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Member since: Thu Feb 14, 2008, 10:58 AM
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Fox News: The President Shouldn't Talk to Dictators (If It's Obama)




The photo line is always my favorite part of our events--and last night I took my 35,000th selfie!


Trump Consultant Is Trolling Democrats With Biden Site That Isn't Biden's

AUSTIN, Tex. — For much of the last three months, the most popular Joseph R. Biden Jr. website has been a slick little piece of disinformation that is designed to look like the former vice president’s official campaign page, yet is most definitely not pro-Biden.

From top to bottom, the website, JoeBiden.info, breezily mocks the candidate in terms that would warm the heart of any Bernie Sanders supporter: There are GIFs of Mr. Biden touching women and girls, and blurbs about his less-than-liberal policy positions, including his opposition to court-ordered busing in the 1970s and his support for the Iraq war. Pull quotes highlight some of his more famous verbal gaffes, like his description of his future boss, Barack Obama, as “articulate and bright and clean.” The introductory text declares, “Uncle Joe is back and ready to take a hands-on approach to America’s problems!”

All the site says about its creator is buried in the fine print at the bottom of the page. The site, it says, is a political parody built and paid for “BY AN American citizen FOR American citizens,” and not the work of any campaign or political action committee.

There is indeed an American behind the website — that much is unambiguously true. But he is very much a political player, and a Republican one at that. His name is Patrick Mauldin, and he makes videos and other digital content for President’s Trump’s re-election campaign. Together with his brother Ryan, Mr. Mauldin also runs Vici Media Group, a Republican political consulting firm in Austin whose website opens with the line “We Kick” followed by the image of a donkey — the Democratic Party symbol often known by another, three-letter, name.


David Letterman and Jonathan Van Ness on Beard Trims, Self Care, Gender and LGBTQ Rights Netflix

Anna & Elizabeth: NPR Music Tiny Desk Concert

Anna & Elizabeth are almost single-handedly resurrecting the "crankie." If, like me, you didn't know what a "crankie" was, it's like a mural on a spool — each drawn and crafted to be hand-cranked and unfurled at the pace of a song. The effect, as experienced here in "Lella Todd Crankie," is breathtaking.

Anna Roberts-Gevalt and Elizabeth LaPrelle are story-gatherers and storytellers. They came to NPR and brought many of us to tears with some of the most yearning harmonies I've heard at the Tiny Desk. These songs are given few embellishments — sometimes a fiddle is added to a single voice, sometimes a banjo or guitar chimes in — but always the power is in the sparseness. If you've never thought your tastes would lean to mountain music, take a deep breath and soak it all in.

Why was Ivanka sitting with world leaders at the #G20Summit?

Why was Ivanka sitting with world leaders at the #G20Summit?


2/ Real question: WHY is @IvankaTrump standing in the front row with world leaders at the #G20Summit?


4/ Turns out the @GOP actually announced Ivanka's #G20Summit appearance with a photo of the WH adviser striding confidently before world flags


Trump: Harris 'given too much credit' for attack on Biden

President Trump said Saturday that he thought Sen. Kamala Harris (D-Calif.) was "given too much credit" following a blistering exchange with Joe Biden during Thursday's Democratic presidential debate.

“I thought that she was given too much credit,” Trump said of Harris during a news conference in Japan. “He didn't do well, certainly, and maybe the facts weren't necessarily on his side."

Trump went on to say he thought the exchange between the two top tier presidential candidates "wasn't that outstanding," adding that he believed Biden "was probably hit harder than he should have been hit."

The president maintained that he felt the exchange was overblown, adding that he didn't believe Biden's response was "great."


Chris Christie on Chuck Todd: 'The most pretentious know-it-all on network news'

Former New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie (R) on Thursday called NBC and MSNBC host Chuck Todd "the most pretentious know-it-all on network news" and "a complete ass."

Christie, who serves as an ABC contributor, shared his perspective on Todd during an appearance on a rare live edition of CBS's "Late Show" with host Stephen Colbert.

The program aired live just after Thursday night's Democratic debate from Miami.

"Please God, can we say goodbye to Chuck Todd?” Christie asked.


Broken clock, and all that.

Donald Trump praises Mohammed bin Salman for doing 'spectacular job'

Source: The Guardian

Donald Trump has praised Saudi Arabia’s crown prince Mohammed bin Salman, saying he was doing a “spectacular job” as the pair met on the sidelines of the G20 summit.

“You have done a spectacular job,” Trump told the powerful crown prince on Saturday, calling him “a friend of mine”.

The young royal has faced international pressure after the US-based dissident Saudi writer Jamal Khashoggi was murdered in the kingdom’s consulate in Istanbul last year.

But Trump ignored questions from the media about whether he would raise the journalist’s death during his working breakfast with the prince.

Read more: https://www.theguardian.com/world/2019/jun/29/trump-praises-saudi-crown-prince-for-doing-spectacular-job-g20?CMP=share_btn_tw

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