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Archives: August 25, 2014

Robin Williams’ Final Act Could Save Millions of Lives

Israel Turning To Other Arms Sources Amid Uncertainty Of U.S., EU Sales

Sin City: A Dame to Kill For, anyone else see it ? (no spoilers, no worries)

Richard Russell thought JFK would have softened the '64 Civil Rights Act

Could we perhaps step back a little from our choices for 2016?

House 2014 Election Update: The Dems Sure Are in Trouble...They May Even Lose a Seat or Two

Julia Roberts on where one finds the word 'Republican' in the dictionary

Do You Know the Origin of Labor Day? E-action for historic preservation

Please sign the petition and share on FB etc

Please sign the petition and share on FB etc

Ancient handcraft helps preserve culture, lifeline in Colombia

It just occurred to me that I should probably cross-post here

The tables are turning on Obamacare

Are political analogies not allowed in General Discussion?

Expecting Hillary To Answer ANY Question At A Book Signing Is Ignorant

Rand Paul Calls Hillary Clinton 'A War Hawk'

Major Court Ruling Clears the Way to Let Renewables Into the Grid

Trayvon Martin parents to join rally for slain Missouri teen

Tomgram: Aviva Chomsky, What's at Stake in the Border Debate

Police investigating the Police

Sen. Bernie Sanders is headed to IOWA!!!!

Perform live, in real time, with other musicians over the internet...

Sanders to Iowa AFL-CIO: It's Time for a Political Revolution

Thinkgeek Canned Unicorn Meat "a dismembered stuffed unicorn in a can"

Some clarification on "hides" & censorship of material in this group.

5 people shot, 2 killed while going to church; LAPD seeks SUV driver

Looking out my attic window in Germany I decided to go for a bike ride

**August Contest Results**

How many people rely on #SocialSecurity and #Medicare in your state? Check out our fact sheets:

Hillary Clinton On Sunday Offered A “Vociferous Defense” Of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyah

I'm going to follow Homer Simpson's retirement plan

Someone started an Artie T to host Satruday Night fb page lol

Robert Parry: Behind Obama's 'Chaotic' Foreign Policy

Ireland is prepared to broker Gaza deal

Kim Kardashian's VMA outfit. Someone please explain what this is.

NJ officials warn of disturbing trend on social media of teens setting themselves on fire

Israel: No Comment on Iran's Claim it Downed a Drone over Natanz

WOW: Pizza delivery man lied about witnessing a beheading to escape punishment for late delivery

Farmers' Almanac predicts another nasty winter


Burger King Is In Talks To Buy Canada's Most Famous Donut Chain To Avoid US Taxes

Bid to Expand Medical Marijuana Business Faces Federal Hurdles

PlayStation Network, Xbox Live, DDoS, SOE president's flight diverted, FBI called in

Deluge Of Racist Comments Prompts Organizers To Shut Off Comments On Darren Wilson Fundraising Site

Pink Martini drummer Derek Rieth dead at 43

The liberal environmentalist nobody knew was Catholic

America's Top Military Officer Explained The Big ISIS Problem In One Sentence

Robert Kuttner: Trade Deals from Hell

(Elizabeth) Warren plans Israel trip after midterm elections

Donetsk Holds Mourning Ceremony for Victims of Ukraine Army’s Missile Strikes

They used the song "Thank You". Now I'm crying like a baby

Ferguson Police Officer Justin Cosma Hog-Tied And Injured A Young Child, Lawsuit Alleges

'Widespread methane leakage' from ocean floor off US coast (BBC)

Republicans Are Devoted to Protecting the Reagan Myth, No Matter What

Scott Walker donor promised millions in tax breaks while laying off 1,900

VIDEO: Final Sequence "Oh! What A Lovely War" Directed by Richard Attenborough

Active aerodynamics, a slippery obsession (BBC)

"Police Apologist Bingo"

Game Of Thrones' Neil Marshall Wants To Direct a Black Widow Movie

Uranus: Why we should visit the most unloved planet (BBC)

Sanctions Deepen the Recession (in Europe)

"Masters of Sex" is soooooo sexy!

