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Mark Lanegan has passed at 57. RIP Mark.

Alleged Portland Gunman Wanted to Shoot 'Commies and Antifa'

How U.S. sanctions could 'constrain' Russia's economy - PBS NewsHour

NLRB Settles Federal Suit Against the U.S. Virgin Islands, Ensuring that Unions May Freely Represent

NLRB Settles Federal Suit Against the U.S. Virgin Islands, Ensuring that Unions May Freely Represent

Phil Mickelson in trouble financially?

Regarding the ECONOMICS of Griswold/Roe and Male Resentment...

Havana Syndrome: The captured sound is almost otherworldly. Starts 23 seconds in--

Two Waves Of Winter Precipitation To Strike Wednesday and Thursday

Black Lives Matter Kicked Off Amazon Charity Platform

GOP officer in NC busted leading a door-to-door harassment effort targeting Black voters

2 National Guard Helicopters Crash near Utah Ski Resort in Training Accident

US Senate seats up for re-election in 2022 that Democrats are likely to win.

Wind Power Prevails

More Troops Headed to Eastern Europe as Biden Says Russia Invasion of Ukraine Has Started

Wait..wut?!? Bannon calls MSNBC host Joy Reid a white supremacist for condemning Putin

The Ukrainian Paramilitaries Ready to Fight Russia - NYT News

It's snowing here right now.

Washington Asks the Defense Department to Send in the National Guard Ahead of Trucker Protest

Trump's finger prints are all over everything, but yet some don't care!

Suspected Shooter in Normandale Park Mass Shooting Identified

Idiot Idaho legislator believes England, Australia "communist countries"

A toast --

Trump's Truth Social Might Have Run Into Legal Trouble on Day One

Children in eastern Ukraine get lessons in survival at school amid fears of Russian invasion - CBS News

WHO Is This Noted American?

Wonder if Russian alcoholism and amphetamine addictions will be a problem for their military?


I was all set to spend

BBC: Satellite images show new troop deployment - Maxar

Between Mikhail,Boris,and Vladimir who is the most evil?

State notifies 186,000 buildings, homes drinking water comes through lead pipes

Levon. Damn. Helm. Genuine American treasure

San Diego home prices up 26% in a year, key housing index says

Merrick Garland Confirms DOJ Probe Of Trump Document Theft

Fake news alert! Donald Trump's new social media app is a triumph

A Far-Right Figure Is Already Accusing Trump's Truth Social Of Censoring Him

Russian "Psychic" Group Denies Warming, But Managed To Enlist Heartland. Oh, And Lizard People

China Warns U.S. of 'Full-Scale Confrontation,' Talks Taiwan, Ukraine in Call

A District Judge Just Gave DOJ a Precise Rationale for Prosecuting Trump

Attacks fly in final days of Attorney General Ken Paxton's primary fight

Can we ask for a moment

'Very strange': Putin's version of Ukraine's history baffles and concerns experts

Trump praises Putin

16 y.o. Indian chess whiz stuns #1 Magnus Carlsen

You never know who you'll run into in Kyiv!

China warns nationals of 'worsening' situation in Ukraine

Is this cultural appropriation?

Chief Craig fundraising letter rips Michigan State Police. Did his campaign send it?

Biden pledges to use 'every tool at our disposal' to limit gas hikes following Russian sanctions

KY elects its 1st openly-#LGBTQ State Representative

Most bank accounts frozen under the Emergencies Act are being released, committee hears

NATO countries respond to Putin, prepare for war in Ukraine - ABC News

Canada commits troops, sanctions Russia as Kremlin orders troops into Ukraine

AOC CALLS OUT TUCKER liebulous harassment.

Kenya's blistering U.N. speech about Russia is a perfect call-out

"Freedom Convoy" in Michigan's state capital a huge bust

Donald Trump's DNA, not deposition sought in defamation suit

Texas AG Ken Paxton ducks debates with Republican challengers, including televised faceoff Thursday

Editorial: Collier could unite Texans in Dem bid for lieutenant governor

Bonus Tweet of the Day

Ghomes The Hitman : ashita wa kyou to onaji mirai

The Cure For High Oil Prices Might Just Be Higher Oil Prices

Multnomah County prosecutor charges suspected park shooter with murder

The troubling role of Clarence Thomas' wife in Trump's efforts to overturn the 2020 election

ACLU: Proposed settlement could bring big and long overdue change to driver's license regulation in

A Chinese news outlet accidentally leaked its own censorship instructions on Russia-Ukraine coverage

Ghomes the Hitman : Tsbomi

Phil Mickelson apologizes for recent comments, says he needs 'some time away'

Phil Mickelson apologizes for recent comments, says he needs 'some time away'

Fox guest claims Trump is pretending to be subservient to Putin to troll the media

Anyone who wants to follow OSINT accounts on Twitter, here's my list.

Medal Shmedal

Last Week in the Republican Party - The Lincoln Project

Josh Hawley Provides 'Aid and Comfort to Putin,' 'Kansas City Star' Alleges

Ghomes The Hitman : Carolina

Massive bear named 'Hank the Tank' on the run from California police

Erdogan tells Zelenskiy Turkey opposes targeting of Ukraine's territorial integrity

Pentagon expected to OK National Guard for DC truck convoys

Scientists Attached Tracking Devices to Magpies. But Nobody Asked The Magpies

Blue Lies Matter: Reckoning with police lies not only as individual issues but also political speech

Tucker's very serious reasons for liking Putin

EU sanctions 351 Russian lawmakers who voted to recognise Ukraine's separatist republics

A Truck Convoy With a Message Everyone Can Get Behind

Tucker Carlson's show is almost over.

What the hell kinda' former president...

The Republican Party has become an organized conspiracy to take power from Americans. -Steve Schmidt

Ronny Jackson finally calling for sanctions....

US attack helos, F-35s and infantry heading to Baltics amid Ukraine invasion

Mr Jones (Ukraine under Stalin) preview

Mandatory Tuesday Mike Malloy thread!

