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Gender: Male
Hometown: Palm Beach County, Florida
Member since: Fri Apr 16, 2004, 02:36 PM
Number of posts: 12,315

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Here's why Trump will win Florida

The Florida Constitution allows ex felons to vote. There are about a million of them, and you can be certain that all who are registered would vote for Biden. The Florida Republican legislature and the lower federal courts (controlled by Republican justices) said "Fuck That." The SCOTUS refused to hear the case, --another "Fuck That," -- which means the lower court "Fuck That" ruling stands.

On the day before John Lewis died, the Supreme Court made clear that the life’s work of the Democratic congressman from Georgia remained unfinished.


That cruel fact was brought home Thursday, when the (SCOTUS) justices rebuffed an effort to restore voting rights to nearly a million felons in Florida who have served their sentences and, under an amendment to the state constitution adopted in 2018, should have had their franchise restored. But the Florida legislature, backed up by the state Supreme Court, interpreted the amendment — which conditioned the restoration of voting rights “upon completion of all terms of sentence, including parole or probation” — to include payments of fines, fees and restitution.

A federal-district court barred Florida from enforcing the law while it was being challenged, allowing felons who had served their sentences to register to vote in November. The judge said the state’s “pay-to-vote system” requiring people to pay fines they could not afford amounted to an unconstitutional poll tax. But the full 11th Circuit — where seven of the 12 active judges are Republican nominees, including six Trump-appointed judges, stepped in to lift that order, no explanation given. On Thursday, the Supreme Court refused to get involved.


This is an absolutely must read

British writer from London Daily News shreds Trump into minuscule pieces. (Short read)


Do you trust a vaccine that's been "fast tracked?"

There's a vaccine out there that's been "fast tracked" by skipping a few of the steps that are usually involved in testing the effectiveness and safety of a new vaccine.

It's the Federal Drug Administration (FDA) that has always safeguarded us regarding new drugs/vaccines, etc. However, the FDA is part of the administrative branch of government, -- which means that the White House (Trump) can order them to okay something that may or may not be safe.

Look at how Trump has castrated the Center for Disease Control (CDC) which has, for many, many decades, been the most trusted public health organization in the world before this crazed, madman president came along.

Who knows how many people were used in testing this vaccine? Have they been exposed to Covid-19 to see if the vaccine if effective? Who knows?

I believe that all vaccines currently in use have gone through exhaustive (and years of) testing, before they were approved. Not this time. Right now, we have a crazy man who wants to get reelected and would have you believe that this "new" vaccine, or even Clorox, will help his campaign.

Would you be willing to take this vaccine immediately? I sure as hell wouldn't, before about six months or maybe longer. At this moment, given that Trump has "fast tracked" this vaccine, I hope it doesn't kill more people than it helps.

How do we get rid of an obvious madman who is the president?

It's been said again and again that the constitution is not a suicide pact. At this moment, it seems that it is.

We have a crazed, sadistic creature holding the most powerful job in the world. The vast majority of Americans know it and there's not a damn thing we can do about it.

When he loses on Nov. 3rd, it will drive him even madder. And yet, he'll still hold power for another two and a half months. Who knows what he'll do?

When/IF human beings survive this very dangerous period is an open question. But, if we do survive it, change is needed. The founding fathers couldn't imagine a human-like, totally ignorant, cruel creature ever holding the office of president. But it happened. It can never be allowed to happen again.

Trump and the entire current Republican Party must not only be beaten, they must be crushed. They are all enemies of freedom, science, and the reality that all the rest of us live in.

We don't have this wrapped up. Keep your eye on the ball.

Stop buying the daily, weekly, monthly bullshit that Trump is done. The horrible monster isn't through until he's beaten in November and then dragged from the White House on January 20, 2021.

The Republican Party will do everything in their power to avoid the defeat of Trump and the loss of the senate. And by everything, I mean EVERYTHING. They will close polling places in black areas as they have already done in Kentucky. The governor of Florida has already fired and appointed a new (Republican) election supervisor in Palm Beach County, FL, a Democratic stronghold. They will do anything they have to do to hold onto power. They never bought into that "Make America Great Again" bullshit Trump was peddling. The true motto of the Republican Party is "Me, me, me and fuck everyone else."

Anyone who thinks that an obvious madman in the White House can't win this election is deluding themselves. We are up against an enemy who thinks that the "wrong side" won the Civil War. And make no mistake about it. Republicans are our deadly enemies. We must, MUST win the presidency and the senate.

And if we can pull that off, we will have many years of work in front of us to repair the immense damage they have done. But, of just as great importance, we must hold those who have spent the past four years trying to destroy our democracy accountable. Trump and his criminal enterprise cannot be allowed to just walk away. If they do, it will be a message to the next gangsters who come along that there is no cost for trying to fuck and steal democracy.

A suicidal convention

Trump is demanding that the Republican convention be held in an arena in Jacksonville, Florida. And my guess is that Republican senators, house members and state delegations will show up because they're too afraid not to.

Will there be masks? Will there be self-distancing? Not if Trump has his way.

Actually, I don't give a rat's ass about any of these people. If they're stupid enough to obey their fuhrer during a pandemic, they are acting like lemmings and doing their best to destroy themselves.

But those I pity are secret service and other security people who will be forced to be there. Those who work the jobs of running the arena will have to show up or, probably get fired. The same is true for everyone else associated with this insanity who will be forced to be there, including the media.

