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Stuart G

Profile Information

Gender: Male
Hometown: no where
Current location: ????
Member since: Tue Dec 18, 2007, 12:07 PM
Number of posts: 23,592

About Me

I thought I knew a lot, and I found out... how little I knew about what I know. And how much more there is to learn, if I listen and read what others have to say.

Journal Archives

Please give the... "Whistleblower Story" a chance to become well known.

...Today is Thursday...Maybe by the weekend most people will have heard about this one. People will talk about it, and consider, "Is it as important as we think it is?"...people will think and question. What could Trump have said that a Whistleblower would risk doing this? This became news yesterday evening . This could be the "major event" or there could be another story more important. Time will tell.
...What will Trump do or say about this?..That could be very important in understanding this. As of now, Thursday morning 9:05 AM ET, Trump has said nothing.

Mountain Lion enters home, and gets trapped in the bathroom.


Mountain lion found resting in couple's bathroom 01:45 if you hit picture, you will get short story

(CNN) A California couple watching TV at home Sunday evening got an unwelcome visitor: a mountain lion that wandered in through their open door.

Edward and Kathy Sudduth of Sonora heard a loud slam and were soon met by the big cat, which they think must have been chasing a neighbor's pet. It took them a moment to register what was going on, the pair told CNN affiliate KTXL.

"His tail was pretty close to me so I just 'thwipped' it a little," said Edward Sudduth, 84.

That touch and the couple's noises sent the animal running into the bathroom, where it became locked inside

A story I have never seen, "Football Field on Fire" CNN:

[no I did not make this up)


CNN) The Tennessee Titans undoubtedly wanted to bring the fire for their home opener against the Indianapolis Colts. The team probably wasn't planning for actual flames to break out on the field.

Shortly before the game began, the team's pyrotechnic equipment glitched, sparking a small fire near the north end zone. Talk about coming in hot.

Here's how it went down: Titans players erupted out of the locker room and onto the field while bursts of fire shot high into the air around them -- a familiar sight for anyone who's sat in on a stadium spectacle. But a blaze of glory this was not.

Something went wrong along the way, and a fire scorched the sideline after the players had cleared the field. No one was injured, ESPN reported.

It was quickly extinguished, but the excitement wasn't. The real showdown began at kickoff.

Titans management hasn't commented on the fire, but at least they can say the team left the field on fire, win or lose. ...????

5 % of Daily Production of oil lost due to bombing. Can "THE OTHER" oil producers cover this 5%?

What other countries produce this stuff? Mexico, United States, Russia, Venezuela, other Mid East countries. You tell me? I don't know all of this one. Sure, initial uptake in price. What else is new? Then, after a while, "THE OTHER PRODUCERS" fill the gap in production. Do you think that "THE OTHERS" can increase production to cover that 5% loss? Well I do.

Briscoe Cain is "world news." He defines "stupid."

... I read the post in the London Guardian, and if you search this idiot name, he is now well known. (Judy Lynn put it up, at this link): https://www.democraticunderground.com/10142367127

...This happened at 8:40pm yesterday evening, Sept 12, according to Judy's above post.

...A lawyer who threatens someone publicly defines the Trump crowd. You see, Trump thinks he can get away with anything, and so does Briscoe Cain. It was just a "joke" Briscoe will say, but the FBI will not be amused. He will say it was a "mistake," but when the Texas legislature removes him, them they will not be laughing. Mr. Cain has destroyed his political career and much more, with a "stupid comment." If he gets jail time, he will not like his surroundings. But that is not up to me, it is up to a judge and jury. The "Stupid Club" has a brand new member. But, I don't think Briscoe is celebrating. He is probably looking for a good criminal lawyer.

Donald Trump really doesn't care, because everyone else takes the fall.

Look around. Others are in jail. Friends and former employees. Donald Trump still has money, and is out of jail. He doesn't care about anyone else except himself. I think it is that simple.

You Got a Friend in Me..(smile) 56 seconds..

So they say,"No More Republican Party?"How about 1972? "No More Democratic Party", they said



..Presidential Candidate...................Political Party....Electoral vote...Popular Vote.... %

Richard Milhous Nixon (Incumbent) ..... Republican............ 520...............47,160,000...........60
George Stanley McGovern................... Democratic .............17...............29,173,000...........37.5
John G. Schmitz........................... American Independent.... 0 .............. ?????????

I was there, and I worked for George Mc Govern, afterwards, they said."NO MORE DEMOCRATIC PARTY"

4 Years later, a fellow from Georgia, Jimmy Carter, A Democrat,won the next election, (1976)
and Carter became President of the United States of America..(and, Carter is still alive today)

(please, NEVER UNDERESTIMATE .."THE FUTURE"...almost anything can happen..)

I found something today, in my home, that I had forgotten about.

...Even though I had looked at them a couple of hundred times. They just sat there. Waiting to be used. For some reason, I kinda forgot they might be useful. They are almost brand new. And I need them. There are two of them, and when I realized about an hour ago, that the two of them might be useful, I picked them up, from where they were sitting on the floor, and looked carefully to see if I could use them.
.... So, I fixed them up a little bit, and then I tried them on. One is a little tight, but they are ok. I paid about $140.00 for the pair, so I am going to use them today....,and I am using them as I type these words...What are they?

.... They are an almost brand new pair of shoes...Yep, put them on, and they fit ok. No, I do not know why I let them sit there for months, or a couple of years..???

.. Now, if any out there know where I can get a new brain, or a very good used brain. I would like to hear about it. It has to be an older model, because I am an older model. If you know of any installers of new brains..let me know through an email., .

.... Thank You for reading this. Yes, this is true, I couldn't make this up in a thousand years.. The shoes are on my feet right now....

Trump may have already lost the next election ...? extra line around "Alabama"

...This incident with the pen, drawing an extra line around Alabama is not going to go away. How about Dukakis riding around in a tank?..remember that one? (1988) How about, "I am not a crook." (Nov 1973 ) Is that a good one? There are plenty more. But the "thing with the pen, drawing a line...(and evidently Trump drew the line) is going to go down for all time. He will be known as, "Mr. "Sharpie" Trump. (Sept 2019)
..Take that one to the bank.
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