World Leaders Respond To Putin - Zerlina. - The Choice MSNBC

Feb. 22 2022 is Putin Payback for Feb. 22 2014. This Is The ULTIMATE 'War of Choice.'

WA congressional candidate Loren Culp advises supporters to buy unproven COVID treatments

Trump On Putin Invasion Plan: 'This Is Genius' - All In - MSNBC

Muttonhead. I like that.

Keith Olbermann tweet.

Ukrainian parents brace their children for a Russian invasion, sending them to school with stickers

Germany: It's time to say "yes" to Howitzers in Ukraine

Czech drone maker withdraws from Russia amid sanctions concerns

Appeals court restores TN's Down Syndrome abortion ban

Russia's Richest Lose $32 Billion as Ukraine Crisis Deepens

John Kay and Steppenwolf -Snowblind Friend (live)

Japan imposes sanctions on Russia over actions in Ukraine

Anyone who is surprised that Retrumplicans are kissing Putin's ass

WA Democrats Pitch $65B Supplemental Budget Plans

WHOA! Hold on! Stop and really think about this: a twice-impeached one term former

Seattle's First Black-Owned Brewery Is Opening in the Central District

Pat McCrory unintentionally flaunts his ignorance of economics

5-Year-Old Brazilian Boy Becomes Asteroid Hunter and Wins Honors

Schumer requests Senate briefing on Ukraine-Russia conflict

5-Year-Old Brazilian Boy Becomes Asteroid Hunter and Wins Honors

U.S. Hits Russia With New Sanctions - The Mehdi Hasan Show

Trump's Loss in Civil Court Case Provides Roadmap for DOJ to Follow in Criminal Prosecution of Trump

Brazil Took Three Times Longer than Argentina to Vaccinate 15% of Children against Covid

What's The Difference Between Hot Chocolate And Hot Cocoa?

Lawmakers urge Biden to ask Congress before sending military to Ukraine

Enough shocking stories about Ginni Thomas. It's time for some action

South Carolina bill to consider churches essential in emergencies advances

Well thank goodness Biden is President and TFG is out.

Seattle City Council votes not to extend eviction moratorium

Democrat Keturah Herron has just WON her special election for the Kentucky House!

100-vehicle crash Monday on I-84 near Pendleton, Oregon in Blue Mountains

So supporting a hostile country against the US

Southern Baptist leaders apologize to sex abuse survivor

Ga. Senate advances bill that aims to let parents second-guess school lessons

Communities shelter, recover from Snohomish County cold snap

Florida Rep. Joe Harding is a shithead

US Senate Elections in 2022 from all of the states Democrats are likely to win.

Ukrainian Journalist: Our People Are 'Tired Of Being The Battlefield Of Civilizations'

'Pig sty' jail in Richland County should be closed after man died there, attorney says Read more at

Blind Boy Paxton: No More the Moon Shines On Lorena

Cuba's own jab and focus on young children kept Omicron at bay, experts say

Steve Schmidt On Rick Scott's GOP Agenda: Just A 'Laundry List Of Grievances' - All In - MSNBC

Young picker/singer I like. I check back with this kid every now and again

South Carolina governor candidate Joe Cunningham announces campaign staff with sitcom-inspired video

Biden lowers the hammer on Russia, just as he vowed

Pre-Inca archaeological site yields 8 child sacrificial victims

Pre-Inca archaeological site yields 8 child sacrificial victims

It's times like this that I miss President Obama

Mark Lanegan & Maggie Bjrklund - "Nutshell" RIP Mark Lanegan.

Cuban Heberferon Drug to Treat Several Malignant Tumors

Pulse Nightclub Survivor: Florida's 'Don't Say Gay' Bill Rooted In Homophobia, Transphobia - The ReidOut

A 2/22/22 Beach Party: Free Beer, Wine, Whiskey, and Cigars!

This tweet is hilarious 😆

The Rude Pundit: The GOP Put Out "An 11-Point Plan to Save America" and It's Hysterical Hysteria

i HIGHLY recommend everybody to watch a documentary on DICK GREGORY i found on showtime.

Salvadoran women freed from jail after abortion convictions seek clemency for others

Florida legislator withdraws 'Don't Say Gay' bill's outing amendment

RIP Lani Guiner- Assistant Attorney General for Civil Rights under Clinton.

Guatemalan doctors march to protest lack of medicine, equipment

Fats Domino - Blue Monday + Bob Seger's great cover of the song

On Request, a repost from GD: Re the ECONOMICS of Griswold/Roe and Male Resentment...

East Side Story!

Ahmaud Arbery's murderers found guilty of federal hate crimes charges

Plant Vogtle delays and ballooning costs since 2012 unveiling like 'groundhog day'

We Can Impose More Sanctions On Russia's Largest Institutions

Biden interviews trio of candidates for Supreme Court

LilBit is amazing and pulling me forward

Georgia state government steps in to move Rivian EV plant forward

The Jimmy Kimmel Live 2/22/22 Spectacular!

Donald Trump is much TOO STUPID to know that HE IS REALLY STUPID!!!!

Wednesday Morning Relaxing Cafe Jazz & Bossa Nova

Alexander Vindman Quote

Vindman: Deeply Disturbing For Trump To Cheerlead For World's Most Belligerent Authoritarian ReidOut

Man Accused of Attacking and Yelling Racial Slurs at Woman in Montco Store

Anagrams. (i probably saw this here a couple years ago--but who knows?)

Psaki confirms Biden-Putin meeting off the table

Good Night DU MA. Tonight's lullaby is a railroad song

Sexual assault, harassment linked to higher risk of high blood pressure in women, study finds

Sexual assault, harassment linked to higher risk of high blood pressure in women, study finds

I miss my old therapist

West of Ukraine is Poland. WI, MI, CT over 7% Polish Ancestry. PA, IL and others 5-7% & bunch 3-5%

Major road projects delayed as Georgia reshuffles schedule

Add being on the wrong side of the Ukraine invasion to the list of things that will kill the GOP at

The discovery of the TRAPPIST-1 system -- an extraordinary collection of 7 Earth-size worlds

Guns Have Overtaken Cars as Leading Cause of Traumatic Deaths in the U.S.

