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Hometown: New Mexico
Member since: Mon Dec 1, 2003, 03:42 PM
Number of posts: 28,194

Journal Archives

Jim's U.K. Police Ride-Along

Be sure to share this on Facebook. This is how our President SHOULD be acting right now

The full video has also been posted in Video and Multimedia but this is professionally cut and gets right to the chase very effectively.

Five black students at the U.S. Air Force Academy Prep School found racist slurs written on their doors.
Their superintendent wasn't having it:


My Facebook response in a discussion about if kneeling disrespects the flat

Surprisingly, the person a couple of us were debating really liked this response:

I wouldn't say they are protesting the Anthem directly but making a statement that the state is treating different races differently. If you went to a friends house for dinner and they had another friend there and they made you take your shoes off but not the other friend, offered the other friend dessert but not you, laughed at the other friends jokes but frowned at your jokes. How would that make you feel in their house? So think of the US Gov as a house where we all live and things like the Anthem are a symbol of this house. By kneeling peacefully they are making the statement that they feel like they are a second class citizen under the flag. That the "current" Gov. that the flag represents isn't treating them fairly. Our country is never stagnant, it's fluid and needs to constantly be watched. As Jessie Venture said, respect for the Gov. is earned. The founders flat out said if the Gov. gets out of line the citizens have a duty to put it back in line. That keeping the Gov. doing the right thing through protest is one of the most patriotic things one can do. Under the Constitution, protest to an un-just Gov. is considered the holy grail of patriotism.

Joy Reid Loses Her Mind In An Attempt To Attack Progressives

Every white Republican on Facebook has found the one black person in the country on their side

who has made a video and has his it posted. (Concerning the the NFL kneeling uproar.)

Meanwhile, Puerto Rico is in chaos and Trump is trying to start WWIII

I originally supported Sanders but voted enthusiastically for Hillary a month early

As a show of support for Hillary and for some healing, who else supported Sanders first but worked hard for Hillary once she got the nomination? Who else here who supported Sanders felt like their heart had been ripped out when Hillary lost?

Six Feet Under "Rapture" death

Jesse Ventura Salutes Colin Kaepernick's National Anthem Protest! "I Served My Country So That You

Molley Ivins

Isn't it a coincidence that kids grades started to plummet 40 years ago when trickle down economics

kicked in? I was listening to Norman Goldman's show the other day (Goldman had a sit in host that day) and this idiot called in and started ripping on public education and then he pointed out that it started its decline 40 years ago. The sit in did a poor job of responding and I was dying to call in and point out that yes, as the middle class started to fall apart because of trickle down Reaganomics, parents got stressed working two jobs, money got tighter, marriages started breaking apart and then kids grades start to drop.

How do we solve the education issue? Livable wages! Strengthening the middle class, fighting income inequality! That's how!

This should ALWAYS be part of the Democratic response to the education debate.

Edit to include this Carlin video as he is saying something similar but he doesn't connect the dots precisely to Reaganomics:

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