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Archives: August 21, 2014

Watching my latest guilty pleasure: Naked and Afraid.

General Honore had the perfect solution for irritating the agitators that ruin the peaceful

Congratulations, Deport-The-Kids Patriots! Kids Returned To Honduras, Killed. (Satire)

More on Kurdistan -

The Student Loan Crusader: How Elizabeth Warren Wants to Reduce Debt

'Mama Cat Adopts a Baby Bunny'

Cops of FPD can't believe this is happening

Pool Party!

Think I owe my cat some tuna?

Where can I sell used books?

Metropolitan Opera Reaches Labor Deal With Stagehands

What Happened to the Recovery?

Barney's gun....

James Foley beheading suspect probably British, David Cameron says

Ferguson made front pages in Turkey

Global religious hot spots get their own U.S. envoy

What "The Talk" is about: It’s pragmatism for a society that doesn’t consider you fully human.

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Thursday, 21 August 2014

The Neocons’ Grim ‘Victory’ in Iraq

Just curious. What's a good BMI number?

Apple's stock bounces back to hit a new high

Besiktas fans. Istanbul, Turkey


Bet you didn't know this about Ferguson...

ISIS & The rise of the British UK homegrown jihadis known as 'The Beatles'

You might not be able to stop...

I'm suspending my support for new gun control laws (except for the fed. background chk.)

They say the police are untrained in use of force, I disagree

another side to the ALS Ice Bucket Challange... graphic!

The Student Loan Crusader: How Elizabeth Warren Wants to Reduce Debt

What the Ferguson/St. Louis county police department did while the world watched...

Hamas claims responsibility for three Israeli teens' kidnapping and murder

Richard Dawkins: bigoted against those with Down's syndrome?

Ferguson 2014

HuffPost - SHOCK VIDEO: STL COPS GUN DOWN MAN-Video at odds with story

Thanks to your tax dollars...

‘the same kid who got stopped on the freeway is now the ag of the united states’

Texas Gov. Perry formally enters not guilty plea

The cops in St Louis shoot man (very graphic)

It wasn't that long ago where CNN host Don Lemon was critisizing African American youth. I wonder

Mandatory Wednesday Malloy Truthseeker Check In! Church Night! Just Another Day

Help from the Music Loungers-- I'm thinking of getting this Fender guitar amp

DISGUSTING: The Fox News Response To Obama’s Statement On Foley Murder By ISIS

BYU removes gay-marriage cards at campus store

10 Ways You Can Help the People of Ferguson, MO

The ghost of Dred Scott haunts Ferguson: Amy Goodman Why you should never, ever use two spaces after a period.

Hospice begins for my Mom, tomorrow.

Robert McCain - what's the problem with America? Lesbians!

Was this ever given as an answer to "What do you want to be when you grow up?"

Oh, American Family Association. It must take such practice to be this bad at everything you do.

Drowning in Pain and Anger

In honor of Robert Plant's Birthday post your favorite song(s) by him and/or Led Zeppelin

B.K.S.Iyengar, Who Helped Bring Yoga to the West, Dies at 95

News Guide: Democrats top GOP campaign committees

How do you think AG Eric Holder did today?

So the cop who threatened to “F***ing kill” the reporter or protester (unclear which the man was)

Someone needs to light a fire under Charlie Crist and the FL Dem Party!!!

Interview with the Philadelphia Police Commissioner on street violence, cop shootings...

'No Just God Would Stand For What They Did' in Ferguson, nor would a constitutional scholar


Great poster from Fergusen

UPDATE: Police Chief Aaron Jimenez has confirmed officer that made threats

Richard Dawkins: ‘It Would Be Immoral’ to Give Birth to A Child with Down’s Syndrome

Notorious AIDS-denial quack has died...

Mathematics and Religion: Ancient Islamic Penrose Tilings

I Finally "Get" White Privilege and I'm Sorry

Little League update:

Potential circuit split over the right to possess eagle feathers for religious purposes

Why have the media and Obama administration gone silent on MH17?

Virginia Woolf in Sangrur: A Stitching Center of One’s Own for Impoverished Farm Women

Joe the Not Plumber

Virginia Woolf in Sangrur: A Stitching Center of One’s Own for Impoverished Farm Women

ferguson: the world is watching

Great evening, folks!

Whatever happened to tasers/non-deadly force?

Scientists Discover How to Turn Toxic Trash Into Solar Panels

Sen Bernie Sanders: Create Jobs For Young People Instead Of Giving Police Military Weapons

Judge: Justice Dept must provide list of documents

Connect the Dots, by Robert Reich

re ISIS: Prime Minister Harper of Canada says that he has been in contact with our principal

Back in the late 70's/early 80's, I had just finished my first tour in the Army

Eight-year-old beaten to death for playing with dolls

"FBI Tracks Charter Schools"

US warns travelers of canceled Venezuela flights

About Stereotypes...