"I've decided to carry Narcan. I'd ask you to consider it, too."

One Crater on the Moon is Filled with Ice and Gas that Came from a Comet Impact

Cheap Beer Joint - Dave Wilcox.

Paul Farmer Invented a New Way of Caring for One Another

Brooklyn Progressive Dems Raise Alarm About New Party Director's GOP Past

Biden moves to blunt China's electric battery dominance

Virgin Hyperloop lays off 111 staffers as it abandons plans for passenger transport

Trump & His Allies Praise Putin As Russian Troops Threaten Ukraine - The Last Word - MSNBC

So, freezing Russian oligarchs' assets may also mean freezing Trump Org's assets?

Haha - seen this?

The Mysterious Origins of King Tutankhamen's Space Rock Dagger Just Got Clearer

Light-Eating Desert Bacterium with Cunning Ability to Photosynthesize

Airplane - White Rabbit

Archaeologists find a 9,000-year-old shrine in the desert in Jordan

A granddaughter passes on the legacy of 'Granny Hayden,' a midwife born into slavery

Scramble to house Ford Megasite workers begins

White House Unveils Sanctions Against Russia - The 11th Hour - MSNBC

US Senate Elections in 2022 from the states the Democrats are likely to win.

David Rothkopf: I honestly can't fathom how we have gotten to the point

McQuade Memo Details Jan. 6 Criminal Charges Trump Could Face - The Last Word - MSNBC

Wild EAST: The Cossack World

Israel Health Ministry announces conversion therapy ban

Who do Republicans think Putin's nukes are aimed at?

I put my cat's name

This is what people in favor of the "Don't Say Gay" bill are saying about LGBTQ families

Life is a Bitch....

2 Utah National Guard helicopters crash, no injuries

Trump Praises Putin's Movements In Ukraine - The 11th Hour - MSNBC

Canned Heat - Goin' Up Country (1970).....

Adams taps former councilmember with history of anti-gay views for advisory post despite mounting

Rick Danko's tribute to Jerry Garcia. Pretty special.

"Donald" as a baby name hits low point in popularity

Dems Could Capitalize On Rick Scott's Wildly Conservative GOP Agenda - The Last Word - MSNBC

First Salvo Of Sanctions Batter Russia

U.S. Women's Soccer Players Score Major Win In Fight For Equal Pay - TRMS - MSNBC

Oil and gas facilities could profit from plugging methane leaks, IEA says

Bracing for War: The World presents a special edition on the Ukraine Crisis ABC News

Like in Arizona, botched baptisms roiled Michigan church

Twilight - The Band

Trump's Policy Of Giving Putin Everything He Wants Was No Help To Ukraine - TRMS - MSNBC

Revealed: ITV News obtains partygate questionnaire as Boris Johnson awaits possible fine

Biden admin suspends Alaska mining road plans approved in Trump era

Hong Kong orders compulsory Covid tests for all its citizens

Interior to pay $1.7B to fulfill tribal water rights settlements

Anyone have any idea how I can get an adult cat to use a litterbox?

So I have tickets for Dave Bromberg and the Quintet playing at a small arts center in Central Maine

Flying Burrito Brothers - Sing Me Back Home.

Naked science -'Deadliest Planets

Those Russian military guys rolling through eastern Ukraine in the tanks are just tourists, right?

White Lion - Little Fighter (Official Video)

Dave Bromberg Band- Stealin' - 1998(?)

L.A. Guns - The Ballad Of Jayne (Official Video)

Blue Murder - Jelly Roll

Jefferson Airplane - Have You Seen the Saucers?

The Byrds - Goin' Back

Dead - Estimated Prophet- Blues for Allah?

Israeli inquiry finds no indication police used spyware unlawfully

The Who - We're Not Gonna Take it.

Tesla - Modern Day Cowboy (Official Video)

What Putin is Doing to Ukraine is the Same as Trump Did

Putin Is Making a Historic Mistake. By Madeleine Albright

Airplane - "Go Ask Alice" 1969 - Woodstock

"No One is Above the Law, There Needs to be Accountability!" Glenn Kirschner - Political Voices Network

If the Russian conflict escalates ...

Russia tested the West by attacking Ukrainian LGBTQ people first. Europe & America looked away.

Putin's attack on a small border country wanting a Democracy over dictatorship is behind this,

SMART: Biden Enlists Asian Partners for Unprecedented Russia Sanctions Plans-Semiconductors...

Scientists find continent Balkanatolia that may explain evolution of mammals

Ukraine Is A Real Country - The Mehdi Hasan Show

Living Colour - Leave It Alone

Stephen Colbert Monologue, Nothing Putin Says About Ukraine Is True

Stephen Colbert - Monologue and Opening - 2/22/22

Stephen Colbert: Guest CNN senior political analyst John Avlon

By TFG and republicans openly supporting putin and his invasion ,

watch out women of Houston

SC Justice Clarence Thomas' wife had ties to Jan6 rally organizers & efforts to overturn election

Missouri GOP rejects filing fee of candidate who once said 'Hitler was right'

Britain's ownership of the Chagos islands has no basis, Mauritius is right to claim them

Decorative Papercuts Compose Patrick Cabral's Meticulously Layered Sculptures


D.C.-area forecast: Warming up to near 70 today, much colder tomorrow with rain or wintry mix.

.. last we heard of John Bolton, his house in DC was being searched by Secret Service agents, who re

According to Bloomberg "Top News", Putin says he is still open to "Diplomatic Solutions"

TFG's statement on putin and his actions are telling,

Louisiana deputies arrested. they shot man to death when he honked horn

Toronto middle school students give a Jewish teacher the Hitler salute

Why some people think it's "the Ukraine".

