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Member since: Thu Dec 15, 2016, 11:37 AM
Number of posts: 695

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Call me crazy, call me nuts, but....

...I think we may have a slight, wee bit of a problem with guns in this nation, especially guns in the hands of angry white men.

I know, it sounds bonkers, but it's just a hunch I have.

I absolutely 1000% support the UN handling the humanitarian crisis on the Southern border.

Under this egregious and criminal administration, the situation on our Southern border has been handled both incompetently and inhumanely. It has reached the point where it is intolerable. Excesses have occurred of a nature that if they were committed by any other nation, we'd be among the first to both condemn them and seek intervention.

Isn't handling humanitarian crises like this one of the primary reasons why the UN was created in the first place? The camps along our Southern border need to be closed and ICE needs to be abolished. In addition, white supremacist vigilante groups need to be kept from the border where they can menace, injure or kill migrants. Sad to say, I don't believe our military can be trusted to handle these delicate tasks as long as the Orange Gargoyle is perched in the WH.

Just as we as individuals occasionally require outside help to keep us healthy, sane and balanced, so do entire nations. This is one if those times.

How can we ever be a whole nation again after Trump?

This administration has really brought to the fore all the ugliness that was simmering just below the surface of our society since the civil rights movement but had, for the most part, been kept in check somehow. Now, the mask is off, and white supremacists and RW hatemongers of every stripe feel free to unabashedly flaunt their foul wares.

How can this ever be a civil and whole society again knowing, now beyond any question, that approximately 40% or so our population openly supports an irredeemably hateful and racist doctrine of white nationalism and supremacy? I don't want to share a nation with such ugly people, even if they are a rapidly diminishing percentage of the population. If they were only 10% if the population they would still constitute a genuine threat to the safety of racial minorities, women and LGBTQ people.

Again, how can we be whole again as a nation knowing what we know about these people?

Is it just me, or is having a "Straight Pride" parade kinda like conducting an "All Lives Matter"


The intentions behind both, along with all those bogus "Free Speech" events on college campuses conducted by cons, are glaringly obvious.

BTW, don't you just love how they cleverly (Well, clever by their low standards) hijack all the proper terminology? So now if you dare oppose one of these events on the grounds of the transparent agenda behind them, you promptly get accused of being an "anti-pride" or "anti-free speech" hypocrite.

They really need to try harder.

Just imagine if we had Hate Speech laws on the books comparable to those in the U.K.

Trump and half his drooling base would be in prison now.

Yeah, I know, the First Amendment, and all that. However, it's still nice to daydream once in a while and imagine us as the sort of nation that safeguards the dignity and decency of its citizens, especially its most vulnerable minority citizens.

How does the Republican Party NOT fit the FBI's definition of a domestic terrorist group?

FBI's definition of what constitutes a domestic terrorist organization:

Domestic terrorism: Perpetrated by individuals and/or groups inspired by or associated with primarily U.S.-based movements that espouse extremist ideologies of a political, religious, social, racial, or environmental nature.


Am I nuts, or does the current republican party under Trump fit this definition to a T?

"Why wasn't there anyone who looked like me?" Explaining the Moon Landing to a mixed race child.

This morning I was watching a tribute to the Apollo 11 moon landing on TV with my 7-year-old niece, whom I was babysitting, and who is half white and half African-American. She casually asked why there wasn't anyone who looked like her either among the astronauts or in the Mission Control Center. I'll admit I was a little taken aback by her question at first. Not because I was at a genuine loss for words, but because of how perceptive and intelligent she is for her age. I sure as heck wasn't as smart as she was when I was her age, that's for sure.

At any rate, I attempted to explain to her that the U.S. was a very different country 50 years ago in terms of the opportunities that it afforded its citizens, especially women and PoC. No doubt, I told her, there were plenty of women and people of different races in the U.S. back then who could have done what Neil Armstrong had done, if only they had been given the training and opportunity to do so. She seemed satisfied with this answer, and I left it at that.

Thank goodness the tribute we saw on TV didn't mention Werner Von Braun or his Nazi past. I honestly don't know how I would've explained that one to her since she already astutely associates Nazis with our orange imbecile of a president. I'd hate for her to think that Trump, by association, would somehow be capable of designing a rocket that could take people to the moon.

The Republican Party is a criminal, terrorist organization.

Anyone who supports the separation of families and their subsequent placement in concentration camps is a criminal. These camps need to be closed forthwith.

I really really, REALLY wish we could have the Republican Party officially declared to be the terrorist organization it actually is and have it outlawed, with its criminally large assets liquidated and given to the victims of Trumptard's gulag archipelago in reparations.

Operating concentration camps is in violation of international law.

So why hasn't the Orange fuhrer been impeached yet? Why isn't he sitting in some prison cell at The Hague awaiting trial for crimes against humanity?

We expect evil people to do snd support evil things. But what's the excuse for good people to do nothing or support doing nothing in the face of evil? Sorry, but if our party leaders won't take action while our government operates concentration camps on our border it will make them just as bad in the eyes of history.

I recall reading once that perhaps the real tragedy of the holocaust wasn't that so many bad people did so many bad things, but that so many good people did nothing. Therefore, we must impeach NOW. Even if impeachment fails, at least history will record that people of good conscience tried to stop this evil.

Catholic services in Sri Lanka capital canceled for 2nd week

Source: Associated Press

COLOMBO, Sri Lanka — Catholic services are being canceled for a second weekend in Sri Lanka’s capital after the government warned of more possible attacks by the same Islamic State-linked group that carried out Easter suicide bombings.

Rev. Edmund Tillakaratne, spokesman for the Colombo diocese, said Thursday that Cardinal Malcolm Ranjith had canceled all Sunday services in the diocese based on the latest security reports.

Last week, Muslims were told to stay home for Friday prayers and all of Sri Lanka’s Catholic churches were closed. Instead of the usual Sunday Mass, Ranjith delivered a homily before clergy and national leaders at his residence that aired on television.

Sri Lanka’s Muslim leaders, however, were encouraging believers to return to mosques for Friday prayer, according to N.M. Ameen, president of the Muslim Council of Sri Lanka.

Ameen said the group had asked the government for extra security.

Read more: https://pix11.com/2019/05/02/catholic-services-in-sri-lanka-capital-canceled-for-2nd-week/

I've never been an especially religious person, but I find it sad that Catholics can't practice their religion in Sri Lanka without fear of being murdered. I hope the Sri Lankan government can provide worshipers of all faiths there with adequate security so that the people can be free to attend their respective religious services without fear of being slaughtered.
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