Republicans throw a conniption over the teaching of U.S. history

Breakthrough made in Gaza truce talks

something that might be of interest from Pacifica tomorrow

Whole organ 'grown' in world first (BBC) {mouse thymus}

Got to see the Chihuahuas today.

The Inanity of Rand Paul's quote on Ferguson, MO..

Battle rages for key Iraqi oil refinery

The Venezuela Case Study In How Not To Help The Poor

Additional Information on Smear Campaign on Michael Brown

The America's are a shaken. Peru 7.0 a few hrs ago, Chile a couple of days ago.

How Did This Happen?!!

"They are our own flesh and blood."

If anyone else is using fitbit and myfitnesspal, I am

Democrats Build Ground Game in Arkansas

40 Maps that explain the Roman Empire....

Chicago and 2 California Counties Sue Over Marketing of Painkillers.

For 11 bucks, I'll take two.

One of the biggest reasons we have a federal deficit. . .(corp media will never mention)

Live debate: Are AE911Truth, J911S & Kevin Ryan limited hang-outs? on Dr.Kevin Barrett’s Truth Jihad

21 Numbers That Will Help You Understand Why Ferguson Is About More Than Michael Brown

Do corporations deserve to exist and why?

Stormy Monday, 8/25/14

US Congressman Refused Access To Bahrain

The difference between children - Haaretz

Stupidity outbreak mars Harper’s visit

Survey: US gas prices down 4 cents per gallon

3 beheaded in southern Brazil prison riot

TF Black is operational again, this time against ISIS

Sex in public places

The Islamic State and the land of lost gods

#Peace In Ferguson

Watch Michael Sam sack Johnny Manziel

Foley murder video 'may have been staged'

For sale: Systems that can secretly track where cellphone users go around the globe

New Motto For This Group

A very sad side effect of Obama coming out against militarization of police

Children play with handgun, 1 shot in head

Remembering James Foley's Remarkable Faith

Walking While Black: Beverly Hills PD Arrests Innocent Black Man

ISIS-linked bomb threat against Sony executive diverts San Diego-bound plane

Facing Ire, Mark Driscoll Says He Will Take a Leave

Retirees' Social Security checks garnished for student loans

WaPo - "Disconnected Obama" Meme An Example of the Lying Corporate Media

Don't Ask me whats going on...I HAVE no idea..

The Farmer in the Well (of Congress)

NBC News President Rouses the Network

Best Political Cartoons of the Week

Ha! Scott Walker freaking out - begs court to reinstate voter ID

5 States (And One City) Ready to Legalize Marijuana

Burger King in Talks to Buy Tim Hortons in Canada Tax Deal

Magnitude 6.9 earthquake strikes southern Peru

French Government Dissolved Amid Internal Feud

Watch to the end

Correa calls US blockade of Cuba an outrage against rights

Over 500 Methane Vents Found on Atlantic Ocean Floor Off the US East Coast

China’s Chengdu J-20 Fighter Redesigned Using Stolen F-35 Data

Israel-Palestine, a binational state in the making

F-35 Dominance, And Budget Cuts, Are Forcing Lockheed Martin's Rivals To Hunt For Sales In Increasin

Military surplus equipment: Good deal or 'shadow armies' in the making?

Baltic Fears: NATO Debates Directing Missile Shield against Russia

GOP the party of 'bigots, billionaires and bullies'

US flags China as a maritime outlaw

what happened to thrift stores and used furniture stores?

In 1988, the PLO recognized Israel. What did the Palestinians get for that?

ISIS: Caliphate or pretenders?

The University of Missouri should be very ashamed of this:

When Patriotism Follows Skin Color

Is the US Still the Indispensable Nation?


Bobby Shafto

The new or full moon

When Did it Become the Norm for Police to Crush Americans' Rights?