Breakfast Wednesday 23 February 2023

NYTimes Wordle 2/23

Candace Owens Loses (Again) in Crusade to Sue Facebook's Fact-Checkers

Ukraine starts drafting reservists aged 18-60 after president's order

Wordle 249 (*** SPOILER THREAD ***)

Psychedelic Jelly 🦑 Fantastic, Bizarre Creatures Swimming in Monterey Bay

10 maps that explain Ukraine's struggle for independence (ca. 2015)

Musk's Starlink connects remote Tonga villages still cut off after tsunami

EU nations rush to break dependence on Russia for natural gas

Same-sex couple urges Taiwan, Japan to widen marriage legality

Ukraine mobilises military reserves, urges citizens to leave Russian territory

"He caught his own punt and TOOK OFF 👏" [Twitter]

Russia sanctions to be confirmed later today - Donohoe

Winter Weather aims for mid-Missouri once again

Legislators take a chance on legalizing sports betting

Judge signals Trump may be unable to countersue Jean Carroll in defamation case

Biden's Schedule for Wednesday, February 23, 2022

The slow disappearance of "Trumpaltars"

State police says woman's $9,000 towing bill from I-696 pileup crash not illegal

'Thugs and bullies': Nations sanction Russia over Ukraine

Looks like the GOP are full on autocrats - Listen to Mike Pompeo praise Putin.

Looks like the GOP are full on autocrats - Listen to Mike Pompeo praise Putin.

Ambassador goes MEGAVIRAL with speech of the year on Ukraine - Brian Tyler Cohen

George Frideric Handel was born on this date.

Bruiser is back, this morning.

Republicans Identify With Putin Because ...

The media is missing something TFG said,

Romanovs..1613 to 1918...Simon Sebag Montefiore

Rudy Giuliani poised to cooperate with January 6 committee

Johnny Winter was born on this date.

Navy: 4 dead after helicopter crash in Hawaii

Interstate leap frog would be just the ticket to stop the truck convoy they are planning

Enslaved people risked everything to escape Missouri for Kansas -- even walking across a frozen river

Mexico listen up, trump said pooty is genius and


Stellantis UAW workforce eligible for $14,670 profit-sharing checks

Stellantis UAW workforce eligible for $14,670 profit-sharing checks

I bet TFG wishes he had done like Putin,

Traumatized by the news Levada Center director Denis Volkov on : ('Donbas consensus')

Ukraine plans state of emergency as it prepares national defense

A teen ate leftover rice and noodles. Hours later, doctors amputated his legs and fingers

White Men Can't Jump

Historic opportunity to turn corner on methane emissions - IEA

Biden's Interior Department Yanks Permit For 200-Mile AK Highway To Mine For Environmental Review

The Weekly Pull: The Human Target, Star Trek: Klingons, Step By Bloody Step, and More

Comics Should Be Cheap (2/23/22)

The Webcomics Weekly #174: 6+6+6+6 sleeps till #200 (2/22/2022 Edition)

Steve Jobs' Heir Imagines His Post-Pelosi Future

The Rundown: February 23, 2022

You Don't Say!! "Net-Zero" Corporations Giving Millions To Republican AGs Fighting Climate Action

Trump praises Putin's strategy in Ukraine (CNN)

Just My Imagination

If Putin is battling Parkinson's disease,

UNEP Study Projects 14% Rise In Extreme Fires By 2030, 30% By 2050 Even W. Substantial GHG Cuts

February 23, 1940

Ukraine to declare 30-day state of emergency over Russian invasion concerns - WGN News

CNN - Trump sides with Putin as Biden tries to stop a war

IEA - Global Methane Emissions From Energy Sector Are 70% Higher Than Official Totals

DC United name XDC Network official jersey sponsor

Wednesday TOONs - Vladimandering

Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas' wife had ties to January 6 rally organizers and efforts to ..

Ford recalls 330,000 Mustangs to fix rear camera problem

Rudy Giuliani poised to cooperate with January 6 committee

Adams digs in on anti-gay hires (NYC)

GOP candidate colluded with Russian spies to unseat gay Rep. David Cicilline. He still failed.

Steve Bannon wants a war with Democrats.

When I called the yoga studio about lessons I was asked if I was flexible. I said I was except

The World's 33 Small Cat Species Face A Complex Of Threats - Habitat Loss, Warming, Pollution

Dinesh D'Souza weighs in *mind blown* 😆😆🙄👀

American Putin apologists will implode if Russia launches an all out war in Ukraine

Demand they stop fighting against a union and negotiate fair pay and better working conditions

Trump was right, saying Putin would not...

Antarctic Sea Ice Falls To Lowest Level In 43-Year Instrumental Record; Below 2 Million KM2

Today's Image Dump (2/23/22)

PNAS - "Phenomenally High Rates Of Melting" At Base Of Greenland Ice Sheet From Falling Meltwater

Excuses, Excuses (shortages)

Wall Street Journal Mystified By Public's Sour Mood Despite "Booming" Economy

A refresher for all those who think Putin never would've invaded if Trump were still President. Bull

Could China be asked privately to demand Putin leaves Urkraine,

From Heather Cox Richardson

This song will never not be relevant

Helpful lesson for Republicans


Antivaxxers, QAnon people and the anti-CRT crowd have joined together to intimidate school boards.

The true story behind one of the Vietnam War's most famous photographs

Nato should show a huge military buildup

The new old Cold War

House candidate calls sleepover controversy a 'painful attack on my character'

Of course he did! Again!

To be accurate, Trump said a television screen was genius.

It is known Garland is investigating the fake electors, which leads to this conclusion.

Just want I was hoping to find. A Herman Cain Award Bingo Card

Should Congress offer a non-binding resolution condemning TFG's remarks praising Putin?

China says Taiwan is 'not Ukraine' as island raises alert level

Squad member to deliver response to Biden SOTU

Some of dis and Some of dat

Netflix's Vikings: Valhalla - why we've got the Vikings wrong

Fox News Blames Benghazi For Russian Invasion Of Ukraine

The Guardian Analysis: advance forces' battle readiness will quickly degrade, giving Putin only days

Pennsylvania voters: isn't Mehmet the "Lizard of Oz"? nt

Glenn Miller Orchestra - I've Got A Gal In Kalamazoo - Nicholas Brothers

It is reasonable to assume the NY investigations are nearing there endpoint.

