jewish, and I Find the Hypocrisy of Republican Islamophobes Hounding Ilhan Omar Breathtaking

It is no surprise that the first elected officials defending Palestinian human rights are facing such fierce opposition from defenders of the status quo

Rebecca Vilkomerson

Representative Ilhan Omar is facing censure in the House, brought in part by her own party leaders. She is also facing shockingly Islamophobic attacks calling her a terrorist, simply because she is a Muslim. And all the while, other congressional leaders are tweeting out unabashedly anti-Semitic messages with abandon.

The hypocrisy is breathtaking enough at its own right, but it is also an indicator of the fight between an emerging progressive coalition that seems different than Congressional generations of old, and which increasingly integrates Palestinian rights into its agenda, based on universal rights and the need for equality and freedom for all people.

Representative Ilhan Omar is also part of a class of newly elected Congresspeople who donít look much like Congresspeople of generations past: dynamic women of color from communities (Black and Muslim in Ilhan Omarís case,) who face some of the fiercest racism and xenophobia in this country.

Full Article: https://www.commondreams.org/views/2019/03/06/im-jewish-and-i-find-hypocrisy-republican-islamophobes-hounding-ilhan-omar

Question about the Latest Breaking News forum and its definition.

I'm sorta confused about this. There's a thread in the News forum about AOC characterizing attacks on Rep Omar as hurtful that was locked because it was deemed "Not important news of national interest." I'll readily admit that I'm no authority on news reportage, but that was a widely reported story that ardent supporters of Rep AOC, of which I am one, most certainly do find interesting.

My question is this: What criteria is used to determine which news stories are "important" and of "national interest"?

Is CNN purposely trying to marginalize AOC within the Democratic Party?

From articles placing AOC at the center of some kind of popular internal backlash within the party, to Jake Trapper's attempt (At least, that's what I think it was) to catch her in some kind of gotcha moment yesterday, my suspicions are growing. I don't watch cable news much anymore. I personally think all the major cable news networks (Save for Fox, which is an out and out hate channel) are corporate garbage dumpsters whose sole purpose seems to be to stir up as much sh*t as possible.

At any rate, I really love the fact that AOC is ruffling feathers across the board and making the established powers that be uneasy. Change is coming!
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