Humanist Group Claims 24 Members Of Congress Privately Admitted To Being Atheists

#BlackTwitter, The New CNN

6 Numbers That Show How Out of Whack America's Priorities Are

Florida County Commission Votes to Exclude Atheists From Giving Invocations

I think, I know why republicans are obsessed with voter-ID, voter-registration...

Why is the F-35 taking so damn long?

White privilege: When you run a red light and hit someone, and everyone worries about you

Anyone here use the Jitterbug phone?

Anyone here use the Jitterbug phone?

Did ISIS Take Down Sony's Playstation Network?

CNN: Blacks have fiery debate over Ferguson shooting

Support for Israel: A gay liberal perspective By MICHAEL MICUCCI-KOSOWSKI

French Communists: “Relaunch the Counter-Offensive After the Holidays”

Inside the Democrats' Plan to Save Arkansas—and the Senate

As Russia and U.S. Struggle, China Rejoices

Woman, Children Accidentally Pulled Over by Police at Gunpoint.

Couldn't help but notice.. CNN is in FULL concern-troll mode again..

The Ferguson PD just received this:

Family Tree of Languages Has Roots in Anatolia Turkey

The Tea Party Governor Backlash of 2014

British Embassy forced to apologise for tweet celebrating anniversary of burning of White House

TCM Schedule for Tuesday, August 26: Summer Under the Stars: Sophia Loren

How The National Rifle Association Misappropriates The Holocaust

(Ft) Drum says it’s not censoring, just protecting government computers

Keep state out of religion

Sanctions and the U.S. Dollar -- A Fall From Grace?

TCM Schedule for Wednesday, August 27: Summer Under the Stars: Edmond O'Brien

Rand Paul’s latest cowardice: There’s a reason why he runs away from immigration policy

War from the Shadows

Souls to the Polls

What It Means to Be a Liberal

Living on our tax dollars but fleeing them-- tax inverters AbbVie and Medtronic

Give Miley Cyrus some credit for her VMA appearance this year.

Tony Blair advises Kazakh president on publicity after killing of protesters

Who put the 'ham' in Ingraham? . . . Please come CAPTION a most detestable bio-form!!!

Men Who Make Virginity Pledges Struggle with Sex Once Married

Two reasons the “I can’t be a Zionist because I’m a liberal” meme is false

89 families killed in Gaza since hostilities began, Palestinians say

California Quake to Cost Insurers Up to $1 Billion, Eqecat Says

Monday Toon Roundup 1- RW Noise Machine

German index slump increases talk of ECB action


Monday Toon Roundup 2- Maybe militarizing the Police wasn't such a Good Idea...

Monday Toon Roundup 3- The Rest

Ben Carson Thinks Ferguson Shooting Had 'Nothing To Do With Race'

Scientists Discover Oldest Metal Object in Middle East

NBC: Danger Beneath: 'Fracking' Gas, Oil Pipes Threaten Rural Residents

get the assassin

Sony PlayStation Network and other game services attacked

Mike Brown’s shooting and Jim Crow lynchings have too much in common.

Federal Law Ordering US AG To Gather Data On Police Excessive Force Has Been Ignored For 20 years

Re: RP "This is a much more nuanced story than some in the Beltway understand."

Police: Bored Man Arrested for Chasing Neighbor with Sharp Object.

Syria ready to work with any state to fight Islamist militants

Disney files patent applications to use drones in its theme parks

Know The Difference ...

UNICEF and Jawwal reach more than half a million people in Gaza with life-saving child protection

Ferguson Reporter Breaks Down Over Police Abuse: Listen!

What are the best alternative news publications in your city and/or state?

Tom Tommorrow: Sparky Dooms The Nation

BREAKING:Fort Lee in Virginia says active shooter on base

UN rights chief: Crimes against humanity in Iraq

60 Minutes: On the road with the Health Wagon

Bacon in Vermont

How the Gates Foundation’s Investments Are Undermining Its Own Good Works

Verizon Triples Solar Energy With $40 Million Investment

Pediatricians' Rx for schools: Later start times

Chris Hedges: How the Brutalized Become Brutal

Russia may carry on ISS project after 2020 - newspaper

Revolt of the inspectors general

620,000 Military Families Rely on Food Pantries to Meet Basic Needs

Victim of McCarthy-Era Witch Hunt calls on U-Illinois not to Fire Critic of Israeli Policies

CNN Reporting Active Shooter at Ft. Lee, VA.

