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njhoneybadger's Journal
njhoneybadger's Journal
June 5, 2017

Republican propaganda

Does the democratic party have a plan to combat the resent onslaught of Internet propaganda unleashed by republican operatives.
The way google search has been manipulated to lead people to the "real fake news"
The way Facebook misleads people

June 4, 2017

So do tRump and president Bannon have a plan to save themselves?

tRump is cornered and scared and the thought of losing everything has turned him into a desperate animal. An animal fighting for its life is dangerous.
I see only one way out for him. He must create a diversion of monumental size. He must find a way to make the Russia problem go away.
His boy Bannon has always had the solution. That's right, a war against Muslims. They have alienated our European allies but no problem Russia will be our ally. If Russia is with us in war how bad can they be. Those deals with tRump and Kushner were just business, no big deal.
Once the war gets going into full swing he can fire Mueller. 2018 midterms rethugs hold house. 2020 tRump wins reelection. The entire Republican Party sticks with him to keep power.
Ginsburg retires and the Supreme Court is locked up for decades. Millions of people die.
Progressives, gays, immigrants ect. get crushed and silenced. Bibles and American flags for everyone.
Bannon's fourth turning comes true. Not a pretty picture is it.

Please tell me this shit can't happen

June 1, 2017

Those two kochsuckers are behind the Paris exit

and their names aren't being mentioned. My guess is that's why tRump is president

April 7, 2017

Trumps motivation for Syrian missile strikes are dubious

Throws shade on gorsuch vote
Takes Bannon out of the spotlight
Makes trump look like he is not afraid of Putin
He looks stronger on Syria than Obama
It gives the appearance of power over Chinese president in meetings
Will raise his approval numbers

Trump doesn't give a fuck about Syria and people being killed.
This is a setup and he got the go ahead from Putin.

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