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Mr. Scorpio

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Member since: 2002
Number of posts: 73,597

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We're about to transition into General Election mode soon, or as I like to call it:

"Anti-Republican season."

Yes, yes, I know that, technically, the primary is still in full swing and we have yet to officially endorse our nominee. Frankly, regardless of not naming an actual person at this point, I really can't wait until we face the GOPer opposition full on. I would feel exactly the same way regardless of who we'd name. In my particular case, I detest winger GOPers more than I even like Democrats. That may not be an all too common sentiment around these parts, but I refuse to apologize for it.

Because, if we're going to struggle so painfully in an internal way on the left, what would be the entire point of it all anyway?

Anyhoo, there's one of our side's particularly common notions that I'd like to address: The one that depicts the white poor, working class and middle class Republican electorate as voting against their own best interests and not really knowing what they're doing.

I'm calling bullshit on that.

They know EXACTLY what they're doing, and frankly, I think that it's insulting and patronizing to not consider the idea that they've made a conscious, deliberate decision to support, regressive, right-wing, incompetent and malfeasant asshole Republican politicians and positions. Give them enough credit, will ya'?

Sure, would most of them support the very same genuinely ideological neutral governmental policies, if they were offered by GOPers, instead of completely losing their shit whenever a Democrat offers the exact same thing?

Of course, they would, and that's because most of the GOPer electorate is made up of blatantly hypocritical assholes. They're enamored with watching people, whom they believe to be morally superior to, suffer and in spite of the fact, it would create some self-inflected harm. President Obama proved that very point time and time again.

So rather than simply calling GOPer voters stupid or misinformed (in spite of the fact of how many times they seem to perform the living embodiment of those words every time someone sticks a video camera in front of their slobbering maws,) consider for one moment, by the sound of the sincerity in their grunts and groans, that these people have made a conscious decision to be piously judgmental, ill-tempered, misogynistic, sexist, white supremacist asshole know-nothings who carry around chips on their shoulders so large that you could chalk a B-52 with it. When it comes to the fact that they wish nothing but harm on people that they don't like, even if by doing that they will harm themselves, try to look at that as something that an asshole or a bully would do.

Yes, these people are assholes and bullies, being whipped into a selfish and hateful frenzy by GOPer crooks and their well paid agit-propagandinsts in the media. And there's only one way that you beat a bully; you recognize who they are, what they're trying to do you and you come together to take away their power to bully over you.

The ultimate goal for any Democratic voter should be to beat the living shit out of GOPer candidates in elections. And yes, yes, I know that Democratic politicians are at times problematic themselves, but agonizing over our own internal issues should never take the place of beating the living shit out of GOPer candidates and winning elections.

I don't know about you, but I want this to be MY activity once again come November:

"I Dub Thee, 'Sir Hippity of Hoppity.'"

7 years!

And to think that the RWNJs were afraid that Obama was going to destroy America!

Fundies everywhere...

Yeah, Dude. Whatever.

Flashy Thing...

Make 'em laugh!

Dealing with wingers...

Which is pretty much why you should never believe anything they ever say.

Rest in power, Gato Barbieri

Today's Monday...

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