Trump is a prick who doesn't care about any of these people. IMO, everyone should say "fuck this," and stay home. But you just know that ain't gonna happen. That so many would put their health, and perhaps lives at risk to satisfy the ego of a madman is pure insanity.

Do you suppose the last night will include a corvid-19 shaped balloon drop?

Florida has been fucked for decades. It should be a blue state.

There are 67 counties in Florida. Many are small and rural. Some are bigger and conservative.

However, the three most populous counties in Florida are on the lower South East coast. They are Miami-Dade County, Broward Country, and Palm Beach county. They represent half the voters in Florida and they are Democratic strongholds.

Yet, the state has been controlled by Republicans for decades due to gerrymandering.

Want proof of how blue Florida is? Look back to the 2000 election. Al Gore won it. But the Supreme Court (in it's infamous wisdom) appointed George W. Bush president. (That's called a stolen election.)

In virtually every election in the 21st Century, countless thousands of votes have been "lost" in Florida due to some unexplained reason.

Republicans control the state congress and the governorship and they pretty much get to decide which way Florida goes in elections for the senate and the presidency. So I guess the old saying, "It's who counts the votes that matters," holds true.

Florida has been fucked for decades and will likely be screwed again in this year's presidential election. (If all votes were to be fully counted in Florida, Joe Biden would be the next president.)

So what do we do about this? Beats me. When one of the most populous states in the country is consistently stolen by a party of thugs, how do you overcome it? Revolution? I don't think so.

But somehow, there must be a way to overcome the disease of fascism, racism and outright evil that is the Republican Party. And until that happens, too many people will continue to believe in the fiction that has, unfortunately, been labeled "Floriduh."

Trump is a hero to the KKK, neo-Nazis and bigots everywhere

His "Nuremberg Rallies" are proof of this.

His "dog whistles" that have become foghorns are proof of this.

His use of violence on peaceful protesters is proof of this.

His urging police to "stop the thugs" is proof of this.

His love of statues and flags that scream "Southern Heritage" bullshit is proof of this.

His attempted use of the U.S. military to quash demonstrators is proof of this.

His call for "Law and Order" is a shout of pure venom and is proof of this.

His entire life has consisted of hatred of "The Other" and is proof of this.

His tombstone won't be big enough to hold the names of all the groups of haters who admire him. He has spit on the Constitution. He has caused countless deaths by ignoring Covid-19, and those murdered due to his hate speech. He is both malicious and stupid. He is a stain on America that cannot be erased.

His name and image will become as despised as the Nazi and Confederate flags. What more proof is needed to clarify why this soulless, evil coward is so admired by the haters of the world.

Fuck Steve Schmidt

Yes, he's eloquent and he's doing his best to bring Trump down. But Schmidt, and many like him, made Trump possible.

Schmidt was on Dick Cheney's staff and helped Bush/Cheney come to power. Where was his conscience when Bush/Cheney "won" through a stolen election? Where was his eloquence when we were lied into Iraq? Where was his outrage when Bush/Cheney let New Orleans drown?

Then he worked on John McCain's campaign and was a major force responsible for making Sarah Palin McCain's running mate. Mindless, utter stupidity didn't seem to bother him then.

And even today, he speaks fondly of "Saint" Ronald Reagan, a man who was an amiable imbecile who was almost as dumb as Trump, and was too dense or demented to understand he was surrounded by criminals who were using him.

Put plainly, Schmidt helped make the Republican Party the sadistic thugs they are today, and he helped lay the groundwork for the election of Donald Trump.

Now, seeing where his career helped bring us, he's outraged and shocked. Shocked I tell you. How could anyone not see, decades ago, where the Republican Party was headed? Especially someone like Scmidt who is damn smart. I guess we're now supposed to thank him for bringing his eloquent voice to bear in opposition to Trump.

But he doesn't get to escape the fact that he, and many anti-Trumpers like him, contributed to making Trump's reign of terror possible.

Mirror, mirror on the wall, who's the greatest prez of all?

A madman is crushing our government, our country, the lives of hundreds of people each and every day, and the concept of democracy and our way of life.

Donald Trump's only reality is the image of himself in the mirror. He has joined the ranks of one of the worst, human-like creatures that has ever existed on this planet.

He has sealed his existence as one of the stupidest, most inept, beings in world history. And he's now sitting in the Oval Office and making believe that someone/something else is responsible for today's reality in America. -- The Chinese, the "deep state," immigrants, the media, Democrats, "librul's," or maybe blacks, Muslims, Jews, socialists, "Thems," "The Other," -- anyone and everything in existence. Except for him.

And what is so sad, infuriating, and beyond the understanding of most of humanity, is that there are so many people who are ignorant, arrogant, or stupid enough, to want him to continue his mindless destruction of a civilized world. And, yes, his power extends beyond America. He is a threat to human life on planet Earth. (If that seems extreme, think of how small and interdependent our world has become in every way imaginable.)

Is this Armageddon? Who knows? But what a way for humanity to end on this planet. Under the rule of a cruel, know-nothing buffoon. And yes, he does have the (nuclear) power to end life on this planet.

He didn't create the coronavirus. But he sure as hell is aiding and abetting it. How ironic it would be if one small, ignorant, horrible man brought about the end of our species. Somehow, his very existence seems to jar the mathematical precision of the universe.
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