Immigration Now The Top GOP Grievance -- Above Health Care, Economy

Is Haskell County in Kansas named after Eddie Haskell?

Young woman and her horse screwed over by the system, can you help?

Approved responses - by Tom Tomorrow

The unfiltered campaign of Tim Wu

Active shooter reported at Fort Lee in Virginia

Paul Ryan Dodges Questions On Deportation At Book Signing

Young woman and her horse screwed over by the system, can you help?

We’re Here! We’re Queer! We’re Not Going Shopping!

One of Cuomo's Nano Utica companies says it was never involved

Matt Prater Suspended Four Games

China Focus: SCO anti-terror drill kicks off in China

Upstate New York News Thread Aug 25.

White privilege is the best medicine

True Blood the season finale - The Good, the Bad and the Ugly *spoilers*

Russia announces plans for second aid convoy to Ukraine

ICYMI: NY chapter of National Organization for Women backs Cuomo challenger

August 25, 21014 - Rachel Ray is 46. What are you having for supper?

LIVE coverage: Michael Brown funeral

Iraq: on the Front Lines with the Shia

Syria warns U.S. against bombing ISIS without permission

Can you identify these cars from film and TV?

Man killed in road rage shooting

Woolf expounds on support for Social Security and Medicare

Syria warns U.S. against bombing ISIS without permission

Giants' bullpen collapses in 14-6 loss to Nationals

Kenneth Lovett: Since leaving office Mayor Michael Bloomberg hasn t given Senate Republicans a dime

Mom had Dementia and this is what she said about President Obama

Rand Paul is more likely to eliminate important Government agencies than Hillary.

I have 5 monarch caterpillars on one Red Milkweed Plant!

Third parties galore on 2014 ballot

At Least 10 Percent Of Fracking Fluid Is Toxic

People Donate To Darren Wilson Fund And Leave Comments - WOW!

James Odato: If state is to blame, we'll pay price

S&P 500 tops 2,000 for first time ever

What Lies Beneath Stonehenge?


Libertarianism is just watered down fascism, only made tasty by heavy doses of salt, like a Big Mac.

NYC Metro and LI news thread Aug 25.

Retreat of Yakutat Glacier

Official U.S. Open Tennis Thread!

Travels in Isis country: priests, Peshmerga and property developers

Pic Of The Moment: And Another Right-Wing Meme Bites The Dust

RGA ad for LePage (youtube comments not yet turned off)

Crocodile attacks Florida man swimming in canal

Russian tank column follow up to aid convoy.

If you stomp your feet all day, that's why I'm wearing ear buds,

Liberal Internationalism (AKA Liberal Interventionism)

Ferguson letter becomes call for justice

From Yale's Lacrosse Fields to Making Mega-Deals at Alibaba

Lekeisha Sumner: The world watches Ferguson, but racial discrimination is also a health issue

Labor-Backed Assembly Candidate Initially Supports ‘Right to Work’ Law

James Foley wrote this letter to his family after Isis capture

Ukraine: Russian tank column enters southeast

Why what Kent Brantly said is offensive.

Fox News Desperately Wanted Saturday's March for Eric Garner To Be a Bloodbath

Expert Calls for Nuke Plant Closure.

This American Life: Magic Words: Rainy Days & Mondys -- improv & dementia

New Ice Bucket Challenge? Gazans Launch 'Rubble Bucket Challenge'

Date, time, and locations for US Senator Bernie Sanders in Iowa next month!!!

WEDC board OK'd Ashley Furniture getting $6 million tax credit, cutting 1,900 jobs

Blowback: Vijay Prashad on How Islamic State Grew Out of U.S Invasion of Iraq, Destruction of Nation

Almost Gramercy Park: Stuyvesant Square Declares Independence From a Famous Neighbor

Who should play Richard Attenborough in the inevitable movie?

