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Gender: Male
Hometown: Palm Beach County, Florida
Member since: Fri Apr 16, 2004, 01:36 PM
Number of posts: 14,120

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One of America's two major parties seems intent on destoying America

COVID has killed over one million Americans. It seems to me that Republicans represent a far more dangerous disease than COVID. They represent an "ideology" that can kill American democracy.

Every sane American must understand that the Republican Party is what our founders referred to as "domestic enemies."

Ordinarily, I would make a case for that previous sentence. But do I really have to? Anyone who doesn't see the danger of today's Republican Party, (and the danger of a large part of their base), doesn't "get it" and never will.

Until the current era, I didn't know that racism, bigotry, and outright hatred of "THE OTHER" outweighed self-interest. But the ignorance of Republican voters might just end up with the death of our freedoms, and the death of countless human beings. But then, the Republicans in charge would call those deaths "collateral damage." And, yes, that "collateral damage" thing means us.

Earth to Merrick Garland

I have never posted to a thread regarding Merrick Garland, or the DOJ, or Special Counsel, Jack Smith.


Do I really need to repeat anything that hasn't been said a million times here on DU, Mr. Attorney General?


Turns out Marjory Taylor Greene isn't insane. She's just stupid.

In trying to distance herself from QANON, she has publicly stated that she was "taken in by the internet."

Okay. If she was "taken in," then she bought into beliefs that the vast majority of Americans, (80 percent? 90 percent?), consider to be totally insane. So, put into plain English, she's not insane. She's just stupid beyond belief.

She was for the assassination of Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton. She believed the Parkland school shooting in FL was a "false flag" operation. She believed in Jewish space lasers. She believed in, ... oh, what the hell. If the internet had made any Democrat believe in this kind of stuff, do you think she/he could ever have gotten elected to office?

Evidently, MJT is trying to do a makeover of herself. And her excuse is the equivalent of "I can't believe I was so incredibly dumb." To me, "incredibly dumb" is anyone who buys the shit she's trying to sell us now.

(There's a link below, and other links with more info, but you've got to sign up. If anyone has more links, please post.)


Trump is one of the most unlikable people imaginable. Why do millions love him?

About 100 years ago, a then-famous vaudeville performer named Will Rogers, said, "I never met a man I didn't like." Many here on DU know the response to that. -- He never met Donald Trump.

It's not Trump's political philosophy that I hate, because he doesn't have one. What I find totally abhorrent is the man himself. There's no need to go though the list of his faults from his greed, to his intentional cruelty, to his need to be loved. Yet, he loves no one but himself and doesn't give a damn who lives or dies. I can't think of one positive characteristic he possesses.

Yet, millions of MAGAs still love him. Why? I guess the same question could be applied to Mussolini, Stalin, Hitler, and many other monsters of the past.

I just don't get it.

Ten days from now is Jan. 6th, 2023. Two years and the coup plotters are still free

Yeah, I know that many are thinking that this is just another post berating the DOJ and Merrick Garland.

Actually, this is a post about the virtually total injustice embedded in the American "justice system."

A black man found with a small amount of "forbidden drugs" may go to prison for decades. A successful white man caught with an ounce of coke is more than likely to get a slap on the wrist.

A homeless person shoplifting some food may face serious prison time. A scam artist stealing people's life savings often has a lawyer that will get him off easy.

A person visiting the National Archives and trying to break the glass housing historic documents, will be facing jail time. And ex president who stole unknown amounts of highly classified government documents, is living in a castle and playing golf anytime and anywhere he wants to.

No one can tell me that our justice system is not unbalanced, unfair and totally broken. It seems that justice is blind to inequities.

Anytime I hear someone say, "America is the greatest country in the world," I turn away in disgust.

Most intelligent people know that real "Justice" doesn't exist in America. And nothing is being done to bring it into being.

Why are Republicans such dicks?

I've posted this question many times over the years. And I've finally found an answer. Because!

If you've got a better answer than that one, please post it.

Charles Dickens didn't count on Trump

In writing "A Christmas Carol," Dickens made Scrooge a person who was greedy, grumpy, and uncaring of the fate of all the other human beings with whom he shared this planet.

After visits from the three ghosts, Scrooge is redeemed and tries to make right all the evils he visited upon others. He found his conscience and learned the meaning of human decency.

But, it seems that Dickens didn't foresee a Donald Trump. I suppose this can be interpreted as Trump being a man who is beyond redemption; a person who has ignored, or is unaware of, acceptable human decency; a being who has no concept of the damage he has done to the civilized world; a strange alien-like creature who has no conscience, and no wish to set right all that he damaged and destroyed.

Dickens, in his writings, believed that even the worst among us has some redeeming quality. It seems he didn't foresee a Donald Trump or those of his ilk. Then again, perhaps he saw them, but couldn't grasp the nature of their existence, or describe the pure evil they embodied.

Exactly what and who is America's "Extreme Left?"

The extreme right consists of QAnon crazies, the Proud Boys, the Oath Keepers, and countless other neo-Nazi groups that call themselves by a variety of names. Not to mention the many members of the elected Republican Party who are allied with them.

But exactly what is "The Extreme Left?" Bernie Sanders? AOC? They may be left of center, but I don't see anything extreme about them, or others like them.

Would someone please explain to me what the American "Extreme Left" is, other than some imaginary group that exists in the minds of the very real and dangerous extreme right?

I mean, really. What does "Woke" mean?

I've read various definitions, but I've concluded it's nothing more than some meaningless meme that wingnuts hurl at us in order to "Own Us." And "Own The Libs" is another piece of meaningless crap that they love to toss out there.

IMO, most conservatives just aren't very smart or original. They need to be fed prepared phrases with which to attack us. Some of them don't even know what the word or phrase means, but they know they're supposed to use it as a "verbal weapon" against us. Without these words and phrases, they'd probably just curse at us, or shoot at us. Very often, after some moron calls some Dem "Woke," it's followed by a smirk on their face as though they'd won some kind of victory.

Nonetheless, we're stuck on the same planet with them.

California has 39 million people and two senators. Wyoming has a few dozen people and two senators.

This is part of the reason that America is so often ruled by a minority.

We can't throw out Wyoming's senators. But we can work toward making Washington DC and Puerto Rico, two additional states. My guess is that will mean four more Democratic senators.

All of America's problems can't be solved in the short term. But making DC and PR states would go a long way to help level the playing field. It would be a good starting point.
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