In Venezuela, Talk of Raising Gas Prices For First Time Since 1996

When you demand revenge for James Foley, please know that it will lead to drone strikes that will

Captain Morgan ate bubble bath soap tonight. Gave it two thumbs up at first. Wonders never cease

Gaza conflict: Israel PM Netanyahu vows further campaign

ISIS, whoever they are, suck ass

Open carry demonstrators protest police shootings

The unrealistic expectations of Obama in Ferguson shooting

Voter Registration Drives in Ferguson Are "Disgusting," Says Missouri GOP Leader

Are UK banks targeting Muslim charities?

Brisket Is Worth the Wait.

Lawmakers Who Cut Funds For ALS Research Take Ice Bucket Challenge For ALS Research

FCC Republican wants to let states block municipal broadband

Conservatives Are Furious That Liberals Are Trying to Register Ferguson Residents to Vote

Lawrence O'Donnel: Its against the law for police to shoot at person in MO WHILE they're fleeing

Lawrence O'Donnell is destroying the NYT reporting on Michael Brown today

Robert Pattinson's twist on the ice bucket challenge.

Did Bush and Cheney have a time machine to go back to the 7th Century to cause the Islamic schism?

RIP Mike Mike

Over 2 million African-Americans are banned from voting, 7.7% of the entire racial population.

Almost Like The Blues

Houston's rare clouded leopard cubs can't get any cuter

Stiglitz Says Stalling Euro Area Shows Dismal Failure

Indiana’s Republican Secretary of State Suppresses Nearly 700,000 Voters as ‘Inactive’

Mike Malloy - Capitalism Doesn´t Need Human Beings Anymore

Teachout at Hastings-on-Hudson Last Night

What's up with that?

Body cameras on cops . . . . good idea or a visit to the land of unintended consequences?

Favorite midnight munchies?

John Legend LIVE tonight in tribute to Marvin Gaye

Indonesia president says Islamic State 'embarrassing' Muslims

Deadly citrus greening disease plaguing the Valley

do those drops for treating skin tags work or is it BS

Davis recounts past efforts to aid survivors of rape

Right now I happen to be watching footage of Kent State.

For BOG Members: President Obama addresses the situation in Ferguson, MO & U.S. efforts in Iraq:

Join George Takei (AZ)

I have a question about Alzheimers. Hope this is the right place.

Air Swimmers - I WANT one! UPDATE - ThinkGeek has a Zombie Shark one!

Microsoft Ditches ALEC In Latest Blow To Conservative Group

A question about selling alcohol on t.v.

Having white privilege does not make you a bad person

Uh oh,Travelodge(UK)Has Made A Decision To Remove Bibles, That Could Really Upset Christians!

For BOG Members: President Obama Addresses ISIS' James Foley Beheading Video - 8/20/2014

GOP Vows To Dismantle Or Shut Down Government If They Win Senate

What the media is not telling us about ISIS/current Iraq crises


What's up with that?

Teachers accused of "sexist" attacks on Campbell Brown. They mentioned her hubby Dan Senor...

Tony Dungy and Phil Simms will not use the derogatory name of the Washington NFL team this

Answering question on Israel, Bernie Sanders tells townhall hecklers to ‘shut up!’

Payday lenders banned from Menlo Park [CA]

New Secretary of Veterans Affairs visits VA Palo Alto Health Care System

Officer Go-Fuck-Yourself aka Lt Ray Albers

TCM Schedule for Thursday, August 21, 2014 -- Summer Under The Stars - Lee Tracy

Horrifying video compilation of police "protecting and serving" over the last several years

TCM Schedule for Friday, August 22, 2014 -- Summer Under The Stars - Audrey Hepburn

TCM Schedule for Saturday, August 23, 2014 -- Summer Under The Stars - Ernest Borgnine

Fox Dem strategist Kirsten Powers at it again. Says teachers making "sexist" attacks....

Secrets to a long happy marriage.

I don't know why, but I'm MFM-Lonesome. Got posts?

Bill Maher Ignites Twitter Firestorm With Just 21 Words on Islam

Assassinations of Colombia’s civil leaders on the decline, death threats increase: report

My Home Town: Racial tensions on the rise

LA to Settle Police-Death Lawsuit For $5 Million (Unarmed, Disabled)

Anonymous posts video scolding police tactics and Governor Nixon

Banned Substance Still Depleting Ozone Layer: NASA

Ferguson Protest Starts With White Lightning, Ends With Japanese Paper Lantern Floating In The Sky

Just because, That's what Friends are For

Shaun the Sheep dance funny

Swedish Nationalists Rise as Record Immigration Stirs Backlash

Aiman and Sofia

CNN's Don Lemon: National Guardsman Used N-Word to Describe Ferguson Protestors

India Court Orders Uranium Corp. to Probe Deformities Near Mines

Israeli airstrike kills 3 senior Hamas leaders

Mika and her daddy


A Promise. From Me.

How the Pentagon Militarized the US Police Force


The US War Culture Has Come Home to Roost


Abouddi has a birthday

The Double Identity of an "Anti-Semitic" Commenter:Smearing a Progressive Website to Support Israel

Health care plans worth even less than bronze? Yep--meet copper.

