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Member since: Thu Mar 27, 2014, 11:40 PM
Number of posts: 3,741

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I call BS on state polls with trump in hight 40's

That is where he was in 2016. Do they mean to tell me he has lost little to no no support during the last four years ?????? among .... Seniors, farmers, women, young voters and newly registered voters, all minority voters, military, suburban, college educated, unemployed, independents, Covid 19 effected .... The list of everyone who has dropped support includes just about every category including non-college educated white working class men. All I need to do is put my finger up in the wind and I know which way it blows. Polls BS. Secure the polls, report on that. Secure the votes, report on that. So please stop making this a horse race. It is a race to save our democracy, to elect the government we need to save our country and to do so we have to turn out the biggest turn out for Joe and Kamala the country has ever seen. Report on that. Not to say be over confident but be hopeful, like Barack said.... bring back the HOPE. We still own that.
That message did not end in 2016 either.

Trump Boat Parade On St. Croix River Causes Capsizing

Trump Boat Parade On St. Croix River Causes Capsizing


Just have to say this

The Atlantic article has really knocked trump off his bone spurs!

He will do to Polling station as to Post Office, wreck them

It is not just about voting and mail in ballots or in person voting. I really hope Biden has a plan to secure the polling places. trump has warned us that he plans to send all kinds of officials to the polling locations. Why? To steal the mail in ballots? Then what? That is a putin tactic. These Red states will let this happen. That is the plan. Please tell me I am wrong. The justice dept. will assist trump, will not protect the ballots. We can't walk into this blindly ... think putin style election.

Speaking of the justice dept, barr is setting up all the pardons for trump to make as soon as trump steals the election. I believe that is why such a flurry of indictments are flowing at this time. This gives trump his list of names for pardons, even before court cases for some.

The worst case scenario is upon us. Biden and Harris are smart and strong, they must be planning for this.

Kenosha Police Under Scrutiny for 2018 Case of Chrystul Kizer, Black Teen Jailed for Killing Abuser

This police dept. is so corrupt ... they need to all be fired and arrested. This is so disturbing. Calling the ACLU !!!

We look at how the police shooting of Jacob Blake in Kenosha, Wisconsin, has brought renewed scrutiny to another case from 2018: that of Black teenager Chrystul Kizer, who faces charges of killing her alleged sex trafficker, a 34-year-old white man, when she was just 17 years old. Court records show Randall Volar had a history of sexually abusing underage Black girls that was known to the Kenosha police, but he remained free for months.


prezzz pouffy diaper pants looks like he has a leak

..... lets spread this .... you have to go to the second photo. Don't you think it's time for a change?


10 Commandments that a repub will understand

The 10 Commandments have been around since 1,300 B.C. and it seems the repubs need a more modern, up to date version because they sure as hellfire are not following the original. I came up a few potentials, sorry Moses .... here goes, Anyone else care to make a fee suggestions?

. Thou shall not Hate
. Thou Shall Not Tweet Lies
. Thou Shall not Have Sex w/ Pool Boys, or watch

Know where the violence begins, not with any protests

Police and legal authorities always want to play leap frog over the police actions and blame anything violent that happens after outrageous/criminal action by police officers on the protestors. Lets start at the beginning . We need a new chant like

Bodycam footage from Phoenix arrest reveals new details about Muhammad Muhaymin Jr. death in custody

Police in Kenosha were looking early Wednesday for a man armed with a long gun after one person was killed and two others were injured during protests over the shooting of Jacob Blake.

Nashville Police break into Black Woman’s home during Botched Raid, Wrong Apartmen

Father: Jacob Blake Is Paralyzed From Waist Down After Being Shot By Wisconsin Police


Cov kid gets college scholarship to his local University. Surprise

I call it the "White Slide". Unqualified, white losers, get free passes into college because of daddy. trump, got his ride. W, got his ride. For what did this kid do to get a scholarship? His parents are so wealthy and so very well connected in Lexington society ... this needs to be investigated. Lori Loughlin ring a bell?

It appears as though he will be attending Transylvania University, in Lexington, Kentucky, as Sandmann’s Twitter bio now has the university’s initials alongside the graduating year of 2024, next to his high school’s initials and the number 20. He also indicated in his Twitter bio that he is the “Transylvania College Republicans Comms Director.”


Fox News Editor Thought Their Disastrous Seth Rich Story Would Be 'Vindicated'

I hope these guys get fired and run outta town.

As Fox News scrambled to contain the damage from its discredited reporting on murdered Democratic staffer Seth Rich in 2017, a top editor at the network stuck by the retracted story, going so far as to predict that the baseless coverage of Rich’s murder would eventually be "vindicated.”

That revelation comes via newly released emails from FoxNews.com’s then-deputy managing editor Greg Wilson, as well as others recently unsealed in litigation between Rich's parents and Fox. Those emails offer a glimpse into the internal fallout from Fox's story, as newsroom figures tried to figure out how groundless claims about the DNC hack that summer had ever made it on air and one source offered a surreptitious office meeting to Fox editors in an attempt to salvage the story.

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