Seeds of Hopelessness

Journalist Creates'Rubble Bucket Challenge' To Raise Awareness About Gaza

Scott Brown Flips On Climate Change: 'No' It's Not Scientifically Proven

This post was self debased by the author...

Alison Grimes Hits McConnell For Shutdown Threat In Dark New Ad

The russian aid-convoy in Ukraine will become the next "Dolchstosslegende".

Michelle Nunn Won't Commit To Backing Harry Reid

White privilege: When 7 white teenagers enter a black persons home and are not charged with anything

Zephyr Teachout feels 'built' to take on Andrew Cuomo in gubernatorial race

Feds end oversight of Detroit Police department

Wendy Davis's New Ad Seeks To Tie Opponent To Rick Perry Indictment

Fox News: Is Calling Michael Brown An 'Unarmed Teen' Playing The Race Card?

Electronic Frontier Foundation's NSA Primary Sources page

Expert Calls for Nuke Plant Closure.

The level of misogyny on display in GD has become toxic. (HOF THREAD)

What the hell :I just turned on MSNBC and there is Tweety

Israel Warns of Extended Gaza Conflict as Hamas Leaders Defiant

Animal F*ckers: Profiles by VICE

Aunt of 18-year-old killed by law enforcement describes shooting

who would you like the MTP host?

Contrary to popular belief, Michael Sam has not made an NFL team yet.

Acceptance and Gratitude: Transforming Spiritual Practices for Alzheimer's Caregivers

How not to do the ice-bucket challenge...

Washington Nationals have their own Rally Pigeon

Napa Quake Seen Costing Up to $4 Billion as Wineries Shut

Wendy Davis's New Ad Seeks To Tie Opponent To Rick Perry Indictment

The most meaningful thing to happen in a meaningless preseason

France's Fake Crisis Boosts the Far Right

City Councilman Ben Kallos wants to reform Freedom of Information Law but redacts multiple pages...

White privilege - it's even more subtle than you know -

Rob Astorino, Zephyr Teachout set to debate Sept. 4

Market Basket Family Drama continues....oy, I need toilet paper

"Georgia Gov. Nathan Deal has gone from rags to riches"

Bryan Fischer: ISIS is being raised up to destroy godless, decadent America!

Christians in the Middle East -

Reduced to typing with one hand

Keeping it Factual: Rand Paul's Voting Record

To CNN, NBC, ABC, CBC and MSNBC - your financials are suffering you're laying people off

Are police officers more racist/right-wing than average Americans?

Bring It Rev Sharpton

ALS Ice Bucket Challenge: The Hypocrites Edition

Ring of Fire: HuffPo Too Obsessed With Kim Kardashian

Could the Brown family file a wrongful-death civil suit against Wilson?

It looks like I am going to be waiting for a while.

A Rand Paul nomination could be a game changer

Livestream of Mike Brown funeral

Future island

Apathy doesn't work.

Ted Kennedy has been gone for 5 years -- I hadn't realized how long it has been

Help me here - why is bribery bad?

Chuck Toad Wants to Demystify Washington on MTP

New York Times Called Out for Saying Michael Brown Was ‘No Angel’

America’s guns kill seven of its children a day

Foley killer featured in Republican campaign ad

Sewer fishing: Can fishing get any crazier?

The Aftershocks

When did people start buying Rand Paul's insipid facade of credibility?

Make no mistake--- The Ron and Rand Paul trolls are the best on the internet.

What does it take to fake out fingerprint scanners?

Mark Twain quote from "More Tramps Abroad"

Rick Perry Hires Ex-Clinton Lawyer Mark Fabiani To Fight Charges

State: Big shortage of social workers in healthcare

"Do you support the free expression of ideas in our society?"

