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Profile Information

Name: RuggedRealist
Gender: Male
Hometown: New York, NY
Home country: USA
Current location: NYC
Member since: Tue Jan 4, 2005, 05:36 PM
Number of posts: 32,886

Journal Archives

Today on my radio show at 7pm EST, the Connecticut tragedy and the GOP actions in Michigan


This episode will concentrate on two issues:

1. The tragedy in Connecticut and the right to keep and bear arms.

2. The actions of the Michigan governor and state legislature and the surrounding issues of proportional representation and the war on women and unions

Republican grassroots - Time to believe what your eyes and ears are telling you: GOP is for the rich

Republicans keep showing us they care about millionaires more than the middle class and working poor while their supporters desperately try to deny the obvious.


"Right to Work" = Your State will become Poorer

"Right to Work" - the idea cooked up by Conservatives to bust unions, is nothing more than a right to be poor.

Opening segment on my radio show at 12 noon EST will be about the SCOTUS marriage cases


If you cannot listen to it live it will be available at that same URL as an archive shortly after the show.

Adelson Doubles Down

Source: Huffington Post

After spending $150 million on candidates who lost this year, Adelson vows to double his donations to the GOP in the next election

Read more: http://live.huffingtonpost.com/#r/segment/sheldon-adelson-gop-billionaire/50bf62a602a760501e000849

Adelson to spend $300 million next election!?!?!

Strange Fiscal Cliff Loophole that I mentioned on my Radio show today. What if...


What if everyone waits until Jan 2nd, and then votes for a tax cut for everyone except for the rich back to Bush tax cut levels.

Doesnt this defeat the Grover Norquist pledge and give President Obama exactly what he wants?

Benghazi put into perspective

"It's a terrible thing that 4 people died in Benghazi. I only wish certain republicans were as outraged about the thousands who have died in Iraq and Afghanistan."--Dave (aka The Pragmatic Progressive)

I agree with Dave.

(Repost from my blog at http://steveleser.blogspot.com )

xPost from V&M: Stuart Varney and I discuss the merits of a Carbon Tax on Fox News' Your World

Stuart Varney and I discuss the merits of a Carbon Tax. While a Carbon Tax is normally a regressive tax, can it be structured in a way that doesn't hurt the poor and middle class?

The dynamic in political punditry today and what might end up making the difference in the Prez race

Not sure who Dee Evans is but she is right here. Republican/Conservative pundits in the US are always on message and always spinning. Pundits considered more amenable to the Democratic/Liberal side will still call a loss a loss or a failure a failure if they see it that way. Republican/Conservative pundits will always try to spin a loss by a Republican as a victory and a failure as a success. That is the dynamic in politics today.


It's always talked about but rarely examined, Republican reaction to a crisis and monumental disappointment versus Democratic reaction to the same. The difference was never on such wide-eyed display as in the past 2-3 weeks following the first two debates between the presidential contenders.

According to numerous polls, most people have decided that Mitt Romney won the first debate and President Obama came out on top in the second debate; but looking at the Democratic reaction to President Obama's first debate and Republican reaction to Mitt Romney's second debate is like looking at yourself in a fun house mirror. You look at yourself pre-mirror and you think you look tall, thin and beautiful until you step in front of the funhouse mirror and it tells you that you're short, fat and your nose is big.

When President Obama whiffed on the first debate (and let's be honest, it definitely was not his best showing) Liberals and Democrats (especially in the media) proceeded immediately to the nearest cliff and jumped off without so much as a net or a last cigarette. They screamed and yelled and lit their hair on fire! Watching post-debate analysis on MSNBC was like watching a rerun of Roseanne when one of her kids has done something really stupid and the only thing she feels she can do is scream at them until "she" feels better... not the kid, but her. The funny thing is that until the post-debate television commentary, I was reading the live blogs on several liberal leaning websites and none of them portrayed Obama as doing as badly as was described in the post-debate analysis. Some were commenting that Obama had some strong moments; some noted that he seemed to come alive at the end and some even called it a tie. But boy howdy, when the debate was over and the doors flung open... church was OUT! I honestly thought Ed Schultz and Chris Matthews were going to have a stroke! They ranted and raved and called Obama everything but a child of God. Andrew Sullivan of The Daily Beast wanted to put Obama in a basket and leave him on the doorstep of his creepiest neighbor. It seemed that all it took for Liberal America to fall out of love with Barack Obama was a bad debate. Hell, if Republicans only knew that they would have scheduled a debate for Obama in 2009.

2nd part of 2 part debate contest. How many lies will team Ryan/Romney end up with in all 4 debates

In part two of the contest, Romney and Ryan are up to 82 lies:

- 1st Presidential debate, Romney told 27 lies
- Vice Presidential debate, Ryan told 24 lies
- 2nd Presidential debate, Romney told 31 lies

How many lies will the team of Romney and Ryan end this debate season with.

In addition to selecting a poll option below, please respond with an exact number
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