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jillan's Journal
jillan's Journal
April 23, 2016

The Myth of the Bernie Bros

This video sums it up why Bernie supporters are so sick and tired of being called Bernie Bros!
Every rally I've been to has been a mixture of beautiful people of all ages.

November 8, 2014

The real reason why the righties are shouting Abortion is killing & its supporters are murderers:

So people, including our lazy-ass media will ignore the many ways in which the righties are trying to kill us.
Just to name a few -

*Wanting to deny a woman a right to terminate her pregnancy even if it will take away her life.
*Taking away healthcare from those that have no other opportunity to purchase healthcare.
*Taking away food stamps from those that are hungry.
*Taking away free school breakfasts or lunches from those that may not eat anything else all day.
*Poisoning our water and our air. Poisoning the animals that are used as a food source.
*Chemically Altering our food supply.
*Sending our children to die or be disabled in endless wars & so what if we kill innocent people in other countries.
*Ignoring the scientific fact that climate change is real & it is causing people & animals to lose their shelters & food supplies.
*Ignoring every single humanitarian crises that is outside of our borders - except when it crosses into our borders, such as children escaping violence or ebola.
*Using military style tactics to defend themselves for murdering people in the streets.

And it is all being done in the name of Christianity and Profits.

Isn't time we start calling these people what they really are? Isn't it time WE take control of the messaging?
These people aren't Pro-Life. These people govern by being Pro-Death.

September 2, 2014

Congratulations Republicans - I am blaming you for a large portion of what is going on in the World

A large portion - not everything.....

When the President of the United States sets foreign policy and then McCain and his boy-toy Lindsay travel around the globe, talking to world leaders bashing that very President - yeah - I blame you if those leaders do not take the President's words seriously.

Prime example - Israel. Obama put his foot down, said he wanted to go back to the 1967 borders - OMG! The right wing FLIPPED out!
There goes old man grumpy and his mistress off to Israel, not to stand with the democratically elected President but to tell Netanyahu - no worries, don't listen to President Obama. Any wonder why Bibi publicly endorsed Romney for President?

Let's talk about Putin. He's a REAL leader, unlike our President. Our President is weak (Lindsay on CNN). Mike Rogers - Putin is playing chess while our President is playing marbles. I betcha that was music to Putin's ears knowing how much he was idolized by the Republican Party.

When Obama said Syria had crossed the line - but he was going to follow the Constitution to have Congress do their job and authorize Military Options - there weren't the votes there for it to pass. And NOW they go on all the news shows pointing to this, how the President said Syria crossed the line but didn't do anything about it. That makes him weak.
Sorry - that is not how the story went. Not to mention that President Obama got what he wanted WITHOUT starting another war - sorry Johnny.

And now let's talk about Isis. Other than the tan suit, the only other thing they got out of the President's press conference was that he said he had no plan, no strategy when what he was saying was they are looking at all options and when they do have a strategy to move forward, it will be brought to Congress Kinda has a different meaning - ya think?
But that's only half of it. They are on every single cable news show, radio show saying the President has no strategy to deal with Isis. I'm sure leaders of Isis are enjoying every second of this. Do you think anyone in the world would have picked up on that portion of a sentence if the rw wackos weren't running around screaming about it? Oh and why can't President Obama be more like David Cameron - he's a real leader, our President wears mom jeans and tan suits.... never once connecting the dots that the man in the black head covering is British and that there is no Ocean between the UK and Syria.

When Dubya was in office we were scolded for being anti-American for questioning him. Dixie Chicks, anyone? It was so extreme. But that was just us - the bloggers, the DUers and the like. There was no one in the Press questioning what the cowboy was doing because it would make us look weak. And if anyone dared question that administration on our teevees, bamm - bye - here's the door, Phil Donahue.

You want to debate what to do about Isis? Putin? Korea? Israel? Fine - Then have a debate BUT belittling the President of the United States 24/7 on every single "news" channel is NOT a debate. Going to foreign countries and telling leaders of foreign countries that they don't have to listen to the President is NOT a debate. Pointing your fat fingers at the President for what is going on in the world while you try to end Obamacare for the 50th time is NOT a debate.

So when Netanyahu doesn't listen, and Putin ignores and Isis captures another American - yeah - I blame you Republicans. You have worked so hard to try and make our President be a failure that you didn't think for a second that if the President fails, America fails.
Somethings are bigger than politics.

I am thankful that Obama is our President, especially when it comes to foreign affairs. Shoot first and ask questions later only brings us Isis.

Ugh - sorry - I needed to explode as I turn off the tv and turn on some Muddy Waters instead......

September 23, 2012

The reason the GOP is going down is not because of Mitt, it's because of Faux.

If I was a Republican, what I would be upset about is Fox News. Not Romney.

They have spent a decade plus of doing nothing but selling fear and hate. They tell their viewers that Fox is the only network they can trust to get the News. People believe that, so that is why there is such a disconnect when a story like the New Black Panthers becomes such a HUGE story to that part of the population, all while the rest of the population laughs at them - knowing that the New Black Panthers consist of less than 10 guys who are no scarier than any other gang & have nothing, nothing to do with the Black Panthers of the 60s. But - oh - that image of scary black guys when there is a black guy in the Oval Office is priceless to their narrative.