I am a proud Double-Spacer at the end of the period. Yes I am

Japan Unveils Adorable Mock Pizza Hut Run Entirely By Cats

Shooter at Fort Lee: The "Spin" is Women are Disgruntled?

Gaza War Could Push Slowing Israeli Economy Into Contraction

TX police draw guns on mother and young children they mistook for gun-waving males

British embassy sparks anger for tweet celebrating 1814 White House burning

Burger King deal could be a tax dodge whopper

Wrong Way Nation

ICREACH: How the NSA Built Its Own Secret Google

State asks school districts to trim local tests

Jonesboro, Ark., police chief resigns after being suspended for Facebook harassment of reporter

Cars Being Abandoned Left and Right in Qatar

"Ex-Gay" rally planned again...

"Soverign Citizen" had pot, guns, explosives and...30 live chickens in his car?

Whoopi Goldberg on Cuomo’s ‘restrictive’ marijuana law

The Racist Housing Policies That Helped Fuel The Anger In Ferguson - Bryce Covert Discusses

What parts of the government should be bigger?

Taser death under investigation in N. Florida

Either I or the hosts need some clarification on the new SOP concerning the gun issue.

UPS, pilots' union barred from air crash probe

Major Democratic operative joins Rick Perry legal team

729 whales killed by Norway this year.

Papantonio: Scalia’s Son Sabotaging Wall Street Reform

Not again - unarmed KS teen shot and killed by 16 police bullets

Is "Nickelback" Canadian for "Nickel Bag?"

War is Very Profitable. Invest Your Own Children. nt

Krugman: Conspiracy theories predominantly on the right; few on the left.

Israeli teenagers: Racist and proud of it

See the difference?

California Trees Nailed As The Source Of Mystery Infections

About Time! @CNN Replaces Anchor Who Suggested Using Water Cannons On #Ferguson Protesters

Ferguson Police Officer Justin Cosma Hog-Tied And Injured A Young Child, Lawsuit Alleges

The NYT assassinates Michael Brown all over again.

Krugman: It’s not just facts that have a liberal bias; so does careful, open-minded analysis.

My Facebook feed is nothing but Tiger Fucking Woods

Heineman (R-NE) says he would vote against minimum wage ballot issue

Word of warning for those on the fault line

Fox News ‘Confused’ About How Beyonce Can Be Feminist When She Doesn’t Wear Pants

Atlantic: TS Cristobal, Invest 97L; Pacific: Hurricane Marie, Tropical Depression Karina

Sierra Club Endorses Teachout

When one is seeking allies in a struggle ...

Well the R's are happy with today's Koterba toon

Rick Perry Shunned By One Of The GOP's Least Popular Governors

i don't feel like going to work today, so i'm not

Pew: What If The Libertarian Movement Doesn't Really Exist?

Some Numbers for the 'Entitlement' Bashers

Because there are days when we need to wonder how we got over...

from Howard Dean

Emirates and Egypt Said to Secretly Attack Militia in Libya

ISIS "tremendously well-funded". By whom? ...and why aren't we choking the funds off and prosecuting

We the 'People of Ferguson'

Kansas Police Shot Unarmed Suicidal Teen 16 Times As Family Says They Begged Them Not To

Pouring water on people before it was cool

Rand Paul Poll

New Zealand: Saudi Christian Converts Live in Fear

Ferguson’s booming white grievance industry: Fox News, Darren Wilson and friends

"The Women Gather"

Refuting Noam Chomsky's Claims about Marxism

A Rand Paul nomination could be a diaper changer

There's so much plastic packaging on food these days

Democratic Congressman: Slaveholding States Became Tea Party, Oppose Obama Because Of His Race

Refuting Noam Chomsky's Claims about Marxism

The lower Congress sinks, the higher voter turnout might be

Euphemisms: Concerning the legalization of marijuana

Norwegian Muslims Rally Against Islamic Militants

Entrepreneur Saved Struggling Neighborhood By Replacing Everyone With Affluent Twentysomethings

Ukraine crisis: President calls snap vote amid fighting

Colombia prosecution adds ‘money laundering’ to imprisoned ex-security chief’s rap sheet

Sometimes I feel ungrateful. I know it is wrong.