Fark to make misogyny a bannable offense

Fark To Add 'Misogyny' to List of Bannable Offenses


What dope is in charge of Obama's PR?

Thom Hartmann: War Always Comes Home...

Thom Hartmann: Media ok in Iraq...but not Ferguson, MO?

This £240 million flat has a slide from the lounge to the private infinity pool...

Neanderthals and humans 'co-existed' longer than thought

Walmart U.S. comps flat in Q2

Dollar General makes rival bid for Family Dollar

Unless you want to relive this picture, don't go to CNN this AM

Target seeking to improve operations in U.S., Canada

Attorney General Eric Holder in St. Louis

Relationship with cab companies could change with new union

Some Invisible Public Officials Have Actually Played A Role In Ferguson

The Dirty Little Secret of How CEOs Enrich Themselves at Your Expense

7 Cynical Ways Police and Media Have Smeared Michael Brown and the Black People of Ferguson

Folks At The Puzzle Palace (Sometimes) Have No Clue

4 Worst Right-Wing Reactions to Michael Brown's Killing and the Protests

How Google and the Big Tech Companies Are Helping Maintain America's Empire

39 kilotons a year: Mysterious source of ozone-depleting chemical banned since 2009 baffles NASA

The Poisonous Racism Driving Violence in Ferguson and the Rest of America

Report: Bank of America expected to pay $17 billion in mortgage settlement

Afghanistan orders US reporter Matthew Rosenberg to leave over election story

Reports: Aid Station Adjacent to Church Raided by Police in Ferguson


Mock Beggar's Hall

Toon: Ironic

Protesters in Oakland join solidarity march tied to Ferguson shooting

Koterba toon: James Foley

China manufacturing drags on Asia, but Europe up

Dear Hillary Clinton: When did not bombing Syria create Isis?

Why Militarized Policing is the worst Response to Ferguson’s Problems

Have 2 slots open for DU fantasy Football league

'I Could Have Stopped Them': Ex-CIA Lawyer Defends Waterboarding Decision

The Unprotected: A Gaza Family Destroyed by Israeli Bombs

These Charts Show How The World Feels About 8 Moral Issues {LARGE IMAGES}

American doctor who had Ebola has recovered

Isis recruitment

Been Dover'ed ... and back

This Psychologist's Impressive Presentation Shows How Materialism Is Eroding Our Happiness {IMAGES}

Religion and Delusion: Branch Davidians and the Siege of Waco

Federal Judge: Feel Free To Ignore MTR Impacts On Health, Water, When Permitting New Coal Mines

Gov. Voldemort Spends 23 Minutes W. Climate Scientists, Asks Where Their Students Get Jobs

Why are the Ferguson protestors not in NYC instead??

Why You Should Expect More Bombs to be Dropped Everywhere

Am I right to be disgusted with this editorial cartoon from today's Columbus Dispatch?

Sanctions rebound to hit Europeans

Australian Large-Scale Renewables Spending 1-6/13 - $1.3 Billion; 1-6/14 - $58 Million

The killer on the (Saudi) king's highway

Indonesia's Forests So Damaged, Depleted That What's Left Now Burns W. Or W/O Drought

Vest cameras for police officers

Another incompetent Republican attorney wants to be Nevada Attorney General

If You Think the Water Crisis Can't Get Worse, Wait Until the Aquifers Are Drained

The F-35 vs. The VHF Threat

B’Tselem’s Gaza war statistics under fire

How Harper’s botched procurement crippled the F-35

Flight restrictions slow F-35 software testing

Woman sentenced in plot to steal U.S. nuclear secrets

Good morning

Lockheed Martin's $165 Fair Value Rides On Its F-35 Program & Its Growing International Sales

Joe The Plumber: Hold A Job Fair In Ferguson, Protestors Will 'Scatter Like Cockroaches'

So the cop that said, "go fuck yourself" to the Ferguson protesters has been relieved of duty...

Lockheed contributions follow F-35 contract

O'Reilly Cuts Off His Vacation To Rage Against Media Coverage Of Ferguson

Lockheed contributions follow F-35 contract (xpost from NSD)

This Map Shows Why The F-35 Has Turned Into A Trillion-Dollar Fiasco

What The Heck Is The 'Revolutionary Communist Party' Doing In Ferguson?

Thai army chief named prime minister

Microsoft Ditches ALEC In Latest Blow To Conservative Group

Children in Gaza: Top questions from UNICEF’s Reddit Q&A

Not just Catholics: Child abuse in the Jewish community

Bundy ranch standoff emboldens antigovernment extremists

Gawker: Two White People Show Up at Ferguson Protests to Support Darren Wilson

Its racism, not “principled conservatism”: The South, civil rights, GOP myths — and the roots of Fer

Drought Monitor: Some Seasonal Monsoon In SW, Desert CA; No Change To Reservoirs, Long-Term Outlook

Rights groups call on Israel to allow investigators into Gaza

Why we can't have nice things.

UPS Latest Payments Data Breach Victim

3 soldiers detained for killing of journalist (Venezuela Spanish)

New CO2 Satellite Now Online, Transmitting Climate Data To Earth

Fugelsang: "If Michael Brown ..."