It seems like their only purpose is to invoke fear into the people that watch. Fear of the black man, fear of the immigrant from Mexico (while never mentioning immigrants from our Northern Border); fear of Muslims; fear of healthcare; fear of everything except the white man and corporate power. They have fined tuned their message so perfectly that their viewers believe it all is true.

Their constant divisiveness and negativity has made it possible for people like Michelle Bachmann to become popular, Sarah Palin to become an icon, Joe Walsh and Todd Akin to be representatives in Congress.
They say it's okay to kill doctors that perform abortions EVEN tho they are LEGAL. Rage against birth control. It's even okay to say that there is a war on Christmas - hahaha...in August the stores were putting Christmas decorations up - some war! But the sad thing is that people believe it, people actually walk our streets and believe their is a war on Christmas - and these same people have the proper id needed to vote.

Fox news has steered the GOP so far to the right, so deep in fear & bs that the only candidate who actually could've made the President sweat was ignored - Jon Huntsman. Instead - the GOP went for the crazies. Donald Trump, 999 Pizzas, Santorum, and batshit crazy Bachmann ALL became exciting candidates to these people who have been brainwashed into believing that greed is good, a community organizer is bad and that it is more important for businesses to be profitable than to have clean drinking water and clean air to breathe. They were all orgasmic over Mitt picking Paul Ryan for his running mate - a man that worships Ayn Rand.

They have whipped up their viewers into a frenzy where common sense no longer prevails.

Until the GOP changes their message from who or what to be afraid of - and starts delivering a message of hope - stick a fork in them, they are done. This country wants to move forward in the real world.

If the polls stay where they are, the GOP is going to get their asses kicked in November. And they will blame Mitt.
It's not Mitt's fault. He is the symptom, not the problem. Calling 47% of Americans losers is nothing new. Turn on Bill O or Sean Hannity any nite and you will hear them preaching this absolute hatred and vitriol for anyone that votes for Democrats.

And it's a shame. Although the Republican party offers nothing to a die-hard liberal like myself, I do believe that this country needs *at the minimum* two political parties to debate the important issues that effect our lives - but that debate has to occur with rational people, which are lacking in DC today.

When this election is over, and the Republicans get their asses handed to them on a platter and they realize it is time to rebuild the party, the place they should start with is Faux news.

rant over!

April 28, 2012

Felt creative this morning - what do you think? Song about the war on women.

It just popped into my head.... wish I knew how to put it to the actual music...
Constructive criticism welcomed.

Republican Men (tune of American Women)

Republican Men Stay Away from Me. Republican Men why won't you let me be?
Don't be making laws about my vajay, in November women will be voting you away.
I don't want to hear your lies no more, your war on women is rotten to the core.
Republican Men get away from me. Republican men why won't you let me be?

Don't even think about messing with my rights. American Women aren't afraid to fight.
The Religious Right likes to reach, but they don't even practice the religion they preach
Now GOP - I said go away. Republican Men I mean what I say.
Republican Men I said get away, Republican men, listen to what I say.
Don't be taking away my right to choose.
You started a fight that you are going to lose.
I don't want your war no more.
In November, I'll be showing you the door.
Women fought hard to get where we are today, there's no way in hell you're taking it away

Now Republicans, Stay away from Me.
Republican Men, you better let me be
You've got to go away, got to go away
Now go go go
Voting you out, GOP (2x)
bye-bye (4x)

You're no good for me
You're no good for society
I hope you enjoy the unemployment line.
You are not taking away what is mine.
You know I'm gonna vote you out
You know you have to go
I'm gonna vote you out, GOP
It's time for you to leave, GOP

Goodbye Republican Men!

March 3, 2012

What makes these Republicans think they can wage a war on Women in the first place?

Here are some figures that came from the 2010 Census:

30.7 million women have a bachelor's degree or higher.

7.8 million women own their own business.

7.5 million women work for women owned businesses.

71.9 million women work outside the home while only 5 million are stay at home moms.

205,500 women are active in the military.

46.2% of women vote (I expect that number to be higher this year!)

157 million number of females in 2010 vs 151.8 males

We are successful. We earn our own money. We do most of the shopping for ourselves and our families - we have the power to decided where to shop. Women are found in all lines of work. And just ask Susan Komen if we are a force to be reckoned with.

Why have women become so successful? Because unlike generations before us we are able to control our own bodies.
We are able to have 2.4 kids when we want them. IF we want them.
Women are able to work outside of the home, raise amazing kids, keep the house clean and enjoy sex with our significant others without the worry of pregnancy. There is no data to back this, but I believe that women are excellent planners and managers.

Women have worked hard to get to this place - inspite of constant fights from men:








edit to add this pic - I can't believe I forgot this one in the first place

and another edit to add:

A big FUCK YOU to anyone that thinks women will not continue to fight for our rights!!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Census numbers came from [link:http://www.infoplease.com/spot/womencensus1.html|

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