The 32 Nerdiest Jokes of 2013

I agree with Ron and Rand Paul on nothing

Charles Belk:'When you fit the description'

Colombia ‘peace talks hacker’ blows whistle, implicates military and Uribe in spy scandal

This is the biggest problem in America today.

Isis accused of ethnic cleansing as story of Shia prison massacre emerges

Mica attacks opponent - for taking the same union money he took (FL)

Jermaine Jones assigned to New England Revolution by blind draw

WTF ...114

Rick Perry’s lawyers file 60-page motion to dismiss case

Veteran journalist of over 40 years assassinated in Cali, Colombia

If Rand Paul gets the GOP nomination...

Israel destroys home of celebrated Gaza long distance runner

Desmond Tutu’s four steps to forgiving others: An RNS interview

Thought lobsters were red? Extremely rare BLUE crustacean is caught off Maine coast

Students working to develop nail polish that will detect date rape drugs

Rick Perry’s lawyers file 60-page motion to dismiss case

So there's this new place in the food court at the mall and . . .

Question Submitted by Orrex

The Beginning of American Progressivism: Food & Drugs, Trust-Busting, Women’s Right to Vote

Vatican: Former diplomat who abused children could face extradition

Back to School, and to Widening Inequality by Robert Reich

Ferguson Cops vs. Bankers (Jen Sorensen toon)

Let this Liberal be clear ... the Dems could run a goat and I'd vote for it.

Dr. Housing Bubble 08/24/14

I agree with Rand Paul

Read The Letter Murdered U.S. Journalist Had Smuggled To His Family

An Ode To NATO’s Mission In Libya

Great song.

Algeria suspend all football after player death

I can no longer multitask comp & phone

John McCain Throws In The Towel On Immigration Reform Bill

The 'new rose at my cottage' appears to have health problems!

Bors toon PREDICTED that NY Times "Michael Brown is no angel" article

Rand Paul is an...

Poll: Mass. Democrats would back Clinton over Warren

Bundy to speak at Elko Tea Party event

New poll reveals that Hillary Clinton would blow out Elizabeth Massachusetts!

A women's rights victory as California nixes an attack on abortion coverage

“If you wanna see a transformational election"

California's 10 day waiting period on gun purchase stuck down..

Pastor Calls To Imprison Gays For ‘Ten Years Hard Labor’ With New Constitutional Amendment

Three quarters of whites don’t have any non-white friends

Mom faces two years in prison for treating son with...guess what?

Michael Brown was “no angel,” according to outrageously skewed New York Times report

What is going on here? 6 of first 10 posts are about Kardashian or Paul.

Researchers: Health benefits can defray cost of climate policies

Hindu Group Leader Urges Town of Greece (NY) to Not Exclude Atheists from Giving Invocations

Official US document offers male-dominated advice to American service members visiting Colombia

Official US document offers male-dominated advice to American service members visiting Colombia

The Homegoing for Michael Brown

Is it beat-up-on-Beyonce' day?

Female Kurdish soldiers pose religious dilemma for Islamic State

Infuriating media trope: The "Obama Looking Downward" photo.

Does anybody here REALLY think

Everyone wants to rule the world

Remember years ago, DU members had get-togethers ?

Saw my first Monarch landed on my hanging plant!!!

My life in a religious order has been full of action


How the Brutalized Become Brutal - Chris Hedges

Integrating the planetary boundaries and global catastrophic risk paradigms

How can I suspend jury service for a while? I am still covered up with Ads?

Same-Sex Couples In Ecuador To Receive National Benefits

Same-Sex Couples In Ecuador To Receive National Benefits

Maybe (Duh) The Libertarian Movement Does Not Really Exist

Why one DC church started 'Nats Mass' for Nationals fans.

