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Member since: Tue Jul 31, 2012, 05:04 PM
Number of posts: 19,877

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Work in tv/film production - Unionista UPM for the DGA - Mother - Music Lover - Graduate of The New School economics/film - Born & raised in Williamsburg Brooklyn 1981 - living in Manhattan.

Journal Archives

Bernie Sanders walks out of another interview.

Today. Its only a 2 or 3 minute video.


Imagine if Hillary or Obama tried this.

Bernie's Growing Troubles with Illegal and Foreign Contributions


In February, the Federal Election Commission sent the Sanders campaign two letters breaking down the campaign's possible illegal and foreign contributions. Both letters - one addressing the campaign's quarterly report for the quarter ending in December and another addressing the campaign's January report point out two overriding themes in Sanders' campaign finance trouble besides for the fact that they don't seem to be able to add (in both letters, FEC noted the Sanders' campaign's problem balancing the ledger): illegal over-contributions and donations from foreign addresses not properly accounted for to confirm their US citizenship.

Bernie's campaign line has been to dismiss these concerns. So many people are donating to us, they say, it's mighty hard to keep the books straight on all of them.

But as the deadline for the Sanders campaign to respond to its first FEC notice nears on March 17, that explanation is woefully inadequate. As more and more states vote, voters deserve to know, definitively, whether Bernie Sanders is accepting illegal campaign donations from foreign nationals, and just what is keeping them from implementing a technologically simple check on who's donating how much money.

Since October of 2015 to the end of January, the FEC counted a total of 665 potentially illegal foreign donations to the Sanders campaign, and hundreds of donors who have exceeded their contribution limits. The FEC noted more foreign contributions in just the month of January than in the previous three months combined, and has flagged over 3,500 contributions as over-limit. Through the end of December alone, the Sanders campaign had collected more than $23 million in donations without sourcing them or certifying that those came from donors whose aggregate total giving is below $200.

The rest: http://www.thepeoplesview.net/main/2016/3/14/bernie-sanders-potentially-illegal-campaign-contributions

Looks like today is the FEC deadline.

So Bernie Sanders entire strategy now relies on?

Trying to flip those "establishment" Democrats/superdels who he has been deriding for decades now in his favor?

Talk about Berning bridges.

Good luck with that.

Irony: Bernie Sanders now hoping to rely on Superdelegates.

Bernie Sanders argued for MONTHS that superdelegates were undemocratic. Now he wants them to rescue his campaign.


HA GOODMAN: "Why Getting Swept On Super Tuesday Makes Bernie Sanders A Lock For The Nomination"

Anyone check on him?

Apparently he's onto fbi conspiracy theories and bernie or bust nonsense.

Today is the day Bernie Sanders needs to stop going negative on Hillary.

From here on out his campaign should be about building himself up instead of trying to tear her down. Should I start some kind of online petition?

CNN Exit Polls Show Dem Voters In All 5 States Went To Hillary

FL: 69%
NC: 64%
OH: 60%
IL: 55%
MO: 52%

Anyone else find it a bit disturbing that we have a Democratic candidate who....

Has written off an entire region of the country whose citizens are most likely to be disenfranchised and marginalized? Of course Im referring to Bernie Sanders and the South.

We criticize Republicans for their Southern Strategy (of appealing to only southern white conservatives) so it only seems realistic to criticize Bernie's Northern Strategy (of only appealing to northern white liberals).

White kids in college towns arent disenfranchised and marginalized by society or their govt. Southern blacks are.


Why Is Nothing Ever Bernie Sanders Fault?

Votes for the crime bill. Not his fault.
Votes to deregulate Wall St in 2000. Not his fault.
Votes to protect gun industry. Not his fault.
Votes for Afghan War. Not his fault.
Votes for war funding again and again. Not his fault.
Votes against final auto bailout bill. Not his fault.
Votes against immigration. Not his fault.
Votes for border militia. Not his fault.
Votes against AMBER Alert. Not his fault.
Votes to dump nuclear waste in poor community. Not his fault.
Votes for trillions in F-35 war machines. Not his fault.
Wrote questionable essays in his 30s. Not his fault.
Campaign data breach in IA and NH. Not his fault.
Campaign posing as union members in NV. Not his fault.
Campaign mailers using endorsements he didnt get. Not his fault.
33 pages of FEC campaign violations. Not his fault.
Not resonating with communities of color. Not his fault.
Votes against:

Not his fault?

On the other hand...

Hillary did not vote for crime bill.
Hillary did not vote to deregulate Wall St.
Hillary did not vote to protect gun industry.
Hillary did not vote against auto bailout.
Hillary did not vote against immigration.
Hillary did not vote for a border militia.
Hillary did not vote to protect rapists from divulging HIV status to victims.
Hillary's campaign has been transparent and free of any campaign shenanigans or scandals.

Would a Bernie presidency be 4 years of never taking personal responsibility?

Edited to add quick example: Bernie votes for Libya, but somehow it's all the fault of the Secretary of State.....who Bernie also voted for.
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