Why Octavia Butler's sci-fi dystopia is still relevant

Trump's Loyalties - The Lincoln Project

Body Language

Ukraine Hit With Massive CyberAttack

Apologies are a test of character, and Phil Mickelson's revealed his after 'reckless' comments

Are there any other nato member countries sending troops and equipment to

Florida is going to Hell in a Handbasket.

Ahmaud Arbery was gunned down 2 years ago today

Charles Pierce: "When Did It Stop Mattering That Ukraine Doesn't Want to Be Part of Russia?

Frank Zappa - Cosmik Debris (you need a little Frank in the morning)

Teen Accused of Breaking Into Gay Man's Home & Beating Him With Wrench

Teen Accused of Breaking Into Gay Man's Home & Beating Him With Wrench

The 'groyper army' is looking to make white nationalism mainstream - it has key allies in the GOP

Texas governor directs state agencies to investigate gender-affirming care for trans youths as 'chil

Texas governor directs state agencies to investigate gender-affirming care for trans youths as 'chil

Most Staten Island elected officials will sit out 2022 St. Patrick's Parade to stand with LGBTQ

Amazon faces another complaint over tactics in Alabama union vote

Ukraine Government Websites Hit With Cyberattack, Days After Banks Impacted

Madison Cawthorn KNOWS He's In Big Trouble - Rebel HQ

Alexey Navalny : "Gathering of Dotards and Theives" (Putin's Security Council)

Latvian PM says Russia has moved new forces into Donbas, Eastern Ukraine

The GOP's midterm plan: Tax low-income families and eliminate jobs

Desperate Anti-Maskers SCREAMS "Paper Terrorism" at School Districts - Rebel HQ

Prolific White Nationalist Personality Identified

Octavius Catto: Activist, Educator, Abolitionist, Player

This is how your wallet could be affected by the Russia-Ukraine crisis (CNN)

Jared Yates Sexton: The Consequences of Poison

A new Covid vaccine shows 100 percent efficacy against severe disease and hospitalizations

Why Trump must be charged?

NC officials reject Cawthorn claim that Constitution's insurrectionist ban no longer applies

Gen. McCaffrey: Trump, Pompeo's Support Of 'Murderous Thug' Putin Endangers America

I am a child of the 1950's...

David Perdue Shakes Hands with Child Predator in Latest TV Ad (GA)

So... Gaetz wants TFG to be speaker for '3 or 4 hours'

DC trucker convoy update from Scranton, PA: There is currently only one truck in the convoy.

maybe a stupid thing to get excited about...

Republican Footsie With White Nationalists Has to Stop

A warning about Trump and Russia from the past.

Today, EVERY republican should be asked if they agree with TFG that Putin is a genius...

Panetta: We Can't Allow A Tyrant To Invade Democracies. Did We Learn Nothing From WW2?

Reps. Paul Gosar, Matt Gaetz, AOC, and Cori Bush join 39 other lawmakers to urge Biden to seek

Top U.S. & World Headlines -- February 23, 2022

Man accused of stealing crossbow by stuffing it down his pants

'Every Organization In The U.S. Is At Risk' Of A Russian Cyber Attack, Warns DHS

Watch All In With Chris Hayes Highlights: Feb. 22

Watch The ReidOut Highlights: Feb. 22

Protests at RU Embassy in Germany

Watch Rachel Maddow Highlights: Feb. 22

Gas price just went up here in KCMO. Was $3.14 and

Trump Wanted Lindsey Graham to Take Out Mitch McConnell. Graham LOL'd

Who turned down the volume on YouTube?

Foo Fighters lead a stacked 'Austin City Limits' taping lineup this spring

Keeping Portland Weird - 222 Tutus on TuTu Tuesday at 2:22 on 2022.02.22

Reporting by phone vs. reporting on the scene (Pennsylvania 1 truck convoy)

Questions here for our smart members!

Remembering how political activism was during the Vietnam War.

'Our Democracy...Independence Is At Stake,' Warns Belarusian Opposition Leader

UT senior wins Jeopardy! college championship Tuesday

Steve Winwood - Can't Find My Way Home

Vladimir Putin's latest invasion of Ukraine is an indefensible violation of international law,

Iran Moves More Oil Onto Ships in Preparation for a Nuclear Deal

In the past several days, I have read and heard about polls taken in Russia. These polls, we are

Trump set Ukraine up to be attacked for his own personal self-interests.

Good Day DU (February 23, 2022)

Jury convicts Columbus vice officer of civil rights violation

Jackson Browne - Running On Empty

Escape from Womanhood

🚨 PA Supreme Court ADOPTS new congressional map. Marc Elias wins again!

Guilty pleas tossed in California federal officer slaying

Trump giving "aid and comfort to the Enemy".. #ArrestHimNow

Will the freeze on Russian assets hurt the GOP campaign efforts?

Woohoo! Found this video - I thought it was rather funny

Sleepy Joe trending again on twitter.

BREAKING: PA Supreme Court picks Congressional redistricting map

Last of Winter

Weekly Ludi #34

Abbott orders agencies to investigate reports of transgender kids receiving gender-affirming care

COVID-19 Vaccines Are Unlikely to Trigger Rare Inflammatory Condition in Kids

Trump-DeSantis Losing Key Free Speech Case Over 'Cancel' Clash

UT-Austin researchers create technology to control robots through human brain

Bye, bye Nord Stream 2; hello alternative fuels....

Antisemitic flyers distributed in Texas city where 4 were held hostage at synagogue

African Americans say the teaching of Black history is under threat

'You Know Who I Am, Right?' Bodycam Footage Catches GOP House Candidate Acting Aggressive...

There are millions of people in Ukraine who will become resistance fighters.