Few Say Police Forces Nationally Do Well in Treating Races Equally

'Fighting Fantasy' books still delight fans

The midterm elections are two months away

Why police and carriers keep shooting so many times

Wiggly Lines Leave Drivers Confused After Bad Striping Job

Pro-Palestinian activist's 'Rubble Bucket Challenge' for Gaza goes viral

Emmys 2014 Live Stream

NYT Public Editor: Michael Brown'No Angel' Description A 'Blunder'

Millionaire uses fortune to help kids in struggling town

Defense rests in Blackwater trial

Where are posters getting the cockamamie notion the Rug Doctor wants to legalize weed?

Colorado inmate death not reported for over a year

China And Afghanistan’s Minerals: Archaeologists Still Scrambling To Save Mes Aynak

Cuomo launches on-line tool for state job seekers who are veterans or disabled

African-American police officer: Ferguson 'heart wrenching

Imprint of primordial monster star found

Mayor de Blasio hitting the campaign trail again - for Gov. Cuomo

WTF ...115

Ashford's (D-NE) point is a particularly good one” -The Washington Post (Lee Terry wans a RAISE???)

Suppose Rand Paul switched to a (D) after his name,

Where is the 'progressive' outrage at Paul undermining Obama's Foreign Policy?

The French Government Has Collapsed, And It's Partly Paul Krugman's Fault (

Mayor de Blasio Speaks Out About Comcast-Time Warner Merger

Solar power a win-win for bishop

Handcuffed Black Youth Shot Himself to Death, Says Coroner

VP Joe Biden heading to Detroit for Labor Day

Crooked road striping causes havoc in Virginia

What's with all the love for the Rug Doctor on DU?

Rosetta mission: Potential comet landing sites chosen (BBC)

Stupid lock...

Fox News: Is Calling Michael Brown An 'Unarmed Teen' Playing The Race Card?

This is Leftist

Once and for all - which presidents got stoned?

A Rand Paul Republican nomination would be a game changer.

Florida man tries to shut down neighbor's lemonade stand

It's Monday, car show day! (Three pictures)

Elephant poaching deaths reach tipping point in Africa (BBC) {now exceed births}

Amazon to buy video game streaming platform Twitch

Rand Paul is an entitled, arrogant, ignorant motherfucker who should fuck off

Judge Orders FBI to Investigate Witness Tampering

NYT Editorial: Israel’s Move to the Right Challenges Diaspora Jews

A goat in a princess hat

Christie's Government Trumpets "Farm to School" Healthy School Lunch Program. Fox News Will...?

We Have Been Waiting Too Long

Are you in a bad mood?

NY Times on Tax inversion

Michigan pastor: bill to ban discrimination against LGBT folk would legalize pedophilia

United States: Boy held for 'killing pet dinosaur' (BBC) {or, that's what he wrote ...}

Cornel West on the President

Matt Damon - ALSIceBucketChallenge - I know some are done with this but

Walk toward the Light (Dial-up warning)

Circus performers doing cool stunts around Seattle

Rand Paul’s stunning cowardice: Wants to be president but fears a “dreamer”

I'm sure someone has posted this in my lonnnggggg absence but I am compelled to post it just in case

Rand Paul aside, why ...

My poor Quincy has

Rand Paul does the Militarized White Privilege bucket challenge (VIDEO)

To be kind

Is The Guardian "fauxgressive"?

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Several Questions I Want Republicans to Answer About President Obama

I see no one that is ready to be President.

Geez, I don't think there are enough rand paul threads

Suppose my pet piglet decided to keep Kosher.

Pauls I would be much happier to read about and discuss on DU

Randy Paul & The Revelry

Home health care union vote survives court challenge (26,000 vote count starts tomorrow 8-26-14)

Andrew J. Bacevich: ‘Graveyard of American ambition’

In Memory of Puppy Doe, Massachusetts Cracks Down on Animal Cruelty

In the interest of transparency, intaglio has been blocked from the A&A group

BREAKING: Suspect Identified in James Foley Beheading Is Failed Rapper

Lets Go Back in History...CrossTalk: Arab Blowback

I don't care what you may think of Rand Paul