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Member since: Tue Nov 30, 2004, 04:49 PM
Number of posts: 69,324

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George Takei for the win.

George Takei: Biden slipped and fell while playing with his dog today. When doctors examined his foot and discovered hairline fractures, Biden explained that, no, it wasn't the fall that cause them. It was the serious ass- kicking he gave Trump in November.

What is the best marijuana?

Asking for a friend.

Maureen Dowd published this shit from her brother. I really don't like her. End of story.

ROCKVILLE, Md. — The mercurial presidency of Donald Trump apparently is over. Historians, 20 or 30 years hence, will be the impartial arbiters of his accomplishments, but for the nearly 74 million people who voted for him, he already has fulfilled their hopes and justified their trust.

The Democrats call now for unity, but four years ago, they screamed for resistance and upheaval. They encouraged confrontation of Trump officials at their homes and restaurants. They opposed the administration every step of the way. Their hypocrisy is laughable.

Trump gave us a strong economy, achieved the lowest unemployment in 50 years, fortified the border and guaranteed the integrity of the judicial system by appointing over 200 judges, including three Supreme Court justices.


Democrats have been quick to dismiss any Trump supporter as a racist, homophobe or redneck, but they all shared a common trait with him, an unapologetic love of America.


Update ... I saw the damage caused by Trump and Stephen Miller up close and for real yesterday.


The younger girl smiled at me and said hi and then ran away. It is a good start.
BTW I told the family hosting the 2 (turned out it was a older brother and his younger
sister) that if they needed anything please take my Kohl's card and have a party.
And make sure to bring the 2 kids along so they can pick out things that they want.
I also know a local charity that might hook 'em up with 2 nice new winter coats too.

The Atlantic: Denial Isn't Working Out for College Football

The coronavirus keeps infecting players and disrupting game schedules, but schools are acting as if the pandemic isn’t happening.

College football is now the epitome of the way dysfunction becomes normalized in America. Fans of the sport woke up to the news Saturday morning that the Clemson–Florida State game was postponed because a Clemson offensive lineman had tested positive for the coronavirus the day before. The matchup was one of 18 games that had to be canceled or postponed last week because of COVID-19.


Here is a full list of Saturday’s games that have been either cancelled or postponed:

Colorado State at Air Force (Thursday)
Southern Miss at UAB (Friday)
San Diego State at Fresno State (Friday)
No. 4 Ohio State at Illinois
No. 7 Cincinnati at Temple
No. 11 Oklahoma at West Virginia
Minnesota at No. 16 Wisconsin
No. 25 Tulsa at Houston
Louisiana Tech at Florida International
Florida Atlantic at Middle Tennessee


God knows I loves me some football but to keep having these games college, pro, high school, and youth leagues
is just about insane.

I saw the damage caused by Trump and Stephen Miller up close and for real yesterday.

Some friends of mine are hosting 2 sisters from central America @ their house as people
are still trying to reunite them with their mother who is still being held @ the border and
the sisters were one of the ones who were kept in cages too. The family left their home in
central America to flee the violence there. From what I was told the sisters saw their father
murdered in front of them and then their mother tried to flee to America to save her children
from the gang that killed her husband and the girls' father. If they are returned to their native
village they might very well be killed too or subjected to God only knows what kind of abuse.

I met the younger sister yesterday and I can't begin to describe just how damaged she is
and how fearful she is of just about everything. I can speak a little Spanish but just getting
her to say "hola" was very hard to do. She would not smile or make eye contact. I can't
begin to understand the hell she, her sister, and her mother went through and are still going
through now.

There is not a pit in hell deep enough with fires hot enough for Trump and Stephen Miller.
They are monsters of the worst order.

I know that Joe and Kamala have a lot on their plate but from day one we need to rescue
those kids, reunite them with families, and show em love and warmth. We also have to
legalize drugs in order to take the money out of it because that is one of the major parts
of these gangs' businesses.

In a just world the family should be made citizens of America now.

So sorry to ramble but I'm just trying to make sense of the senseless.

Lana Del Rey - Summertime The Gershwin Version - enjoy

So if it was all a hoax how come Flynn needs a pardon?


We need to see the Mueller report. We lost 2,146 American yesterday because of that crook.



BTW thanx to the DUer who first posted this.

John Kerry "We will rejoin Paris from day one." And now the K-Bomb

I am not crying. It is just really dusty here!

And now the K-Bomb. Vice President Harris.

Grown ups are here again.

The K-Bomb, "To make sure the economy works for those work."
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