First-ever recording of dying human brain reveals dreaming-like activity

"know who isn't a Russian stooge?" ... (hint: tiedrich tweet) (say it with me!)

Putin's strategy?

BREAKING: Pennsylvania Supreme Court ADOPTS new congressional map.

Here's a little story

USPS gets final signoff to order new delivery vehicles

The TFG Org and Weisselberg claim they were indicted because Manhattan prosecutors don't like TFG

Lucinda Williams - Pineola

The Pennsylvania Supreme Court has picked a new congressional map

U.S. mortgage applications tumble last week - MBA

Remembering Obama's Scandalous Presidency The Daily Show

Democrats Blast Rick Scott's New Vision for America in Radio Spot

Labyrinth: mondo Grosso

AlJazeera English news anchor is shredding a Sputnik shill live.

Long (unrolled) but very good thread by David Rothkopf:

More than 1,000 Hershey's workers vote on plan to unionize Virginia plant

Repukes hurry to support Russian dictator and sneer at America

Jon Stewart tweet:

Video from free Eastern Ukraine.

Middle Age Riot tweet:

My daughter is at an age where she understands what it's like to be embarrassed. It's my

PA Supreme Court approves new congressional district map

ONE Truck! DC trucker #KKKlownvoy update from Scranton, PA

LIVE: House Speaker Nancy Pelosi holds weekly news briefing

LOL. 2:30 pm-attack Biden for being too weak vs Putin; 3:30 pm-attack for being too tough vs Putin

Very Sad! THE AMAZING JOHNATHAN DEAD AT 63 ... Of Congestive Heart Failure

I've had a good morning trolling convoy supporters

Is Ron DeSantis Being Snubbed at CPAC?

Ted Lieu FTW:

D.C. trucker convoy fail

How to Delete Your Old Posts on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter

Daleep Singh Explains A More Detailed List of Full Blocking Sanctions

Biden's latest Russia sanctions mark new target: the families of Putin's inner circle

Giuliani Poised to Cooperate with Select Committee

Faux breaking news. However....

Russia threatens to target sensitive US assets as part of strong and 'painful' response to sanctions

North Carolina officials reject Cawthorn claim that Constitution's insurrectionist ban no longer app

Biden expected to allow sanctions on company behind Nord Stream pipeline to go into effect

Wow! Tennessee School Board member dismantles anti-CRT promoters

Jon Stewart Gets It

How an Obscure Far-Right Website Dominates Facebook

Trudeau Tells Canadian Banks To Unfreeze Accounts Of Convoy Protesters

Trump Was Already Prepping To Fight 2020 Results In Court Months Before Actual Election

On February 23, 1945, Joe Rosenthal took this picture:

The absurd Supreme Court case that could gut the EPA

@JackDetsch Just in: Russia has moved nearly 100 percent of forces into place needed for an invasion

Shadow is ready for the next adventure.

Mark Lanegan, Screaming Trees and Queens of the Stone Age Singer, Dies at 57

Mark Lanegan, Screaming Trees and Queens of the Stone Age Singer, Dies at 57

Trial for former officer involved in Breonna Taylor raid begins

Cleveland Mayor Justin Bibb endorses Rep. Shontel Brown for reelection to Congress

I think I have jet lag

Justin Bibb endorses Shontel Brown in congressional re-election bid

Is Tucker Carlson making the world a better place?

To whomever posted quordle yesterday

Biden's latest Russia sanctions mark new target: the families of Putin's inner circle

If Canada-style truck protest clogs roads and bridges here, Biden knows how to stop it

Prince - Purple Rain (official video + live at the American Music Awards, 1985)

5 Democrats appear to reject campaign contributions from Fux Noise parent company political committe

'We Cut Off Elites' In Russia, Says Treasury Official On New Sanctions

The 'Freedom Convoy' Ran on Regurgitated Disinformation Narratives

Focus, and be patient. Organize, educate, vote. This is how we save democracy.

I know that some very talented people read and post here. Are there any really good "photoshoppers"

Malcolm X Interchange Project Finished In Ward 8, Bringing Better Access

Precious little kitten:

Gotta love the "Shoo! Shoo!" hands.

Brett Kavanaugh was not vetted.

Who's working Remote? How is going? Do you want to return to the office?

How Traditional French Butter Is Made In Brittany

Mother dog corrects rambunctious puppy:

Pelosi calls Putin a 'tyrant,' calls developments 'stunning'

Yo-Yo Ma and Gabby Giffords perform 'Sound of Silence' to honor lives lost to gun violence

Rick Scott claimed he doesn't want to impose new income taxes. It's on page 35 of his new plan.

BREAKING: NC Court of Appeals approves Congressional redistricting map

Dog brings a snack to mother dog nursing puppies:

Putin's inner circle targeted by new EU sanctions

More Backpedaling from WI Republicans Who 'Don't Know' Who Won in 2020 LeMahieu, Kleefish,

NC judges reject new congressional map and create their own

Disturbing Mass Text Operation Terrorizes Ukraine as Russian Troops Move In

Bette Midler tweet (she found a great meme)

Ohio's leaders say why they shouldn't be held in contempt of court over failure to pass maps

Every Kid Starts Out As a Natural Born Scientist ...

Ex-ERCOT chief says he was following Abbott's direction when they ran up billions in bills during...

Prose from one of my favorite authors.

Just gonna say the 2000's have sucked thus far

NC officials reject Cawthorn claim that Constitution's insurrectionist ban no longer applies

Here's what to know about Washington's new COVID-19 guidelines

"Whiter shade of Pale" singer, writer, for band Procol Harum, Gary Brooker dead at 76

Justices weigh if Republican AGs can defend Trump immigration rule

Will the Russian oligarchs take out Putin?

On Ukraine, Republicans are united on criticizing Biden, but not on how to counter Russian threat

Any takers?

Russian TV with alleged shelling of journalists by Ukraine. This is Fox level insanity.

