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Stuart G

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Gender: Male
Hometown: Skokie, Illinois
Current location: Skokie, Illinois
Member since: Tue Dec 18, 2007, 12:07 PM
Number of posts: 36,976

About Me

I thought I knew a lot, and I found out... how little I knew about what I know. And how much more there is to learn, if I listen and read what others have to say.

Journal Archives

One short thought about Wednesday's debate. What they will be thinking..

Romney will be thinking about how he can save his campaign and his image.

Obama will be thinkiing about how his election will save medicare the safety net that democrats have created for the poor and middle class in the last 75 years.

Romney has lost because he is an arrogant, stupid, insensitive rich bully/asshole.

And he is being helped by the same. (except they clearly aren't rich)
Only an arrogant, stupid, insensitive, rich bully who has always or almost always got his way, wouldn't apologize to people who he has hurt.. that he needs to carry out his plans. Like ...the 47%..
If he apologizes on Wednesday, during the debates, it is too late and all of us know it, but him and his crew. The time to say it was wrong, was within the first 24 hours after it came out. Some kind of sincere "I'm very sorry, and I was very wrong,." might have helped then. It is too late, people have made up their minds on him for good.And those of us who know who he is, a selfish self centered asshole, are correct. He can go back to his homes and watch tv. He will get to think about this for a long time. He has no clue.. Maybe he will get a clue later. The U.S.A is not Bain Capital.

During the peak of the railroad days, there was an express train called the Twentieth Century Limited between Chicago and New York. It left Chcago at about.., although I am not sure, 6 or 7 pm at night. Fourteen hours later, or close to that, it was in New York. First Class always on time..
... Picture some high level executive at the New York Central...getting to the station at 11pm asking the station master, "Why didn't they hold the train for me?" "After all, I am the VP in charge of Fright Service?" The station master tries to explain that the train leaves every day at the same time, and waits for no one. It has a time schedule, stops a a couple of times..and that is it.. Over again, the exec says, "Well I still don't understand, why didn't you keep the train from leaving..for me.." The station master, and a few conductors with may years of service, who happen to be there, just walk away.. The VP is just too stupid to understand. That is Romney. Just to add a last point. It is Todd Akin too. You know, there is another one who doesn't have a clue..

Proof Positive Government Rules and Regulations Work to Save Time, Money, and very important..Lives.

Proof Postive that Government Rules and Regulations can save Time Money and Life..(at no cost to the industry)

Republican leaders consistently say that government rules and regulations hinder profit, cost time, money and are generally anti business and worthless. In one industry not only is this not true, but it is lie beyond what we know is truth. Everyone here will accept this truth by the end of reading this post, The Democrats have always been in favor of these rules, proposed them, and helped them pass. Republicans were always against these rules, but many would now admit that they work and should be kept...read on......
Use this argument to destroy the talking point against government rules and regulations..It destroys it completely.

It is about seat belts and other safety requirements.. ..Seat Belts, Air Bags crumple zone ,safer roads,setc.
anti lock brakes..

In 1955 The Ford Motor Company started advertising nationally about a new safety feature that you could get in cars. about . And I remember asking my parents, what are these things called..seat belts? The cost was 50 dollars for two in front seat only...
(that is 250 - 300 in today's money, maybe more) You could get them installed by the dealer,
or order them when you order car. A few years later Ford announced that the extra features were not financially profitable..It seems that few wanted them, and they seemed to be "restrictive" as was said. I remember people saying that and also they couldn't be very "effective" .Let us stop and have a link to a chart that shows that auto deaths were increasing rapidly in the 50s through 1972, then deaths stabilized till 1979..Here is the chart...It is accurate, but lengthy.. from 1911 to present..