Wake up you dumb fucks!

On "getting even".

Venezuelan hospitals say shortages creating emergency

ISIS operative who executed journalist James Foley may be a UK citizen

McDonnell testimony: No special favors for Williams

Report: James Foley's killer is Londoner named John

What if we could turn wastewater and algae into carbon-negative fuels and clean water?

Tea Partier: Obama brought back racism, made cops too afraid to shoot blacks

Obama holds to Afghanistan withdrawal deadline

Navy kicks out at least 34 sailors for nuke cheating

How To Help Ferguson Get Food, Counseling, Education They Need

Protecting Chesapeake as Dominion shuts plant

US Warns Venezuela Travelers That Flights May Dry Up

NC justices rule for Duke Energy rate increase

California drought stings bees, honey supplies

The Ferguson PD's standard footwear must be clown shoe loafers

Black Texas Gun Club Stages Open Carry Protest against Killer Cops

We Know All Too Much About the Cruelty of Isis – But All Too Little about who they are--Robert Fisk

Stop the Violence from Ferguson to Gaza: 90-Year-Old Holocaust Survivor Arrested in St. Louis

Ethics waiver a question in $1.7M education contract

Cats and Capitalism

Here's Time Magazine's Powerful Cover Showing The Ferguson Chaos

The Underrated Saudi Connection

Hillary? anyone?

Pepper burn: don't do this!

What's for Dinner, Thurs., Aug. 21, 2014

Family Dollar rejects Dollar General offer

Railroad 'Bomb Trains': Speeding to Disaster

Detroit Water Crisis - a Prelude to the Privatization of Water

That awkward moment when...

Post-Dispatch: "McCulloch's public statements were untrue."

Where Were the Soldier-Cops at Bundy Ranch?

Grant opportunities available for nonprofits that support children's literacy

How Should Social Security Benefits Respond to an Economic Collapse?

Navy kicks out 34 for roles in cheating ring at nuclear power training site

The Uncivil War Escalating Across America

OH great now we have a group calling themselves Black Texas gun club

International Interpol Urges World Response to Iraq Extremists

Sarah Palin: Tina Fey Would Be Nothing Without Me

USA Soccer promotes Hope Solo's records while star stands trial for domestic violence

Texas gun club named after Black Panthers leader holds armed march against ‘killer cops’


Richard Dawkins: ‘It Would Be Immoral’ to Give Birth to A Child with Down’s Syndrome

Pentagon tells international partners to inspect F-16B fleet for cracks

Rachel Maddow - McDonnell turns on wife on witness stand

Rachel -Maddow - 'Officer Expletive' relieved of duty

America is Number One!

Did the St. Louis police have to shoot Kajieme Powell? (Killing mentally ill black men is AOK?)

Dr Ron Levin - 17th Annual International Mars Society Conference

BREAKING: Perry's legal team says PIU lead investigator found no wrongdoing regarding CPRIT

Inspirational Story: Abernathy Teacher of the Year sees deafness as motivation, not obstacle

Upstate New York News Thread Aug 21.

Tennessee teen in trouble for saying 'bless you' after sneeze

Ferguson Official To Hannity: "No, I Don't Need Your Kind Of Education"

"Don't Shoot" makes TIME Cover

Juan Cole: What Do Iraq’s Sunni Arabs Have in Common with Ferguson, Mo. African-Americans?

Who the hell is providing internet service for these jihadist freaks?

Islamic State militants seize four more foreign hostages in Syria

Perry Grand Juror Reportedly Attended Democratic Convention And Attended Speech Of Witness

Booked For Safekeeping (1960)

Ferguson was a bomb waiting to explode

Cuomo administration approves city sale of taxi medallions

Time to Rethink America's Corn System--Scientific American

Far-right radio host and militia leader now feuding over hotel incident...

US Military bans "The Intercept." (Greenwald, Poitras)

Serving as legal observer in Ferguson- eyes and ears of those who protect and guarantee civil rights

Anyone want to try out for THIS reality show?

Is democracy dead?

Why federal prosecutors are waiting on the Garner case

Dred Scott

Happening now: Judge Robert Hobgood finds school vouchers unconstitutional in North Carolina

South Carolina high school student says he was arrested for killing dinosaur in class assignment

Protect Your Home From A Killer

US troops entered Syria to find James Foley

GOP Vows To Dismantle Or Shut Down Government If They Win Senate

Apocalypse of the "Happy Meal": The Cathedral of Cholesterol

Thursday Toon Roundup 1- The past is never far away (Graphic Warning)

Obama, Race, And The Right-Wing Media's Heckler's Veto

Who are the Houthis in Yemen?

Thursday Toon Roundup 2- ISIS and Iraq

Pollsters on not asking about Cuomo-Teachout

Aid group: US doctor who had Ebola has recovered

Thursday TOON Roundup 3- The Rest

The right is going ballistics because the President is smiling on the golf course

tribute to Jim Jeffords

Supernatural 'Jinn' Seen as Cause of Mental Illness Among Muslims

The Cutting-Edge Butter Knife of Your Dreams Is Finally Here

Time to post again the 14 defining characteristics of fascism.

