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Atticus's Journal
Atticus's Journal
August 31, 2022

A question for those here with federal court experience: was it appropriate for the judge to

announce---after Trump requested the appointment of a Special Master, but before a hearing had even been scheduled---that she was "preliminarily inclined" to make the requested appointment?

Does this announcement not amount to admitting bias?

If you were the DOJ attorney opposing the appointment of the Special Master, would you feel confident th his judge would fairly consider your arguments?

August 31, 2022

IMHO, this description of "fascism" fits what's left of the Republican party to a "T".

"Fascism is a form of government which is run from the top down by one man or one party that has complete control. Fascists control the population with strict laws and punishments. They control the economy and the media. Fascism uses propaganda to keep people believing what the leaders want. Fascists push nationalism, discourage immigration, dislike foreigners, are racist, and approve of violence if needed. The ideals of Democracy are a stumbling block to the dictator's plans and goals. Fascists despise any form of government not run by a strongman or a small party which restricts freedom and rules with an iron fist."
----from Facty.com

Joe was being kind with that "semi".

August 31, 2022

Mr. ATTORNEY GENERAL, respectfully:

I believe that there is one very important factor that needs to be more thoughtfully considered when deciding what action is appropriate with regard to Donsld Trump's actions in and out of office. It is the opposite of a technicality. Most everyone understands it.

"Justice delayed is justice denied".

I believe that a corrosive attitude is seeping into public opinion and it is eroding public respect for the law and government in general. That attitude can be summed up as "Trump---and any other wealthy/powerful person---can break any law he wants and get away with it! 'Equal Justice' is a damn lie!"

I understand that there have always been cynics and that much of what planted the seeds for this corrosive attitude occurred before you were AG, but most look to you to "achieve justice" and believe that the danger of inaction is existential for our democracy.

I want you to succeed. I respect both your competence and your integrity. I merely suggest that the attitude I described above exists and is growing and that there is a "tipping point" beyond which your best efforts will be insufficient to restore public respect for our legal system.

August 31, 2022

CNN, FYI: I switch channels each time you insult me by giving Scott Jennings a mike. He is

the poster boy for Republican apologists and never misses an opportunity to deflect and lie when confronted with "inconvenient" facts.

His photo should be featured next to "smarmy" in all political dictionaries.

August 30, 2022

In the Reagan era, we thought the GOP was promising "morning in America".

It took a few decades, but they have now delivered---mourniing in America.

August 30, 2022

That Herschel Walker actually may soon be a US Senator is absolute and irrefutable

proof of the moral bankruptcy of the Republican party.

The rational mind convulses at the mere thought!

August 30, 2022

The first yellow leaves are beginning to dot the green lawn here and there and, just to show

you how strange I am, they remind me of the schoolmates, roommates and friends who were among the first to fall from life's tree.

Some died very early; a couple in Viet Nam, one while changing a flat along the interstate and one was murdered. Then, as the world kept spinning, others fell to traffic accidents, interrupted burglars and a variety of maladies from cancers to heart attacks to strokes.

And, I am left to wonder "Why them and not me?"

In the October of my life, I know that my personal "killing frost" lies ahead but I do not know if I will soon flutter to the ground like the maple's leaves or if I will stubbornly hang on into late winter like the dessicated brown leaves of the live oaks.

At this stage of life, the seasons take on new meaning and, however glorious was our spring, however productive and rewarding was our summer, however satisfied was our autumn, we are left to hope that we can meet our winter with dignity and courage.

Meanwhile, let's enjoy this September.

August 30, 2022

Understand that, as you read this, tens of millions of dollars are being spent to develop

something---anything---that can be fed carefully to the blogosphere and MSM to drive wedges into any perceived---or created---cracks in Democratic unity and resolve.

Two rules:
---1.) EVERY Republican is a liar, and
---2.) If you don't KNOW the source, ASSUME it is a Republican.

As for me, straight "D"!

August 30, 2022

I don't know exactly how this would be done, but the FBI should be checking if any new

copying machines were delivered to MAL since Trump scurried home there.

How about increases in copy paper, "banker boxes", ink cartridges, etc.?

Think the worst.

August 30, 2022

So, an independent, a Democrat and a Republican all applied for the same job and were

being interviewed individually. The first to be summoned into the manager's office was the independent.

"I have just one question for you" the manager said. "What is two plus two?"

Somewhat amazed, the independent responded "Two plus two? That's the question? Four--- the answer is four."

"Okay. Thank you. We'll let you know."

Next, the Democrat was called in and was asked the same question.

"That depends" he said. "If both twos are positive the answer is a positive four. If they're both negative, the answer is a negative four. And, of course, if one is positive and one is negative, the answer is zero."

"Thank you. We'll let you know what we decide."

Finally, the Republican is interviewed and asked the same question.

He smiled, looked around the room, rose, walked over and opened the door and looked up and down the empty hallway. He returned, pulled his chair up closer to the boss, sat down and leaned forward. Smiling again, he softly inquired "What would you like it to be?"

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