year--- deaths

1911 2,043

1912 2,968

1913 4,079

1914 4,468

1915 6,779

1916 7,766

1917 9,630

1918 10,390

1919 10,896

1920 12,155

1921 13,253

1922 14,859

1923 17,870

1924 18,400

1925 20,771

1926 22,194

1927 24,470

1928 26,557

1929 29,592

1930 31,204

1931 31,963

1932 27,979

1933 29,746

1934 34,240

1935 34,494

1936 36,126

1937 37,819

1938 31,083

1939 30,895

1940 32,914

1941 38,142

1942 27,007


1944 23,165

1945 26,785

1946 31,874

1947 31,193

1948 30,775

1949 30,246

1950 33,186

1951 35,309

1952 36,088

1953 36,190

1954 33,890

1955 36,688

1956 37,965

1957 36,932

1958 35,331

1959 36,223

1960 36,399

1961 36,285

1962 38,980

1963 41,723

1964 45,645

1965 47,089

1966 50,894

1967 50,724

1968 52,725

1969 53,543

1970 52,627

1971 52,542

1972 54,589

As you can see, by 1972 there was over all ,a gradual increase in deaths from around 10,000 in 1918 to 54,589 in 1972..Then, deaths stabilized till 1979 at 51093 and afterwards, started to fall dramatically over the next 40 years. Here is the rest of the chart from 69 till 2011. Also...from 1979 to 2011 there has been an increase in U.S. population from 225 million to 310 million approx in 2011..Hit the links at wikipedia and see for yourself...40% increase in population and 40 percent decrease in auto deaths on hi ways....look at the chart....from 79 on down.........

1969 53,543

1970 52,627

1971 52,542

1972 54,589

1973 54,052

1974 45,196

1975 44,525

1976 45,523

1977 47,878

1978 50,331

1979 51,093

1980 51,091

1981 49,301

1982 43,945

1983 42,589

1984 44,257

1985 43,825

1986 46,087

1987 46,390

1988 47,087

1989 45,582

1990 44,599

1991 41,508

1992 39,250

1993 40,150

1994 40,716

1995 41,817

1996 42,065

1997 42,013

1998 41,501

1999 41,717

2000 41,945

2001 42,196

2002 43,005
2003 42,643

2004 42,836

2005 43,443

2006 42,642

2007 41,059

2008 37,261

2009 33,808

2010 32885

2011 32,550(estimate)

What caused this change in auto safety? and deaths on the highway?
easy..........Government rules and regulations...seat belts and other safety requirements

It wasn't fewer drivers, because the number of people increased 40 percent from 1979 to 2010...you do the math. In 1979 the estimated population was 225 million. By 2010 the estimated population was 308 million..Last year 2011 it was 310 million a 40 percent increase in population..Yet, from 1979 to 2011 there was a 40 percent drop in auto deaths..Why?
...At first..in the mid 60s, it began to be accepted that seat belts did indeed reduced traffic deaths. Then it was introduced in the early 70s, the shoulder harness seatbelt combo. Finally in the late 70s under the Carter Administration it was mandated that seat belts be installed in the front seats of all cars. New York was the first state in l984 that mandated that people actually wear seat belts.


In 1987 I recall an accident in the national news involving a 1987 Olds equiped with airbags in the front seat only, that hit head on a truck on a undivided highway at 40 mph. The driver had paid several hundred extra to have those airbags installed. He escaped basically unharmed with minor injuries. Thus began the next stage of government regs. Requirement that air bags be installed too. So now in the late years of the first decade of 2000s, we got seat belts with shoulder harnesses, air bags, anti lock breaks, crumple zones and special lighting on the outside of cars that did not exist in 1955. Rules that these safety devises must be on cars. . The belts are now front and back for all passengers..State regulations that children under certain ages be in child restraint devices and

air bags in the side in all new cars..and so on.
So there it is, government regulations on the manufacturing of cars that make them safer, and state laws that require people to use the belts.. At first the auto companies resisted putting these features on, but eventually costs became such that if given years warning in advance, the costs became much smaller and with mass production, much easier to add on, if put in during design phase of new models. The auto companies just pass the costs on to the consumer with very little effort. Consumers pay, cause they know these features work..so how do they know? After many years of use, there are so many actual stories from person to person whose lives were saved by seat belts and the air bags that people make sure they belt their kids in as well as themselves.

The republican arguement against rules and regulations falls apart due to the simple facts themselves. As people were required to wear seatbelts, deaths were reduced greatly. Tens of millions in the costs of series injuries were avoided, and incredible amounts of time in hospitals and major disabilities were prevented. Every republican leader and friend in this country should see this chart and will easily understand the lie in their own argument. Rules and Regulations work and work well. This is not a small fact...Tens of thousands of lives have been saved..Countless hours in hospital and recovery are eliminated..