Stocks move higher for a fourth day

Welcome back to your life, Dr. Kent Brantley. Get ready, you're about to

90-year-old former representative running for Texas Senate

Leading gay-rights group backs Cuomo’s re-election

California Drought Stings Bees And Honey Supplies

Ted Nugent knows who is to blame for Michael Brown's shooting...

Rachel Maddow - Terrorist's accent alarms security officials

"50,000 quarantined in Liberia slum to contain spread of Ebola"

NY to get $800M in Bank of America deal

Strange sea creatures washing ashore along the West Coast

Pic Of The Moment: Aw Jeez, Not This Sh*t Again

Militarized cops’ scary new toys: The ugly next frontier in “crowd control”

It's just another distraction.....

This is hilarious!

Police officer in Ferguson suspended for pointing rifle at citizen saying 'I will f*cking kill you'

Watkins Glen board opposes gas storage expansion plans

Secret terror: Fate of journalist Steven Sotloff now on world stage

Fox lies reports:Report: Darren Wilson Was Beaten Up, Fractured Eye Socket Before Shooting

I'm a straight woman married to a woman. It hasn't been easy

Steve Benen: When Rick Perry ‘said and did nothing’

The thing is, any argument that tries to exonerate Michael Brown starts off wrong.

Is the McCullough "led" grand jury also going to be 93% white folk? Does it reflect the diversity of

Before Killing James Foley, ISIS Demanded Ransom From U.S.

Bigfoot ordered from Olive Garden after eating nursing infant and pitbull

Now this is serving and protecting.....

This asshole is always talking over guess he disagrees with

Outraged Welfare Punishes Work and Saps Dignity From the Desperately Poor? Please Sign My Petition

Naomi Klein is back, telling it like it is about capitalism and climate change

Online course rule for lobbyists nears

The Murders at the Lake--must read for those that support capital punishment

Being a white teenaged killer gets you probation for killing four people

Some misinformation that needs to be deliberately spread:

Cell phone video appears to contradict officer accounts in Kajieme Powell killing

"Even my tapeworm has a personality!" . . . Please come CAPTION Sarah Palin!!!

Patrick Cockburn, How to Ensure a Thriving Caliphate

NYC Metro area news thread Aug 21

UKIP (UK's tea party) sets out election strategy with plans to cut taxes, gov't spending, foreign

Remember that burglary of the 3-story dressing room in Texas?

Soviet-era Tesla Tower restarted with spectacular lightning bolts

US existing home sales rise for 4th straight month

Corbett's $140K Special Advisor on Ed. Never Met With Corbett

"Please consider this your final notice"

Hope fades for Syrians one year after chemical attack

Naomi Klein's new book explains the connections between capitalism and climate change

What Happened to the Recovery?

Human Cloning: Now there are multiple Rachels.

Thom Hartmann: Deported Children Murdered...

Gabby Giffords Trolls NRA Chief With Ice Bucket Challenge (VIDEO)

Republican candidate asks people to mail him their pee

McDonnell trial - "chaos", Romney, -- no longer living with his wife

Perry campaign funds to cover future legal costs

British Muslims urge cooperation in Foley murder hunt

Feng shui consultant tours Levi's Stadium to find winning design

UN begins huge aid drop in Iraq (largest aid operation for a decade)

'I Can Haz Islamic State Plz': Isis propaganda on Twitter turns to kittens and lolspeak

It's not about race.

Here's Some Stupid for Lunch (Snowflake Babies Edition)

See how militarized your county is

Constantinides to Introduce Gun Offender Registry Bill

CNN host calls out Ferguson mayor for referring to Mike Brown’s body as an ‘it’

Ferguson or Baghdad?

Is There A "War on Whites?" - Mychal Denzel Smith Discusses

Hamas admits kidnapping 3 young Israeli men, setting off Gaza war

Mitt Romney: Obama Is 'A Good Deal Worse Than Even I Expected'

Village Jesus

"I don't have a gun, stop shooting"

Are police a type of military? Discuss.

White Opinions Bingo, Ferguson Edition

Wonkette: Bill O’Reilly Interrupts Vacation To Win Wingnut Bingo, Michael Brown Edition


Kind and gentle souls

5 disturbing stats on black-white inequality

Anti-trans trolling spree forces Wikipedia to ban U.S. House staffers for third time

Sheriffs across US drawing on right-wing fringe ideas to decide which laws to enforce

.."Five Year Plans and New Deals, Wrapped in Golden Chains.."

Cuomo won’t say if he’ll participate in debates

Elementary teacher suspended for asking white student ‘cops’ to shoot black ‘Michael Browns’

Under what circumstances can police use deadly force?

When you hear CONservatives complaining about blacks playing the "race card"...

Australian surveillance law will legalize snooping on and hacking the entire Internet

And the Prize for Luckiest Man today goes to---

How exactly does revealing a failed rescue mission endanger anything?

Richard Dawkins: 'immoral' not to abort if foetus has Down's syndrome

We want our politicians to act like LBJ. But not really.