An observation in regards to the truckers' planned protest in Washington DC

TX Gov. Greg Abbott Just Declared Open Season on Trans Youth


Fiona Hill on NPR

How an obscure far-right website with 3 employees dominates Facebook in 2022

Rittenhouse using a Malcolm X quote to sell his "Sue all the media" grift

Did the media blame President Roosevelt

Gen. McCaffrey: Trump, Pompeo's Support Of 'Murderous Thug' Putin Endangers America

Remember when tfg withheld security aid from Ukraine until they investigated Hunter Biden?

Trump Fears Putin Is Too Distracted by Ukraine to Help Him with 2024 Campaign

An $80,000 surprise bill points to a loophole in a new law to protect patients

Ofcom 'ordered' to review RT

non profit exec used scholarship funds for maid service, meals, online dating,

@BeschlossDC Why do Trump and Pompeo both use precise word "savvy" to describe Putin?

Raccoon Still Visits Her Favorite Human Years After She Was Released In The Wild

Philip Crowther of AP: Stop this guy before he learns another language!

Pittie Lets Foster Kittens Nurse On Her

Cartoons 2/23/2022

Save salmon, create jobs: A new plan for Snohomish watershed

This reservation has Wyoming's strictest COVID-19 rules. Student athletes are glad

WORDLE2 #72 Noon to Midnight Puzzle 2/23/2022

Colin Kaepernick initiative to offer free autopsies for 'police-related' deaths

Can anyone explain why RT is still on my cable menu? nt

What lies beneath Ft. Ord. Vets worried polluted base made them ill

Russia evacuates embassy in Ukraine as crisis escalates

Three Men Plead Guilty to Conspiring to Provide Material Support to a Plot to Attack Power Grids

What lies beneath Ft. Ord. Vets worried polluted base made them ill

South Korea's presidential race puts misogyny in spotlight

Why didn't Putin do this when his puppet, TFG, was president?

Biden, Putin signal bigger confrontation ahead over Ukraine

A Rough Road to Texas House: On the Campaign Trail of Capitol Riot Defendant Mark Middleton

An Excellent discussion of Biden's Ukraine actions

This is what Trump and his MAGAts call 'strong':

Had my second interview today as house parent at a home for underprivileged children

Ah, nature

Method acting...

NYT: 2 Prosecutors Leading N.Y. Trump Inquiry Resign, Clouding Case's Future

Ain't Wastin' Time No More - Gregg Allman, live in Macon 2015, + Allman Brothers studio version

Is anyone else worried that if Russia against Ukraine

Smilie for Ukraine

'You Know Who I Am, Right?' Bodycam Footage Catches GOP House Candidate acts aggressive to cop

Russian expat Garry Kasparov says Putin has lost his 'sense of reality'

Tucker Carlson: Putin isn't actually as bad a guy as the West makes him out to be

2 Prosecutors Leading N.Y. Trump Inquiry Resign, Clouding Case's Future

Biden announces sanctions on company building Russia's Nord Stream 2 pipeline

The Klitschko brothers are some bad dudes

Today's touch of France - Street music - Aix - Wednesday Edition

Today's touch of France - Street music - Aix

Well, if part of Putin's objective is to tank the stock markets, he's sure succeeded!

Marcus King covering one of my Jr High school era favorites

Trump sides with Putin as Biden tries to stop a war

Former Texas power chief says Greg Abbott directed him to charge customers max amount during winter

Procol Harum founder, songwriter, pianist and lead vocalist Gary Brooker has died

Woman mistakenly jailed for 13 days sues Los Angeles and its police department

Scythelord - Die For Nothing

Trump PRAISES Putin's Strength In Russia VS. Ukraine

Pakistan prime minister Imran Khan lands in Moscow, says he's excited

That's the Way

Australian PM today, "Russia is at peak readiness to now complete a full-scale invasion of Ukraine.

Florida to force students to be financially literate to graduate. No balanced checkbook no diploma.

It Started With DIVISION, Not Gas Chambers: Us vs. Them..

Abbott floats pardons for Austin police officers charged for excessive force in May 2020 protests

Senate Democrats rip Rick Scott's GOP agenda in new ad

Howard University to digitize its archive of thousands of Black newspapers

Shadow's ready for the next adventure.

Liberal Redneck - Texas Targets Trans Kids

Big Pharma Pricing Is a Racket. These Startups Aim to Disrupt It.

(Can't hold it in today): We're supposed to be patient and let AG Garland do his work...

Looking for a new job? Grizzly Bear Conflict Manager

Biden's approval rating appears to be improving (per 538)

Allen Weisselberg, Trump Organization Seek To Toss Tax Fraud Case

Ukraine declares a nationwide state of emergency

Ivanka Trump in talks about cooperating with probe of Jan. 6 Capitol riot, report says

MAGA-rioting gluten-free TV chef charged with breaching Capitol on January 6th

America Is Morally Upside Down Because ...

Exxon Mobil has reached a contract agreement with its locked out Beaumont workers

Exxon Mobil has reached a contract agreement with its locked out Beaumont workers

From the OSU/Wexner Med Center- post covid+diabetes

When Socialists Govern

From the OSU/Wexner Med Center- post covid+diabetes

Man with dog he just adopted

From the OSU/Wexner Med Center, Columbus + post covid+diabetes

Better than bagpipes! 🥸

Ukrainians react to state of emergency

Manhattan DA prosecutors call it quits, Trump will skate again, IMO.

President of NY police union, Edward Mullins, charged with defrauding union & its members

Under the Banner of Heaven - Official Teaser - FX/HULU

I just got this absolutely hilarious email from the NRCC! (Republican organization)

So just cruising the beltway, then

The Texas Wine Industry Is Just Getting Started. Grape Farmers Say the End Is Near.

Breonna Taylor raid trial: Neighbor testifies gunshots 'inches away from hitting me'

This is the creepiest ad I've ever seen

The Danger of Indifference: "First They Came For The Socialists": Pastor Niemoller, Nazi Prisoner

Tuckie Russian Carlson need to be removed from his show!