Oh..repubicans, libertarians, etc.........
if you do not want to put on your seat belt, well, that is your business.
I don't recommend that ever

Two Places with voter/election fraud, Colorado and Florida..both Republican operatives.

Latest Breaking News links to both

The Republican party severed ties with company...it says..
It is in the Latest Breaking News..at the DU..
Three point one million the contract was for ..all over the country..
a new view of the Republicans...to talk about for a while..basically proven election fraud..not alleged...
.....obvious, clear,provable.......this should be good for a few days...eh?

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ha ha ha :laughing

Nate Silver: The Impact of the 47% Comment

Nate Silver
September 28, 2012, 8:30 am

After a secretly-recorded videotape was released on Sept. 17, showing Mitt Romney making unflattering comments about the “47 percent” of Americans whom he said had become dependent on government benefits, I suggested on Twitter that the political impact of the comments could easily be overstated.

“Ninety percent of ‘game-changing’ gaffes are less important in retrospect than they seem in the moment,” I wrote.

But was this one of the exceptional cases? A week and a half has passed since Mr. Romney’s remarks became known to the public — meaning that there’s been enough time to evaluate their effect on the polls.There’s a case to be made that they did damage Mr. Romney’s standing some.
Nate has raised his prediction for Obamas win..it is now 83 % chance of winning
.....look at these charts included in this column...
According to him, the lead is widening dramatically...

Todd Akin and Scott Brown have the same problem. The words, "I'm sorry" are very hard to say.

It is funny to see Brown repeating the Akin disaster. Something goes wrong with the campaign, and both of them cannot say,
"I am sorry." like real people do. They don't like the words, so they say something else..Like, "I regret" or "I do not condon"..etc.
It took Aiken 3 tries to get the sorry word out, and Brown has yet to say it. This is who they are..can't say two simple words everyone knows..oh, Romney can't say them either. Neither did Bush say them. I guess it is genetic...

Ralph Nader is a war criminal more aggresive than George Bush.

Nader has never taken any responsibility for anything that happened in the year 2000. Most people who do things that
are wrong, at least admit some responsibility. Nader never has, neither has Bush or Romney. But in a way, Nader is worse because of his reputation for doing good in other areas of life. So, he used that reputation to promote evil, and in the end created more
evil than anyone could have imagined. Using that reputation for good to promote evil is why he is what he is.

Romney and Ryan have lost the following groups:

Dog lovers.and pet lovers...(you don't put a dog on the roof of your car)
Runners: (you don't lie about your times)
Pilots and airplane enthusiasts: (you know you cannot open the windows in a jet, no one is that stupid)
Medicare believers..(like me..you cannot change something that works, with a voucher/coupon program)
Social Security believers..(see above)
People who care about the poor or are poor..(47 percent comment...go to the ER)
People who like real people over Corporations: (corporations are people)

Obama will win because he is "honest"

Obama will win because basically, he is an honest person.
He has kept his word on many issues tries to be honest.
When people look at the total picture, that is the truth and is factual.

Romney is basically a liar, and dishonest.
People see this more and more.
Independent minded people are seeing this.
Evidence presented here at DU proves this.
One story after another of
long time solid republicans who can't take this arrogant liar, along with Ryan
who is also an arrogant liar. (imagine losing the runner vote on a lie about a marathon time )

I believe that at least 60 percent of the voters will go with Obama because they trust him.
It could be more.
As Romney continues, more and more see him for what he is.
An arrogant liar.
This is pretty simple to understand.
And he doesn't have a clue.

So, Mitt says.."Uninsured can go to the emergancy room." Same as George Bush..

What a bunch of fools and selfish assholes..The single most expensive way to care for people, and they suggest it. Why?
To help the poor insurance comanpies. Single payer is so much more efficent and less expensive . And single payer will save lives and catch diseases long before the emergancy room.
.. Let Mitt go to the emergancy room. These people don't care about anyone but themselves. This defines it.
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