Canada's Hitchhiking Robot Completed Its Trip Without Getting Murdered

republican think tank head cautions not to back Putin into a corner

Obligatory doctor appointments?

Seriously - why do birds suddenly appear everytime you are near


AG hopeful Laxalt was described in law firm evaluation as a "train wreck," borderline incompetent to

Noranda Loses Bid To Obtain Lower Electrical Charge From Ameren

Who's ready to shut down the Government again?

Fox News Analyst Calls Eric Holder 'Reprehensible' For Something Holder Didn't Really Say

Shout out for Eric Holder

Clinton, Cuomo fare well against Republicans in presidential matchups

Justice Integrity Project/Legal Schnauzer: Siegelman's Corrupt Judge Stripped of Cases &;

Richard Dawkins: 'immoral' not to abort if foetus has Down's syndrome

Papantonio Analyzes Ferguson Shooting Evidence

Make your own tear-gas mask from common objects.

Why do people

Has anyone use Qsyima or Belviq?

Auto Production at Its Highest Rate Since 2002

Answer me this - If a picture paints a 1000 words then why can't I paint you

Fox News' Keith Ablow Tells His Female Co-Hosts They Could Stand to 'Lose Pounds,’ Shouting Ensues

Physicists have chilled the world's coolest molecule

Ex-Governor (McDonnell-R) Points the Finger at His Wife in a Virginia Trial

Gov. Nixon orders National Guard to begin 'systematically' withdrawing from Ferguson

From my neighbor/landlord!

Israel approves call up of 10,000 reservists in Gaza

Missouri Gov Orders Withdrawal Of National Guard From Ferguson

Years ago (2004 or so) there was this thing on DU...

Morals are based on empathy not religion

Little History

Perry open to sending US troops to Iraq

How about a tax free weekend for clothes and school supplies once every month? nt

A War on Gaza’s Future? Israeli Assault Leaves 500 Kids Dead, 3,000 Injured, 373,000 Traumatized

MMA Fighter Who Brutally Beat His Ex: Men’s Oppression Is ‘Worse Than Slavery’

Dave Chappelle - Police Brutality

Lauryn Hill

Woman Allegedly Beats Man Who Farted In Her Face

Albert Reynolds, former Irish taoiseach, dies aged 81

Lauryn Hill redoes "Black Rage"

Pretty Vacant: Two Million Voters Have No Voice In Albany

Austin Could Be First Texas City To Make All Single-Person Public Restrooms "Gender Free"

Report: Islamic State captures four more foreign hostages

Austin Could Be First Texas City To Make All Single-Person Public Restrooms "Gender Free"

Wonkette: Mark Fuhrman – Yes, MARK FUHRMAN! – Will Now Speculate At You About Michael Brown

Gaza Violence Tests Once-Unshakable Allies U.S. And Israel

Tear gas is an abortifacient. Why won't the anti-abortion movement oppose it?

WaPo: Food additives on the rise as FDA scrutiny wanes

It happens ...

It happens ...

Police investigating Palestinian flag unfurled on Manhattan Bridge on Wednesday, according to report

Anyone watch 'Happy Valley' from Netflix/BBC?

Highway Patrol troopers fix basketball goal for Ferguson children

A War on Gaza’s Future? Israeli Assault Leaves 500 Kids Dead, 3,000 Injured, 373,000 Traumatized

Of 163 arrests since shooting, 7 from Ferguson

A Former Marine Explains All the Weapons of War Being Used by Police in Ferguson

Kevin Sorbo I'm Sorry ... I Was Stupid To Call Ferguson Rioters 'Animals'

Reagan and RFK

39 Dead, Dozens Missing After Japan Landslides

Papantonio: The Tea Party’s Charity Swindle

Vatican refuses to hand over files on accused pedophile priests

British ISIS Militants Dubbed 'Beatles' Guarded Syria Hostages

Alleging U.N. Bias, Israel Again Keeping Distance From Gaza Probe

"Post-racial America" my ass

Gaza Experiencing Severe Water Shortage

1 Shot

As the government and MSM have historically proven to be unreliable sources of information

Cheney: President Obama Would 'Rather Be On The Golf Course' Than The Situation Room

How to play Airplane Peekaboo

CNN has been working overtime to discredit any and all witness accounts of Mike Brown shooting.

Comparing Hamas To Biblical Cult Of Child-Killers Is Neither Accurate Nor Helpful

Should your Doctor be able to force you to "x" number of appointments?

I'm not a fan of censorship, less opposed to self-censorship

'Support Officer Darren Wilson' GoFundMe Raises Over $137,000 For Cop Who Shot Michael Brown

Morals vs. Ethics

Seriously who did write the book of love?

Colombia govt drafting bill to impose presidential term limit

David Horowitz just KNOWS Obama is a Muslim...

