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Member since: Tue Sep 30, 2008, 11:23 AM
Number of posts: 4,379

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In 17 days Republicans open debate on DACA and say no.

You cannot trust liars.

Trying to make a deal with corrupt liars is foolish. If I were Schumer

I would tell Trump, No DACA, no deal. Then I would tell my members to go home. No more talks. Call me when we have a DACA deal.

Trump lied, the republicans lied. You cannot make deals with these assholes. You cannot not trust them. I would focus on the upcoming election and try to block everything Trump and republicans try to do for the rest of the year.

The democrats may have finally figured out how to deal with Trump.

Trump is a bully, everyone knows it. Trump does not know how to do the job of president. He is fucking clueless. He just tells congress give me a bill I will sign it. He may ask for something to be included but he does not know much about the issues. He simply listens to the people around him and when someone says something that sounds good he will go with it. Trump is incompetent.

The democrats should and must stand their ground at all cost. Trump the bully will not know how to deal with it. He always expects people to cave into his bully tactic. He will be exposed, his incompetence will be exposed. He will look stupid because he is in many ways. Trump will be exposed as a fraud.

No DACA no deal. Lets see how the bully handles it. Trump will be blamed for the shutdown because he is the president. It is up to the president to end and prevent shutdowns.

I Like to confront Trump voters. I ask them this question.

Who taught you to hate so much? You were not born that way. You are listening to people that make you hate. Have you ever thought about that?

I tell them I am a democrat, I am a liberal and I am not your enemy. You were taught that I am your enemy. You're being mislead, you're being lied to.

They usually go silent.

Keep the govt. shutdown in place until they agree to DACA. Its time to make a stand. Remember

Trump and the republicans lied about DACA. Trump fucked up by ending DACA. Yes , I do feel sorry for govt. workers but we have reached a point where the democrats must stand their ground or things will continue to get worse.

Remember, The republicans shut down the Govt. over giving healthcare to people. They don't give shit. The democrats have right on their side. If they back down the republicans will continue doing evil shit. They will continue to lie. Its time to kick their asses.

If they force the republicans and Trump to agree to DACA reform they will lose part of their base. That will hurt them in November. The Democrats have them by their balls if they hold firm.

Eddie Munster speaking now on MSNBC.

Democrats fault, blah, blah, blah. Ryan, Please retire now you fucking asshole.

Unfortunately, my prediction about Trump is coming true.

When Trump was elected I said this will be the most investigated presidency in history. I also said the American people, all of them, would pay a heavy price for doing something so stupid. It was beyond stupid. Millions of americans will have their lives destroyed and no one will come out of this unscathed.

It has been one year and we already have a shutdown. A shutdown I support because Trump and the republicans lied about DACA. If it lasts hundreds of thousands of americans will be out of work.

The healthcare system has been sabotaged. All of us will pay for that. Many will die after they lose their healthcare.

More americans will die in the workplace.

More americans will become sick or die from environmental deregulation. Decrease in food, safety inspections

Corruption is a Trump policy. Trickle down put in place. Corruption will grow and spread throughout the entire economy.

Government agencies will all take for granted are being slowly bleed to death. positions not filled, decrease in funding.

The election of Trump will go down as one of the biggest blunders in american history.

Trump voters are upset because people are calling them stupid.

Trump voters elected the most unqualified, incompetent, dishonest, greedy, corrupt person ever to the presidency. They do not have the ability to recognize any of it. What are people supposed to call that? Smart.

Not only are they stupid they also have a mental defect that does not allow them to recognize all of what I described about Trump. It's a mental defect that has killed millions of people throughout history. Blindly following until your life is destroyed.

The democrats must force Shithole, the republicans to do something that angers their base.

DACA is that something. Do a deal on DACA or the govt. gets shut down.

I am tired of dealing with these immoral, incompetent, corrupt assholes. We made a promise to the DACA kids. Trump broke that promise. Fuck him.

The democrats must not back down period.

I hope the democrats understand Shithole completely relies on his base for everything. So far Shithole has not paid a price for that. Its time to force him to go against his base. They must attack that base support and you do that by forcing Trump to do a DACA deal and by not giving all the money he wants for the wall.

Fight dam it!

The democrats must not give in. Trump lied, fuck him.

They had a deal and Trump listened to the extremists and changed his mind. If the govt. shuts down its on Trump. DACA must be part of the deal. Fuck Trump and Fuck the republicans.
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