Berlin & Paris tonight:

Columbia Psychiatry Chair Suspended After 'Racist' Tweet About Black Model

2022 WI US Senate Election Democratic Primary.

Wow! Up to 75 in DC. That's 25 degrees above normal for the date.

Brownsville cops arrest activist for anti-SpaceX graffiti, mayor posts her info on Facebook

Wall Street losses mount amid simmering Ukraine crisis

Truth Social Is Already Cancelling Users (TYT)

Some nice games coming for PS+ in March

The 2 prosecutors leading the Manhattan DA's investigation into Trump abruptly resigned: report

BBC: Cyber-attacks bring down many Ukraine websites

Nicolle is going to talk about

Gov. Greg Abbott floats pardons for Austin police officers charged with excessive force in 2020 prot

Laughable: Russian TV with alleged shelling of journalists by Ukraine

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Thursday, 24 February 2022

LockPickingLawyer: Worst Kept Secret. Lazy Manufacturers Use Same Key Over & Over Again.

Just a thought, not all of mine are all that good, but

AMD is now worth more than rival Intel

2 Prosecutors Leading N.Y. Trump Inquiry Resign, Clouding Case's Future.

Hollywood Unlocked's Shocking (And False) Claim That Queen Elizabeth Died

Local (Omaha area) eyewitness to historic Pearl Harbor attack dies at age 100

The GOP crusade against trans youth health care is built on lies, medical experts say

Two Top Prosecutors Investigating Trump Organization Resign

Tennis World #3 Alexander Zverev kicked out of the Mexican Open

Russia deploys mobile crematoriums to follow its troops into battle

Really, cat?

Boebert Smothers Town in Literal Poop in New Ad - The Damage Report

Ruy Teixiera's Catastrophic Cliamte Denial

The republicans who are praising Putin.

TCM Schedule for Thursday, February 24, 2022 -- TCM Guest Programmer Denis Villeneuve

Across the Desk - S5:E6 (The Oklahoma GOP Attack on Medical Marijuana - 2nd Dose)

Psaki says President Biden will announce Supreme Court pick before end of February

NY Times on the 2015 Waco biker shootout.

Florida Surgeon General Joseph Ladapo confirmed by Florida Senate

I Got to Drive a Supercar Once.

Attention Russian Army 2

What's for Dinner, Wed, Feb. 23, 2022

Democrats will end up with 51 to 54 US Senate seats after 2022.

Separatist leaders ask Russia for military force to repel Ukraine 'aggression'

Duck flaps his wings so hard when he sees his buddy!

My momma's birthday is tomorrow

I put out this little pillow today. Got it in 2018 when I visited

Trudeau ends use of Emergencies Act, says 'situation is no longer an emergency'

Tweet of the Day

Trending on Twitter: Thanks Joe Biden

Anyone know why a Canon digital camera would suddenly take CTG files instead of JPEGs?

Ukraine satellite photos from @Maxar posted by a @foreignpolicy reporter.

Trudeau revokes emergency powers after Canada blockades end

Is it just me, or do the separatists in Ukraine not resemble the Trump supporters here in the US?

TCM Schedule for Friday, February 25, 2022 -- What's on Tonight: Starring Gene Hackman

Trump Org prosecutors' resignations suggest 'something rotten' in the legal process: MSNBC analyst

Having issues with taste. -Dealing with covid

On creek, below osprey nest!

7 Long Haired Friends of Bob Bolus in a Chartreuse Soccer Mom SUV

Missouri residents file federal lawsuit over state's 'dysfunctional' food assistance program

Former Teacher Indicted On 12 Sex Felonies

Psaki Heading to Cable News?

ok, experts in Congressional procedures.....

Security guard prevents smash-and-grab at high-end Chicago jewelry store

Parents sue MercyOne, stranger who fed baby in NICU

The Forgotten District (Madison Cawthorn)

Florida MAGA rioter arrested -- after getting turned in by his own ex-wife

Dr Death. Wow. The malignant narcissism from TFG is so eerily similar

What We've Learned After Top Prosecutors Resign From Trump Criminal Probe

Argentina's economy rebounds by 10.3% last year - highest growth rate since 1964

Argentina's economy rebounds by 10.3% last year - highest growth rate since 1964

Dusk and setting, southern MD

TCM Schedule for Saturday 2/26/22

It's beautiful, clear, & cold. View of snowcapped San Bernardino Mountains

Do the convoy dipshits realize the Capital Beltway is 64 miles long?

U.S. regulators have officially authorized a condom to be used for anal sex, not just vaginal sex.

What is Credit Karma and why does TurboTax insist on pushing it?

Big Brother and the Holding Company - Combination of the Two

Primetime Propaganda - The Lincoln Project

Two prosecutors in Manhattan D.A.'s. Trump financial probe resign

NY Prosecutors Resign, Reportedly in Protest Over DA Bragg's Concerns About Indicting Donald Trump


NYC Mayor: "You can't stay home in your pajamas all day ... We're social creatures."

Too busy suing Lebron James to go to nursing school I guess. Please help.

Whether prayers or good vibes or waves of positive energy or simply our kind good wishes for

Can Romney get any respect for being right about Russia in Today's GOP?

Russia sucks.

"Today's slogans are yesterday's gaffes." Ari Melber just now. Nt

It Must Be Incredible to Visit Antarctica. Here's Why You Shouldn't

Ukraine question.

Done with Wordle?

The new Manhattan DA needs to be removed from office. Something is rotten.

US drops name of Trump's 'China Initiative' after criticism

BREAKING Ukraine president: Russia has approved offensive

Ex-Texas power grid chief says Abbott ordered him to charge maximum during freeze

The Curious Case of Colonial India's Breakfast Curries

SPOILER for "The Book Of Boba Fett":

New North Carolina Map Eliminates GOP Edge

I really don't understand why financial crimes seem to be unique in terms of ignorance being

Eric Adams Is Challenged Over His Hiring of 3 Gay Marriage Foes