There are some posts I never click on. Ones with Cheney, Palin, Rove,

We have got to keep this conversation going

US Accuses Israel Of Targeting Relatives Of Kidnapped And Murdered Palestinian 16-Year-Old

Report: Hamas Jihad fully controls UN agency for Palestinians refugees

Rick Perry:Real Possibility ISIS has crossed the border from Mexico to the US

Sears 2Q loss widens on sluggish sales

Eye socket fracture not true....

Friend Of Boston Marathon Bombing Suspect Pleads Guilty To Obstructing Justice

Female Firefighter Complained About Porn Hung Up In Fire House, Was Sexually Harassed In Retaliation

Don't tell me you don't read books

Unlike Hungary, Czechs Double Down on Liberal Policy Goals

I have been reading so many accounts of ...

Did You Know The FBI Has Been Raiding Charter Schools?

Is your hometown listed here?

"There were no molotov cocktails, there was no teargas, there was no confrontation...."

First Problem With The ACA We Have Had. Maybe some fraud as well.

Judge Rules White Girl Will Be Tried As Black Adult

Thousands Of Firearms Destroyed In Annual ‘Gun Melt’ Event

Stocks move higher; S&P 500 at record high

Rick Perry Says Terrorists Could Be Entering U.S. Along Mexico Border

"Biblical prophet" (translation: scam artist) selling water filters with his "prophecies..."

Officer fired at Mike Brown while running away.

For a Honduran mom, deportation means a child vanishes

When Prayer Makes Anxiety Worse

Faith or delusion? At the crossroads of religion and psychosis.

Right Time of the Night

GAO saying Obama Administration, Pentagon, violated law by not informing Congress of prisoner swap

"I will not be returning to Ferguson"

Anti-trans trolling spree forces Wikipedia to ban U.S. House staffers for third time

Federal judge: Florida gay-marriage ban unconstitutional

Did you ever stop to think that if there is an afterlife, all the people who have ever lived and

Canada's Middle Class

"The 3 Scariest Words A Boy Can Hear"


Music Break

Seriously- I'm so dizzy my head is spinning.

Dept. of Ed. projects public schools will be ‘majority-minority’ this fall/Pew

.."Five Year Plans and New Deals, Wrapped in Golden Chains.."

Five takeaways from Paul Ryan’s new book

Cardinal Edmund Szoka, former Detroit archbishop and Vatican official, dies at 86

McCain frustrated with Obama on ISIS

Paul Ryan says tax cuts for the rich are "even more pressing now"

Atlantic: Invest 96L; Pacific: Tropical Storm Karina, Hurricane Lowell, and Invest 92E

Moving the goal posts: The False Narrative Of Calm In Ferguson

Ebola virus suspected after death of man in Donegal who returned from Sierra Leone

Are you a psychopath? Take this test and find out

How hummingbirds evolved to detect sweetness

Paul Ryan on Boehner's cigarette habit: "I just hate getting that smell in my clothes."

Investors Pour Into Vanguard, Eschewing Stock Pickers

When Forests Aren't Really Forests: The High Cost of Chile's Tree Plantations

Education Secretary Allows Reprieve on Test-Based Teacher Ratings.

Federal judge rules Florida’s same-sex marriage ban unconstitutional

Missouri Paper Under Fire For Publishing Racist Cartoon About Ferguson Demonstrators

Atlantic Ocean has temporarily slowed global warming - study

Abortion Opponents Urge Social Conservatives To Drop The Ice Bucket Challenge

Faux "news" resident "psychiatrist" doubles down on his "Michelle Obama is fat" comment...

Jury convicts woman who tried to frame husband by putting child porn on his computer

Anyone have opthalmologist/surgeon to recommend,

Israel claims it is defending itself, but I have a question.

Anyone have opthalmologist/surgeon to recommend,

People rising up in righteous anger & rage in face of oppression should not be dismissed as a "riot"

Ferguson Native Michael McDonald Issues Statement on Mike Brown Tragedy

With a Tweet Advocating the Abortion of Down Syndrome Babies, Dawkins Proves He Has Foot-in-Mouth

Republican Campaign Ad Features Horse with Large Erection

Voter Suppression...Yeah, It's Still Happening

Hindu is not a religious concept, but a cultural identity: Venkaiah Naidu

YES! US judge strikes down Florida gay marriage ban

Question for any legal eagles out there

James Wright Foley, Catholic, writes of praying the rosary in prison

The White House Gives Up on Making Coders Dress Like Adults

Halting ISIS Would Require Attacks in Syria, Top General Says

Best Use of Alliteration in a Rock-n-Roll Song = Suite Judy Blue Eyes

Missouri interfaith leaders say spiritual power ‘is greater than tear gas’

US Judge Strikes Down Florida Gay Marriage Ban

Alternate mechanism of species formation picks up support, thanks to a South American ant

Judge rules NC school voucher program unconstitutional

Cuomo says he has “overwhelming support of the union movement”

After Climate Meeting, Scientists Still Aren’t Sure That Florida’s Governor Is ‘Climate Literate’

Council Passes Bill Requiring Stats About Rikers Solitary Confinement

LGBT Noise March for Marriage - Sun 24th Aug - 3pm - City Hall Dublin

Soliciting feedback.

