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Member since: Tue Sep 30, 2008, 12:23 PM
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Stop trying to figure out what Trump is doing.

He is fucking nuts. He is mentally ill. His brain does not work like a normal brain. The news media has to understand this fact. Trump is nuts.

After Trump resigns or he is impeached many new laws have to be put into place. For example;

All candidates for president have to show their tax returns. The people have to know if you are a fucking crook.

Before you become president you have to sell your businesses. All business ties have to come to an end. You cannot hand over control of your business to family members. This will stop rich assholes from running for president.

Nepotism must be outlawed.

These are just a few examples.

In the end Trump may make our democracy stronger because he was such a fucking asshole.

This may be wishful thinking; Maybe the Trump presidency may end the republican parties decades long move towards far right extremism. It has put their party at great risk. It may disappear like the whigs if the moderates do not gain control.

I do not believe the american people realize how much damage is being done.

Trump is destroying our democracy. It is going to get really bad before he is removed. I cannot believe this is happening. He is going to hurt all of us in ways we cannot imagine.

I wish everyone here the best of luck. Do everything you can to protect yourself and your family.

I have been talking to a financial advisor about my retirement money. I want to protect this best as I can. I am giving money to my union to protect my union. It is scary how little control and protection we have of our own lives. FUCK!

Create a hate loving cult following, dismantle the existing government, attack and try

to destroy the news media. Attack and try to destroy any politician that gets in your way. Try to replace them with extremists who will blindly follow your every wish. Attempt to remove checks and balances like the filibuster. Rig the election process. Try to obstruct all investigations. Install judges with extremist views.

We are in the middle of an attempted coup. We are all in great danger. The news media has gotten tougher with Trump. They need to get a lot tougher. Our democracy is in great danger.

If I hear one more person on TV say Trump needs to change I may lose my mind. The truth is right in front of our faces. We better do something about before its to late.

It is very possible the Trump presidency could end this way.

When speaking about Trump we must remember these important facts.

1. Trump has an abnormal brain. He does not see the world or life like a normal person. He does not care about right or wrong, truth or lies. Everything he does is based on winning and more importantly not losing. Nothing terrifies Trump more than losing. This is very important to remember.

2. Trump is emotionally retarded. That part of his brain stopped developing as a child. He is a 71 year old child.

3. During Trumps entire business career he repeated the same pattern over and over again. It never changed. When Trump sees a opportunity he will put on a show and bully his way in. If it goes well he will tell the world what a great job he did over and over again. Trump will destroy anyone who he sees as a threat to his new opportunity.

If he realizes things are going to fail Trump will come up with a plan to get out. HE will quit and claim a great victory. Then he will put all the blame on someone else for the failure. He has done this his entire life.

It is not a reach to believe Trump will repeat the same pattern with the presidency. Trump saw the presidency as a opportunity. Nothing more. At this time I do not believe Trump thinks his presidency is a failure. He still thinks he can get things done. Tax cuts, infrastructure are a couple of examples.

As his presidency fails and then the investigation closes in on him I believe Trump will put his plan into affect. He will realize he is going to lose. His son and son in law are in big trouble. Trump will be in trouble. I believe he will have a meeting with Pence and leaders of congress and offer to resign if Pence will pardon Trump and his family. Trump will save himself and his family and back stab everyone who worked for him.

Trump will then claim a great victory. He will tell the world about the great job he did. Then he will blame congress, the establishment for destroying his presidency. His family will be pardoned and people like Flynn and Manafort will go to prison.

If something like this happens it would make perfect sense.

Everyone who voted for Trump forgot this simple lesson we all learned as children.

You cannot fit a square peg into a round hole. No matter how hard you try it will not fit.

You cannot fit a serial liar into the presidency.

You cannot fit a racist into the presidency.

You cannot fit a mentally ill person into the presidency.

You cannot fit a greedy asshole into the presidency.

The people who still support Trump are still trying to force a square peg into a round hole. This will result in both the square peg (Trump and the people who work for him) and the round hole ( The presidency, our democracy) being severely damage.

We are all going today a price for this madness.

Trumps response was a lie.

Someone wrote it for him and of course he started talking about the great job he is doing. What the fuck has happened to my country? What the hell is wrong with the american people?

I have been warning everyone about how mentally ill trump is from day one.

The news media, people in congress talk about it, without really telling us how much danger we are in. Trump suffers from some of the same mental conditions that serial killers suffer from.

Trump has no beliefs. He only cares about himself. He has no conscious. Trump does not care about right and wrong. He does not care about truth or lies. His brain does not work that way Trump is a like a serial killer in many ways. He does not kill people, but if Trump started a war by accident or on purpose he would not care about the people who got killed. He would only care about making himself look good or look like someone else was to blame.

Trump would destroy his children if he thought they did him wrong. I have no doubt. Trump is a serial killer without the dead bodies. So far.

Trump is setting McConnell up to be the fall guy.

I was just watching someone on MSNBC saying it makes no sense for Trump to attack Mitch. Its stupid. Wrong, when are people going to figure out how evil and sick Trump is. Trump would turn on his own children to protect himself from looking bad or taking blame for anything.

Trump is attacking Mitch in order to pressure him to do what every it takes to get Trumps ideas passed. This includes the removing of the filibuster. Trump is telling him I will blame everything on you if you don't do what I want. He does this with everybody. He's fucking evil.

Teddy Roosevelt said, "Speak softly and carry a big stick". Trump says

Speak loudly and carry a little dick.
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