OMG! I just paid $3.39gal for gas. Will it be less than three dollars before the summer

This morning at 5 AM it was 80° with 85% humidity, now it's 101° with 36% humidity.

Pope Francis Calls Foley Family To Offer Condolences

Diaspora dissent against Israel's occupation is vital – and risky

In Ferguson protests, teens seek a wider justice

American Ebola doc: 'I am thrilled to be alive'

With school still cancelled in Ferguson, teachers have set up classes for kids at the local library

Creationist's Noah's Ark Theme Park Gets $18 Million Tax Break, Won't Hire Gays, Atheists

Letitia James Calls For $5 Million NYPD Body Camera Pilot

"Gun Happy"

Why I don't like grand juries

Is there a crowdfunding site

Is Missouri newspaper’s ‘provocative’ cartoon kind of racist? Yup, it’s pretty darn racist

My ward's polling place just got changed from an elementary school to a church

Pope Francis Calls Slain Journalist James Foley's Family

Indian Butter Chicken, by Way of Australia

Worldview Shattering--"The biggest success of the Obama presidency will be this."

Mexico arrests 13 at water-rate protest by Mayas

Citizens' oversight is a necessity

The Spiritual Leader of Iran wants more babies for the same reason GOP does:

Black open carry activists in Texas protesting police violence

Good night

Strange Fruit in Ferguson

Sea World, next exit

Warrant ordered for Ga. woman in explosives case

Court to hear arguments in case of married gay couples suing Michigan for recognition

From Salon:A Former Marine Explains All the Weapons of War Being Used by Police in Ferguson

This guy is so out of touch.

Jail Won't Stop Russia's Anti-Gay Psycho

Dumb Criminals: Montana Man Calls Cops After Stripper Refuses To Have Sex

John Perkins: "Kill the Death Economy!" A Retro but Worth the Revisit! NSA/Snowden/etc.

How big is ISIS? Are they bigger than Al Qaeda? Is it the same bunch of guys?

CNN Reports Ferguson PD Officer Darren Wilson DID NOT Suffer a Fractured Eye Socket

Just WHO, Exactly Are You Sworn To "Protect & Serve"?

Why bother with dr? Go straight to ER..

George Pell defends compensation scheme as 'ahead of the curve'

A Seriocomic Victory

Mexico has an order of magnitude more beheadings than Syria

What should be done about Steven Sotloff?

Mars Hill Church 'Jesus Festival' Quietly Disappears, Despite Raising $3,000,000 In Overall Donation

Up, Dead Child, Defend Yourself.

A question I can't seem to get answered, about LRADS and the deaf

TRNN: The Black Scare and the Democratic Party - Gerald Horne on with Paul Jay

Kremlin swings at a US icon (McDonalds) – but hits a Russian business

Mike Malloy - Their Acts Of Terror...And Ours

Michael Ramirez Sux

Despite ravages of war, Gaza supports armed resistance to lift the siege

I had botox injections today...ask me anything.

Final Market Basket bid by Arthur T. Demoulas expected Friday

Muslims Condemning Things

Scott Lively Lies About Bible While Calling Gay-Friendly Christians Heretics

Could you tackle Green Bay's massive menu item?

Mike Malloy - Mississippi Man Shot After Reporting Cross Burning In Yard

US concerned by Israeli arrests of killed teenager's family members

black eyed peas and cornbread

"See label for sequence"

The best week in Nats history?

Sir! No Sir! - 2005 Documentary

Just when you think that you've seen everything...

The 10 Dumbest Myths About Feminism, Debunked

No ‘direct answer’ after Sharpton meets with feds

Farmer's Almanac Predicts 'Super-Cold' Winter, More Snow In Eastern U.S.

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Friday, 22 August 2014

I HATE calling tech support

Moskowitz on her ‘joyful’ formula for test-score dominance-charter school figure

The Twilight of Antonin Scalia

People CHILL

George Bush will write a check, but not take the ice-water challenge...

In Mass for Ferguson, St. Louis Archbishop calls to 'dismantle systemic racism'

Russian aid convoy advances toward Ukraine

Michael Brown protest in Oklahoma City

The real 'To Protect and Serve'

Tonko: Port spill shows ‘gluttonous dependency’ on fossil fuels

China Secretly Conducts Second Flight Test Of New Ultra High-Speed Missile

When A Dude Who Hates Abortions Can't Even Answer One Simple Question About Them

Gov Nixon should call for a special prosecutor or resign himself. When you are unable to make

The Field of Jeans' sod is no good.

"Why Ferguson’s About Net Neutrality, Too"

Okay I Get It. They Don't Give a Damn About Facts Because They Have The Power To Create Reality

Machiavelli, Goebbels, and Orwell had us pegged

ISIS Praises John McCain For Helping Them Invade Iraq

Venezuela proposes fingerprinting grocery shoppers

Israel's War in Gaza reminds me of the Ferguson PD

Next time a right winger says Muslims are not condemning ISIS and other extremists, forward this.

Isis is to the Islamic religion as the KKK is to Christianity..

North Carolina judge: State’s school voucher program unfairly benefits religious schools